thursday last night…. of doulos…

bernice organised a trip to doulos last night…
so edgar drove..
daniel david danielle bernice aaron edgar..


and we met justin.. again..
bernice look for him… again..

and we bought 3 cd’s!! (combined funds)
i din expect to buy more than 1.. (cheap 1 lagi tu)
and the rest din come to buy at all..
but the power of temptation and inspiration..

steam vent cool..
i mean hot..
but it was cool..

met some girls..
and boys..

the wed b4 yesterday (yesterday was a thurs)..
i saw steff on doulos..
and boy did she look *ahem*good*ahem*..
don tell her i said that…

are u alone? – danielle asked my friend… (forgot your name sorry)
no i got girlfriend – aaron interrupting

oi where the extra money come from? – daniel

so wat we gonna do? – jude

suddenly stop cool mah – edgar

my mother say drive safely ah – daniel
my dad oso said that – aaron

so wat we supposed to do now? line up? – some guy on the ship.. (after lining up)(ahahaha)

…and no smoking on board thank you – info desk lady giving announcement
and no laughing – some sarcastic guy..

so wat we gonna do? – jude

choo choo – david

wat ha? – danielle (i dunno if she can survive 1 week not saying that)

i don even know wat i’m doin here, i’m just a guest lor – ai lyn pouting

…were so disconnected… – justin funk

…were separated… by machines… – justin funk

your moms shop? – jude

we should by this for jared – jude and aaron

do you see the bread my mom is holding? – eilvaine

i don wanna guess, just tell me – justin funk
(i could go on quoting this guy man!!)

so wat we gonna do? – jude

i DO have a cbox.. just click..

i met connie the other day…
nothing much to say bout her..
i’m plannin on giving her crash course tuition on maths..
she agreed..
i hope it works out..

oh ya..
i went shopping with jude the other day..
the music shop is cool!
(forgot wat its called)
bought bass string..
and 3 picks..

this is wat my dad thinks of my picks – “this one is too soft la…” picks up the other pick “THIS ONE!!.. oi y u buy soooo soft pick oh!!”

so i bought one medium hardness pick..
one soft pick (too soft)
and one softer than that one.. (serious) (crazy, i never saw one like that b4)

then we went walkin around centre point, met connie..
visit wawasan plaza, brought connie along… (more like kidnap)
met eilvaine..
needed to go back to centre point… (“why?” eilvaine asked)
(found it pretty hard to find alasan..)
but it was raining so not good idea to run in the rain..
especially dragging connie along..
so we followed eilvaines car.. (2 eprops to your mom!)
eilvaine drove..
so dangerous..

all thoughout the journey jude kept saying stuff like
“oo hot girl”
“oo hot girl”
“oo hot girl”
“if that maniqueen had a head, she’d be hot”

i bought popcorn at lunch time..
which was b4 we met connie..
y are my posts mixed up?

we (connie and eilvaine not included) were looking at toys..
b4 and after wawasan plaza tho..
which means only when we were in centre point..
wah.. this post so long..

we had breakfast together b4 taking bus to town..
at the shop in front near my apartment..
then there were these 2 guys checkin out 2 cars parked side by side…
they wore those uniforms your aircon fixer would wear..
they were bent down and touching the paint of each car..
(same colour car.. but different model la…) (don remember model)
they look like they were asking..
“see here is the door.. you can tell by the purpleness.. different from the boot..”
or “and the aircon will fit perfectly here.. right behind the tyre..”
then aaron said
“i hope thats their car they’r touching”
and it turns out they were…
wats an eprop?

new recruits:
aunty fung har
aunty vivien
and also a handsome guy i fear to utter his name here

surprising huh?

i’m gonna do somethin i never don b4..
thank my commenters!!

thank you commenters!!
(btw: non-xangans can comment)
(and pls do)
(and for those visitors from district of colombia, toronto, usa [this one i know la i think..], texas, virginia, malaysia?, california, new zealand [this oso i think i know..], new jersey, and taiwan [oso know i think..], australia)
for those of u i missed out.. sorry..
but comment la!

i dont think i’ll name every commenters…


love you guys!!

3 billion Eprops to you!!


Everyones gonna talk bout YI Nite…
so i wont bother..

Stuff i heard..

Ur…. aaron? – Raymond
“Hi Raymond”

Yer yalor… yer….. – Justin
“look.. eklektos and gcc ppl sit together oh..”

aaron.. don leh.. – Danielle
(after i make jude laugh)

(swt) – Edgar
“you can type?”

raymond went to my youth, raymond went to my youth! – Oscar

i don wanna be a girl anymore~~ – Ridge

(i din say anythin to him to make him sing that..)

they cried, and i was glad.. – (the “model” from doulos..) (right?) (it was him right?)
(YI Nite)

Hari ini kita kawan ok? i don wanna fight.. – Winston (nother drummer)
“Oi Kawan!”

aaron!! – Susan
(i forgot to give her something..) (bad move aaron..)

don simply say things bah – Charlotte
“last week u saw Jesus kan?”

i’m gonna KILL you aaron!! – (anonymous..) (ok, a clue: start with ‘J’, end with ‘Y’)
(i din need to say anything)

ur not chinese meh? – Garry
“i’m not chinese”

wark! – Ansing


i forgot wat i wanted to write about..


take a deep breath..
deep deep deep deeeeep…

then inhale..
inhale some more..

finding it difficult?
practice makes perfect..

Doulos II

the girls kept taking pictures with that model dude..

he’s as handsome as the rest la..

its the fact that he was a model ba….
no one really talked to him.. as in REALLY..
(can say no time oso la..) (and seeing that many ppl wanted a pic with him..)

someone we DID get to talk to is Justin..
he’s justins brother..
talks a lot of nonsense..
and a lot of sense..
at the same time..
which is not easy…
trust me..
i know..

i liked the Scottish dance that required the dancers to scream and shout..
and turn round and round..
that was fun..
powerhouse has SO got to do that some time…


i so miss elsha..
even more so after i sat with her (actually daniel is sitting between me and her) during church yesterday..
oh well..

If we were lovers~~

Currently (since i 1st borrowed it till now) listening to All Star United

crazy.. so syiok..
i got the 1999 album… (but most songs copyrighted 1998)(haha)

click the link to have a taste of their 2007 songs..


there really was something i wanted to write about one wor…
but i forgot..


no morning kiss~~


and i did..

Happening to me

here’s something i got a headache working on..


sign up today
dont delay

another thing that happened to me

it took so long before we could take pic of us ONLY!

everyone wants to take photo with us bah..

one more

ok, this one’s old.. but hey..

another one more


i took this photo..
crazy fog..
not even raining..
just fog..

A lot has been happening (changes)..
and is happening (changes)..
and will happen!! (changes)

so are we gonna
grieve on wat has happened?,
focus on current pains?,
or hope in the future?


God bless

and no good night kiss for any of you.


Bumac Vitas

Lucia Di Lammermoorr (il dolce suono)

this the sort of orchestra music that i dream of making..
and also the sort of video making that i dream of making..


and this song made me wanna clap hands in the end..
and when i went home.. i kept on wanting to sing this song!!

just for those of you who din know..

Happy Birthday Christine!! Part 1

got others too.. just click here

life… so simple..

Tobymac – Boomin’

Relient K – Chapstick, Chapped Lips, and Things Like Chemistry

Family Force 5 – Kountry Gentleman

John Reuben – Nuisance

It all comes down to this
mood: serously sad (down on my knees sad)

something very very unexpected and sad happened…
dunno when..
dunno how..
dunno why..
but it did..
i wanna talk to someone bout  this.. but don wanna talk bout it at all..
its sad..
some of you guys will know soon..
or very soon..
i wish i knew later..
not now..
i wish i was told bout this when people had more answers to make me feel better..

Lord You have answers..
the whole church lifts this situation up to You..
comfort those who cry..
give rest to those who have faught..
soothe our hearts o Lord..
You are in control..

come back
i miss you
i love you
come back

punyamain emo
but thats how i felt

God has not forsaken His kindness – John Willim

some fun

wow… i suddenly feel so lazy to wish ppl happy bday anymore..

lazy to wish here  la that is….


but i did it anyways..

it seems like in a few days a lot of ppl watched the vid that i added a link to up there..
but come on la ppl.. comment and rate la…
don just watch and laugh and do nothin bout it..
(i cant rate)(pout)

15:07:37 add on:

  but don listen to wat christine commented la..

especially dc pplz.. come and watch…


15:08:21 add on: 

  thank you Lord for the yummy food in my stomache
in Jesus’ name i pray