Just Birthdays… II

a cont. from here?

Uncle Stanley won (bid) his own birthday cake (nice one) and uhh (i forgot what)…
everytime he won the something we sang him a birthday song… (it was fun)
first bday song started by me..
second bday song started by my dad (i think)… ( i wasnt there)

Daniel Chen received an awesome gift from me and bernice the day before….
Note to daniel: dont tell them what it is.. let them go ur house to Experience the excitement…

29th (today)
Rowena received a birthday wish sms from me..
but i hope she doesnt notice that i forgot to say happy birthday…

to the three of you bday peeps here and the two at adeles blog…
i have an online present for you…

i present to you…

a joke

they are like so perfect together…

why? (an edit)

why do we say happy belated birthday?…
when its the birthday Wish that is belated and not the birthday…
the birthday cannot be belated…
seriously.. it cant..
God isnt like that…

so we shud say..
happy belated birthday WISH daniel chen!!
or something…
get my drift?..
its our lateness..
not theirs…

discussion: end

A little Something

Sing to
the Lord… when you don’t Feel Like it


I don’t know about you, but some days I don’t feel like
singing. And since singing is part of my calling, that’s not a very good place
to be! But I’ve learned a few things over the years that have helped me
understand that singing is actually a weapon against the enemy, because it was
one of his giftings also. So it’s no wonder that he tries to snuff out
our songs!

In Ezekiel
, the passage is describing Lucifer. It says that he was the
anointed cherub, blameless and beautiful. He was covered with ruby, topaz,
diamonds, beryl, onyx, jasper, turquoise, emerald and even gold. Lucifer was a
walking jewelry store! It also says that his inward parts were made of timbrels
and pipes, which are musical instruments. Imagine that every time he moved he
reflected the glory of God, (because he was in His presence) and he produced
music! Then Lucifer, rather than giving that glory back to God, decided he
wanted to keep it for himself and worse yet, he wanted creation to worship him.
God cast him down like lightning and he roams about, here on earth, as a
vagabond, seeking someone to devour. And one of the things he hates is
to hear our voices singing to the Father

Is it any wonder that one of the greatest wars in our
churches has been over music? I hear people make comments about what they like
and don’t like. I have my preferences too, but the point of singing is not to
please me. The point is that it’s an offering of our hearts to God. When we
sing to the Lord, we are bringing Him an offering that is unique and, I also
believe, powerful!

Whether you can carry a tune or not is not an issue. It is
your heart that God hears. It is your song of love and praise that cuts through
the Darkness that tries to settle on you. It is your song that breaks through
the heavens and settles in the throne room of God. It is your song that draws
the attention of the angels to come and assist you. And it is your song that
causes the enemy to shrink back and withdraw from you, because more than
anything else, he hates to hear you sing to the Lord.

So I pray that today, you will sing to the Lord a new song.
Just cut loose and sing! Sing with all your heart. Sing in the middle of your
storm. Sing in the middle of your trial. Sing until the Light breaks through.
Who knows, you may have a host of angels singing right along with you. What an
awesome sound that will be!

this was in an email sent to me by aunty kitty…
one of my momma’s…

Online Much?

yep i havent been online lately…
(audience: gasp)
mostly because school is very very… uhh…
anything you wanna call it…
(audience: ooooh)
so i havent got the time…

but for now i got HOLIDAY!!!
(audience: cheer)

i got so many things to say and blog about…
that i got so many things to say and blog about…
(audience: mmhmm)

but now… i just dont feel like it eh?…
(audience: you’re asking me?)

(audience: go on…)

omg… i think the audience thing is getting annoying..
(audience: feel hurt, maybe a little sobbing, and a cough)

i see a lot has been going on and im missing out…
im especially missing my friends…
nooooo!! come back!! (hits chair)
(supposed to be funny)(audience: laugh)

will i be updating my Circle and Chips series?
(audience: its a series?)
dunno.. i may be updating it… but i got a lot of catching up to do…
life.. you understand right?..

which also means…
im sorry adele, cant do the tag today..

for all of you who comes here..
you guys are rockers..

because what you do best is ROCK!

Circle and Chips?

i would like to dedicate episode 08.04.08 to Amanda Chia…
cuz she kinda asked for it…

and i would like to dedicate episode 11.04.08 to Adele Ong…
thanks for being Adele Ong, Adele Ong…

i started an album… called circle and chips.. in order… so yeah..

for those of you who are like… trying to understand the comic
sometimes its not worth it.. cuz.. somtimes… its ununderstandable…


this you gotta see..

makes you wanna clap hands in the end!!