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Minty Mice Tea

one main reason why some people have to come online at least once a day would be to check on their Facebook game…

gosh… the internet used to be for e-mailing and stuff…

right now i’m on MouseHunt drive!

its not for the weak at heart!

so beware before clicking that link!

its my main game now…

i probably wont adopt more games cuz its really taking up a lot of my time…

i already removed a lot of games from my fb hahaha…

you should do it too!




Vive Le Roi!

I’ll be starting to dedicate some posts on music and what I think bout it..


so stay tuned for

Vive Le Critique!


yeah… hehehehehe….


I’ll let people comment on what they think and it’ll be cool…

you can even suggest a song for me to listen to and we’ll see how it goes…

i’ve never done anything like this before so… let me make mistakes hahaha



Boom Boom Shake Shake

Now Drop! (Drop!)









And Hit Your Head!
I have a formspring account!

ask me random questions
or non-random questions!

Need Want Want Need

God, I need you back in my life!

World: gimme back my accountability friends!

Coincidences Of Love

Latest News

I have a headache ohhh…
and thats it for todays newscast!
thanks for tuning in to Dr B. News!

Go Ga Ga

I stalk girls.
I’m currently stalking this girl.

Doesn’t she just melt your heart?
And guess what? (jumps around excitedly)

She has the same surname as me!

Beat that males who already have girlfriends!

nah, actually…
i’m pulling your tails…

The Forgotten


did you realise that when you wanted to blog about something yesterday, you came online today, only to forget what you wanted to say?

i noticed that this happens a lot especially after we have related the same story somewhere else… maybe its cuz I want to talk about something that hasnt been “talked” about yet…


i dunno…


do you?