Some, Some, And More Somes



our invited guest speaker Pastor Tak Bhana shared about Breakthrough

maybe another time will I share my notes with you






Don’t Limit God!



Faith is our lifeline to God, which is why Satan is after our faith!

When God refers to the heroes of the bible, he describes them as men and women of faith

why didnt He refer to them as people of prayer? prayer is important, prayer is powerful, prayer opens the heavens and shuts gates! So why not people of prayer?

why didnt He refer them to people of Love? thats His nature, we are called to love! So why not people of Love?

Faith is the basis of our prayer, without faith, our prayer is nothing.

so too with Love!



So here are the four points of the strengths of Faith. Or more like why we would need Faith besides what I have already mentioned.


Faith gives confidence in face of great challenges. 1 kings 22:31. Challenges will come. its a rule. Its even scriptural. Its a pattern of life. Question is: What will we do in the face of Challenges?

Faith will give you the right attitude when you face injustice. I’m facing something like that now. People I love are treating me the way I would never ever ever treat them. I think its not fair. And because of circumstances, I should not confront this person. But faith will help me through.

You will see great answers to prayer. Like I said before, prayer without faith is nothing. But prayer with faith, is awesomely powerful.

Faith helps to overcome great obstacles. I don’t think I need to elaborate here.



Then Ps Tak Bhana moves on to seven tips on how to Increase our Faith!


Develop your relationship with God. This should be our first and foremost priority in life. I’m also drilling myself in this area right now. Dan 11:32.

Word of God. Yeap this is his second point.

Exercise your faith. Just like muscles, we need to USE our faith to make it STRONGER. We need to practice it. And don’t wait till you’re “stronger” before you go out and DO something.

Walk with Faith People. Just like a bad apple in a basket, disbelief spreads. Just like disbelief, faith spreads. Hang out with Faith People. Period.

Read Faith. Read biographies. Read books. Read, and get encouraged.

Watch faith. Ps Tak Bhana took this opportunity to shamelessly promote his ministry in his church. Radio channels, magazines and Tv programmes running in 70 countries. Thats big.

Last point. Don’t Limit God. Psalm 78:40. Faith is the conviction out of the hearing from God. He gives examples of people who acted out in faith because they believe in their heart that that is God what told them. So just do it.



So thats what Ps Tak Bhana shared today.

Tonight, he will continue.

and I, hopefully, will blog about it.



that photo up there is a pic of a mustard seed btw.