Love Song

This Is Awesome!

Without your schemes my life it seems is empty 
I spent all my time keeping you from doing wrong 
You were my only nemesis 
I’d foil your plans, but still I miss 
The moments when we didn’t get along 

I fell for you the moment that you pushed me
You captured me and helped me for so long
but now you’re doing battle, with a panda from seattle
i miss the moments when we didn’t get along

So search your heart please doctor D 
And I am sure that you will see 
That you were always meant to be 
My only lifelong enemy 

You gave my life heroic cause
Back when my only mission was
the moments when we didn’t get along

Happy Birthday Rowena!!

like I said on Twitter

I love you!



that big purple dinosaur loves you too

Give Thanks

Easiest Yet Hardest


its so easy to give thanks

yet its the hardest thing to do…


we can give thanks for the food

but when it really comes down to family and school and all that, we find it harder to thank God


i dont know.


we should be giving thanks all the time.

i start my prayer with thanksgiving

thanking God for like everything

after that only will i go on with my prayer.



how do you do it?

do think that you thank God enough?