Cry Baby!

The issues get solved
When there’s tissues involved

– Quoted by aaronthe(insertnicewordhere)

means you feel better (and think better) after you cry la…
i’ve experienced this firsthand…

and i haven’t been crying…
so i still feel horrible…

someone lend me your shoulder



.i’m seriously starting to dis-enjoy school
.dead serious

.the only thing i like about it now is the fact that i don’t have to rush or fight for space in the toilets
.and that there is free internet access in the com labs

.thank you for enjoying this post

Free Time?



Circle and Chips

i created my own comic that i wont be updating often..
or at all..

inspired by

i bring you..
Circle and Chips..


(do click on pictures for enlargement purposes)
(then click on it again for enlargerererment purposes)

these are what i’ve come up with till now…
and yes, that is my ‘right hand’ hand-writing (and drawing)…

and i dont think bernice tought it was very funny…

oh and if any of those look a lot like one that u’ve seen before..
pls tell me..
i dont want to be accused of joke stealing..

Up To?

what have i been up to lately?

life hasn’t been anymore interestinger than usual..
cept the comics..


din have much time to come online…

thanks for the comments..

im still doctorbutterfly by the way..
i was just syok-sediriing that time…

i still am…