Super Bad Cough/Sore Throat!!!

Woke up EARLY with bad sore throat..
Went to Kyrugma House for 40 Days of Prayer and Fasting..
Super Cold.. Din help with my soreness..
The thing itself was GOOD tho..
Had FREE breakfast with Pastor Lee Lee, Aunty Lisa and i forgot wat is the name of that other aunty…
Went to office feeling sot..
Staff meeting.
So din have much time to work between that and lunch time..
FREE lunch from didi!!
Didn’t feel good at all during lunch.. ate only a few spoons then went to sleep in PH room..
Woke up.
Ran to the toilet.
Washed hands and face.
Felt so much better.
But still headache a bit, and throat still sore..
Told Didi, told Danielle.
Tried to work..
Panicked cuz din know wat to do..
But i know i got lotsa stuff to do..
Danielle told me to relax..
I tried..
Posted this..
Gonna say something now..

I dunno. He just is..
Dontcha think?


After church, went out with Dinesh to bid him farewell cuz he’s moving soon..
Went to Sherry’s house.
Not home.
So eat at McD’s.
French fries and french fries and french fries and one burger and one big coke.
Sherry joined us at french fries place.
Glad to see Sherry again. (glad to see Dinesh oso la.. ish..)
Then they talk and talk bout phones, laptops, brands of stuff..
I was like just stuffing myself with frenchies..
Cuz i din get to say anything…
Cuz they talk… stuff.. i.. cant.. erm…. yeah..
Sent Sherry home.. (Dinesh was the driver la..)
Then sent me to the Chens.
Then i walked (jog) to e-city bball court wit matt..
In my slacks that i wore to church and my shirt..
My dad came with my bball suit.
Changed in an open car..
Played bball..
Had fun..
Kesian Daniel..

And Stuff…
So, I’m going now to figure out wat i’m supposed to do..

Have to breath slowly now..
Throat Pain…


BTW people..

i got a cbox somewhere around here..
you just got to look for it..

if it takes too long for you guys to find it then only i’ll reveal it la..

and i’ll be updating my pulse..
with random stuff..
like it was supposed to be..
not yet start la..



IS Open Day!!!!!

I don’t get it…
why everyone oso talkin bout IS open day one?..
To me it wasn’t THAT exciting..

Maybe its cuz i was late..

I liked the Uncle Bob tho…

Ok thats it..
I didn’t feel like talkin bout IS open day cuz many people talked bout it..
But i did..
movin on..


Last minute PowerTos was Good!!
Yes it was..

Had fun..

Met new people,
forgot old people’s names,
got stepped on the toe (like, a lot),
And had fun,
but missed Janice..


Ok.. back to the show..






This mornin’ when i was walkin’ to da bus stop,
i was thinking…

I know God will always change our failed plans into something better
as long as our intentions are right la..

When our plan to go movie fails
then maybe God wants us to stay home and spend quality time with our family..
When all my friends went to a party but my mom said no
i grumble that ‘all i do is stay home and do nothing’..
maybe God doesn’t want me to tire myself because He has plans for my tomorrow..

So the small failures in life, God can make for His purposes..
But howzabout those BIG plans that sometimes fail no matter how hard we pray..

Let me give you an example…
Look at pro. Einstein..
He was a dropout.. He failed.. I bet he did not plan that…
But he worked and worked… And he became famous..
What if he did Not drop out of school..
He might get a scholarship.. Work at some high paying place…
Therefore no lightbulb, no talking bunnies, and stuff..

As i was saying, Big failures..
But with Big failures, comes Big achievements!!!

See ah.. God very weird one..
In a Super Cool Way..

If we want something,
He’ll tells us to let go.
If we want to live,
He’ll tell us to die.
When we’re in debt,
He tells us to give.
When we don’t know where to go,
He tells us to stay.
Less is more.
Love those you hate.
Believe in what you cannot see.
And.. And..
And so on…

So don’t be scared to fail..
Ask God to do whatever He wants..
He’s cool..

Take heed!!

Oh ya, forgot to post bout wat i learned just now..

click here..

Poverty of purpose is worse than poverty of purse.

Luke 12:13-21

What is the point of getting so rich if you are not going to give,
and keep it all for yourself?

It is better to have the right mindset and be poor,
than to be rich and have wrong purpose in life..

Today’s ODB discussion cut short.




a tribute to manda…

fo being so manda-ish…

a prezzie for you…

did it all by myself.. good eh?

hehe.. y did i post this on not her bday?
bcuz i not goin to have internet access on her bday which is 2molo..
who is manda?
i dunno, but i got to know her quite well on msn…


the house is packed!!

Love Is In The House lyrics

I clear my throat before I grab the mic
I need uno momento
Them cynics gonna ride me like a pinto
No resentment do you comprehend my innuendo
You still can’t leave the party til you drop your crucial info
Am I jaded in assuming that you’re simply bound to do me
Like them other lyricists who’s message ain’t so gloomy
Pan my positivity cause love has let you down
Cuz if they taste the love you tasted
They’d be making sweeter sounds, ‘T

Government checks they flex with no dollars
Two turntables and a plate full of collards
Royalty checks reflects with few dollars
But my DJ makes the people wanna holler

Love is in the house and the house is packed
So much so I left the back door cracked
Mama always said it’s a matter of fact
that when love is in the house the house is packed
Love is in the house and the house is packed
So much so I left the back door cracked
Daddy always said that I wish I was black
cuz when love is in the house the house is packed

Packed like a baby nine months in the womb
Man it was packed like the closet full of Nike’s in my room
Singin’ Oh sweet Lord take me to the next level
Where the love’s much thicker than the stares of my devils
So whether or not this is a dream or reality
Let me appeal to the graces of His majesty
Amazing it will be when this tree bears life
My roots run to the river and the Giver of Life

Corporate jets they flex with big dollars
Two palm pilots and a room full of bawlers
Royalty checks reflects with few dollars
But amazing grace makes the people wanna holler


Woke up this morning, didn’t know what to do
There was people all around me tellin’ me to sing the blues
Said they ain’t seen no happy since 1992
Then they turned to me thinking I’d agree and I offered
this humble view