Cambodia Round Two

Have you had a full body massage before? Me neither. I’m looking forward to one. I’ll be going to Cambodia next week, and it’s really cheap there. I hope we have enough time for it. Woohooo!

For those who didn’t know, I’m going to Cambodia with Bobby, Joey, Shen, and Robert to do a youth camp for the interior village teenagers in Siem Reap. We’re expecting 120+ teens from neighboring villages to join and be blessed. Featuring overseas speakers like your truly. Please pray for us. As we will be running the whole program. It’s a lot to prepare.

We’ll also be part of a teachers training for teachers who have committed themselves to go to villages to teach English. We’ll be there to encourage them and bless them. We should always support teachers! They are awesome.


That above picture was from Cambodia Round One in 2011. Her name is Lia. She’s probably some hot supermodel by now. I hope we get to see her again.

p.s. Actually, she’s probably just like, 9 or 10 years old now.


Girl 1

I was actually having a difficult day yesterday. I wasn’t happy when I was driving. Things just weren’t going well. Then you came along and your motivation motivated me. You encouraged me, made me laugh, laughed at my jokes. You were serious with me, honest, and even got mad at my inappropriate jokes. Which was cute. You showed so much kindness and patience. It was really good for my soul. And I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I’m doing much better now emotionally. Thank you.



Girl 2

Things are changing for you. Yet you aren’t adapting well. A little more discipline will really help you a lot with life struggle you’re facing now. Trust me.

You’ve changed as well. Things that you once thought was important has become less important. You’ve forgotten your loves and motivation. You let your peers influence you. You’ve allowed people to mold your character.

You were once the leader. The one who wasn’t afraid to be different to stand for what you believed in. You’re the one people looked up to. Not me. You were the one people opened up to when they had problems.

Don’t give that up. You still have it in you. You’ve still got everything God has given you. God doesn’t give us gifts for ourselves. But always for the benefit of others. You’re definitely one of those multi gifted ones.

Run towards God. Serve. Lead. Rise. Stay strong. Keep your heart, character and attitude pure. That’s the real you I see when I look at you.

Blood Sacrifice

I notice that my visitor count isn’t as high as it used to be. Maybe there’s just a lot of nice blogs out there to read. Maybe people think it’s a pain to read blogs overall.

I haven’t updated too much in a while. And they aren’t really too deep thinking or things that stir your thought too much. So I actually don’t expect much traffic here.

We could keep it at that. It’s not like this is a fashion blog or a sports or news blog. It’s just my life. And ‘Aaron’ isn’t really a category for blogging or social entertainment. So this blog is just for you people who are interested in my life.


I overheard this conversation I was involved in yesterday (it was held in Bahasa Malaysia):

Guy: Isn’t she pretty?

Lady at counter: Yes she is. Why haven’t you asked her to be your girlfriend?


I couldn’t help but laugh at him inside.

Have any of you seen Inside Out yet? The new Pixar movie. I want to!

Oh yeah, Mission Impossible is out too, if I’m not mistaken.

Oh and I heard that Channing Tatum may quit from doing the Gambit movie.

Oh and I recently added Buttersafe into my list of bookmarks at work. So I have something to relax my mind before I have to dive back in to work.

Leviticus 17:11

 for the life of the body is in its blood. I have given you the blood on the altar to purify you, making you right with the Lord. It is the blood, given in exchange for a life, that makes purification possible.