Status: Annoyed

something happened today, yesterday and the day before…
but it actually started a long time ago (a few weeks ago)…
but i only knew bout it today…
actually i knew bout it (part of the problem, me)..
but i only knew bout the PROBLEM today..
so i feel a bit guilty..
but i shouldn’t..
cuz its not REALLY my fault..
and its a long story so dont ask me bout it..
so now i’m annoyed ok?

anyways.. i felt God keep telling me this morning
‘today is MY day’
i was like ‘wot?’
‘today is MY day’
‘i tot everyday oso?’
‘today is MY day’
‘ok ok…’
my conversation was literally like that.
weird eh?
it wasnt until just now when i was given the annoying news that i noticed why god had to keep on assuring me…
He knew i was gonna be annoyed..
now the WHOLE office is rushing away..
and right now the staff are like making calls, taking calls, and getting annoyed..
and didi is making loud sighs.. like so that the whole office can hear hahahaha..
dont tell anyone i said that..

so today is Your day…
do Your thang Lord do Your thang… (thang = thing)

Some mistakes you never stop paying for – Roy Hobbs,
The Natural

One good reason for doing the right thing today is tomorrow


Come in!


Come in!


Come in!


Come in!

The Suspense and Thrill killed the ‘penonton’s

28 weeks later.
Loved it.
I don’t recommend it though.


Bridge to Terabithia.
Loved it.
Pretty girl.
Unless u don’t wanna cry…

Less than half full movie theater on a public holiday (weird eh?)

Loved it too.
Everything about it was good.
(hardly happens with cartoons, no matter how much u love them)

Called in sick

in the spirit.


Happy Belated Birthday David!!
Ditto Clara Chong Princess of 4B!!


Hey guys..
Our very own Susan M’s bday will be comin up next..
21st of Sept if my mistake is not real..
on friday..
on Taman Antarabangsa Mooncake Festival Celebration!!

Howzabout a surprise?…



In Need

of prayer.
i am.

until i noticed.
that everyone is also in need of prayer..

everyone needs prayer.
everyone has problems.
everyone has fears.
everyone is in need of prayer.

so pray everyone.
for everyone.

prayer works.
prayer rocks.

lets do this.

Jack Of All Trades

I’m not.

Wrong side of town

Making someone who is stressed get more stressed…
is not pretty

PH = PowerHouse

PH fundraising events

get our fundraising bazaar coupons from joey ng or me or.. um.. your freinds who goes to PowerHouse.. or anyone who has coupons to sell to you!!

flyers and posters out oledi..
get from ur youth leader!

and please download this pic and print it and give ur friends..
or post it up on ur site..

oh and 1 thing
to danielle: we din put ph logo la inside..
we just say fm fundraising..
now they dunno who is havin fundraising..



Pray for me.
for wat?
umm… dunno.
just do it.

Status: Ache


When the me takes over the you..

some people ask
who in the world are you?
i say
aaron la..

actually my name is aaron
i have decided to introduce myself today
and i have beginned (began, for those of you who cannot cope with my english changing abilities)

here’s a pic of me in action for those of you who have not seen me before..
and my sis in all glory..

get really ready 1st..

see us?
see the difference?
ok ok..
my name is aaron heng
my come from sabah bah
my is a boy
my am quite weird (very)
i englosh is so very good
my age has nothing to do with the cloud factor
sometimes my just too talkative
sometimes (rarely actually) my just too quiet
i like to entertain myself when i am bored
i like to entertain (more like annoy) others when they did not ask for it
i like computers but am starting to get really annoyed by them
i cant keep up with the handphone industry
actually anything oso i cant keep up with
cars handphones computers tv stars singers motorbikes cartoon
i may act like i know a lot (i seem to do that very well)
but i actually don’t
so don’t get tricked me (this is a note to self actually)
i dont like talking too much about myself
i dont like typing too many things
i dont like wasting my time
i dont like my results after exams

if u think i like pink
hehehe (this is weird)

ur rite

i also like bright colours
cut i chose pick as a theme here..

ok enuf about me..


this is a random post brought to you by aaron.


she is a girl from my church..


there was something else i wanted to say..
but i forgot..
maybe i purposely forgot..
but i doubt it..