I Died Lately


Rowena rescue me please…


i seem to have a lot of reasons to die lately…

but i ‘ll just tell you bout this morning…

Bahasa Kebangsaan. Subject Code, MPW1113. Lecturer, Mr. Muada. Total Amount of Students Present, 7. Total Amount of Students Supposed to be Present, 11. How Many I Know, 1. How Was Class, Stupid. Lecturer, Interesting But Nonsensical. How Was the Lecturer’s Malay, Easy to Understand Yet Not Easy to Understand. Lecturer’s Lecturing, Dumb Cuz Got A Lot of Ajaran Sesat Yet Funny Cuz Got A Lot of Ajaran Sesat.

this morning i died. again.

im so not excited for the next malay class…


not a good sign…




i’m excited for church camp!

got Danielle and Bernice and the gang…

so sure syok gila one..


and then have to prep for Passion..



I Did It!


i finally watched Iron Man!

i made this rhyme  about 4 months ago and thought that i could help Marvel advertise Iron Man..

it goes like this..


I was strolling through the park one day,

In the merry, merry month of May,

I was taken by surprise,

As I looked up in the skies,

In the merry, merry month of May. (in conjunction with the movie release on May ok?)


by the way.. that^ is not the movie.. its the game..



for those of you who watch cartoons 7-16 years ago..

they love to sing songs like that..

that one is a classic that i modified a little bit..

just a little..

very little..


im still dead by the way


Woot……. i was


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Seven things you plan to do before you die:

1. Die another day… (that was seriously the first thing that came into my mind.. i know… i dont understand it too..)

2. Become famous?..

3. Open a recording studio in KK that will change the future of Malaysia’s music industry!

4. Get married only once…

5. Do something i’ve never done before.. (HAHAHAHA!!)

6. Make a hit movie

7. Be very good at something i’ll be very good at.. i mean Really really good.. preferably a few things.. i know.. im not being very specific..


Seven things you can do:

1. Finish the rubiks cube!! (thanks justin) (actually kan.. i dont think i learned finish yet.. but i can finish it…)

2. Really annoy people… as in Really really annoy people..

3. Finish 500ml of water every 2 hours.. consistantly..

4. Play Red Alert 2… i can also be very excited for Red Alert 3!!!

5. Do a lot of nothing and tell people “i was busy yesterday”

6. Play the keyboard?… (for those of you who are laughing at number 6.. im not kidding.. i can play C, G, Am, F and play it progressively.. now Thats keyboarding!)

7. Do housechores really well… i usually enjoy doing it.. and i have no idea why…


Seven most repeated phrases or words:

1. and then kan…

2. hahahaha

3. haha

4. hahaha

5. oh my gosh..

6. oh wow..

7. fuiyoh


Three names you go by:

1. Aaron

2. Baron

3. Oi Boy (or Oi Boss)


Three things you like about yourself:

1. People like my jokes..

2. I notice stuff people don’t.. (im an ‘out of the box’ thinker)

3. I like my jokes too..


Three things you don’t like about yourself:

1. I have fear of fear..

2. I doubt a lot… (‘man of faith’ people call me)

3. im too honest?


Three things that scares me:

1. The stars… (u know at night.. when you take out the rubbish and look up..) (its scary cuz.. those stars may not be there anymore..)

2. Girls.. (no seriously) (They. Are. Scary.)

3. Playing on stage without songsheets…


Three drinks I like:

1. Soft drinks…

2. Milk…

3. Water…


Three of your daily essentials:

1. Water water water water..

2. Mommy/ Daddy/ Bernice… (its not funny okay?)

3. Shower/ Tooth Brush


Three things that you are wearing now:

1. The set; T-shirt, jeans, underwear, socks, sneakers (i have sneakers!!), watch, and specs..

2. A funky hairdo… (a little schwartzkopf hair gel and hand-combed)

3. A perfect set of teeth minus one that got lost last year after the doctor pulled it out with his set of giant pliers..


Three of my current favourite movies:

1. uhh… hmm.. i like movies.. really..

2. Stardust?

3. I wanna go watch iron man, the forbidden kingdom, CoN prince caspian, and a lot of other movies that are not in theatres anymore…


Two truths and a lie:

1. I love playing bass..

2. I love cartoons..

3. I love Joe Jonas!!!


Three things about the opposite sex that appeals you:

1. Smile oh smile!

2. Attitude

3. Laugh (humour)


Three careers that you are considering, or have considered:

1. First i wanted to be a surgeon and a scientist, more specifically an inventor! (kindy)

2. Then i wanted to be an actor and a movie director, a Steven Speilberg.. (primary)

3. Now i want to be me… and in the future i want to be my own boss of the recording studio that is going to change the music industry of Malaysia!!


Three people you would like to tag:

1. Uhh.. Hmm.. Andrea?.. have you done it yet?…

2. Uhh.. Ridge?..

3. And uhh… maybe Tatjana?..


The update


So hows life Aaron?…

Oh fine…


Be more specific please.. we are trying to update our friends here…

Okay okay.. i have a girlfriend…


What?! why am i always the last to know these things?..

Hey.. dont feel bad.. your the second person in the whole wide world to know..


Who’s the first?…



Oh.. Uhh… so your girlfriend..

Yep. Doesnt have a clue…


Oooookay… lets change the topic… so are you excited for Passion Conference?..

Yes very.. i wasnt at first.. but then after all the awesome prayer meets.. i just… started to get excited.. yeah.. thats about it… oh yeah.. im excited cuz of the excited people who are excited by it too…


What else has been happening in your life?… besides the girlfriend…

Well… i stopped working as youth volunteer of PowerHouse..


What?! are you Crazy? whats wrong with you?

Sorry.. i couldnt balance my time properly… and i got complaints from my lecturers about my homework and studies and stuff.. so yeah.. i got really stressed too, at one point.. the worst part is that it lasted for about 3 weeks…


Oooo that sounds painful… okay.. so one last question..

Shoot.. (quoted by one of my moms: ‘The Hinge’) (Happy Belated Mothers Day Wish)


Do you think i’m pretty?..



so there ends the converstion in which this update was based upon…

btw, im in school.. no class yet..

and dont ask me who was doing the questioning…

cuz i’ll tell you..

it was me.



I love you guys!!

*end transmission*


oh btw, when im in school i cant change my posts font to Times New Romans..

Oh! That Sucks!!