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here’s a thought i had recently.






Let us not be ignorant of Satan.



What happened?

Someone made me mad. He may have done something really bad. Like really really bad. And so I’m just thinking of how inconsiderate he is, and how he is just going over the boundaries, and how I shouldn’t be tolerating, and even how I am to get revenge.

As a result, I may hate this person forever. Or I may be emotionally scarred for the rest of my life. I may treat him differently without knowing it. I may even treat people in general differently.



What really happened?

Something that we need to take note of is that when something like this happens, Satan and his team rejoice. What probably happened was that Satan and/or his demons would entice that person to make me angry. The demons would probably score higher if what that person did was not even a sin or wrong in any way. Just that I got angry and frustrated as a result of it. E.g. Daddy coming home late from work cuz of a jam, and now I’m late for my party. It’s not like our parents choose to get stuck in traffic right? But we do get mad at our parents.


Satan and/or his demons again would be the ones encouraging me to get mad. Encouraging me to think of things like revenge and how hurt I was. Also, another plus for the demons if they got me to think holy angry thoughts, like “that’s his sister, he can’t treat her like that”, or even “it’s his responsibility, how could he just leave his duty like that?”

Whatever the thought, as long as I harbour them, that’s when I sin.


Satan doesn’t take the job on himself. He uses us to make others stumble. He uses others to make us stumble. And the best part is; Satan doesn’t get hated. Instead, we hate each other and look for comfort in all the wrong places. Satan – 2; humans – 0.



Who sins?

So who was really the wrong-doer? Me or the person who made me angry? 


We have to stop looking at things from our own perspective. This selfish perspective has been taught to us since birth (so it’s not our fault?). To care for myself. To feed myself when hungry. To have fun. To own property. To care for my property. We were taught even to pity ourselves. Commercials, infomercials, songs, movies, and all of the media teaches that we are not good enough, that we need this or that to care for our skin, our eyes, our teeth. We need a loving girlfriend. We need to have this computer, or this laptop, or this car. It’s all about me.


Not only that, we also learn to look at things from another person’s perspective. Though we shouldn’t. It makes us feel like we are doing a good work. Like we’re kind and considerate. Imagining myself in her shoes tell her that I care about how she feels, but it also enforces that idea that “it’s all about her”. And it also makes me expect people to care and understand about how I feel too. I now expect people to understand how I feel, because I think that’s what I’ll do for them.


So then, whose perspective should we see things from? I’m sure you’ve figured out by now. We should always see things from God’s perspective. Men’s perspective will usually be wrong. God’s perspective will only be right.




Another important thing to remember is that we can choose. I’m sure your friends or teacher has asked you what the difference is between men, animal, insects and trees. Well, the answer is a word called “will”. God has given man will to choose. To choose wrong and right. To choose to eat or not to eat. To obey or defy our parents. And ultimately to choose to love God or love worldly temptations.

Funny thing about the will that took me a long time to really appreciate is that we also can choose our emotion. We can choose to be annoyed by somebody. I can choose to be angry at my brother for spilling my milk. My sister can choose to be moody and blame it on her mood swings. It is a choice. Most of the time though, when someone wrongs me, I choose to be angry about it. I choose not to forgive. I choose to let the situation cool down by itself and hope everyone forgets it. I want to be angry. I want to feel emotional and sad. I want to feel like it will affect my mood for the whole day. And I want everyone around me to know that I’ve been through a rough morning by being mean to everyone.

See how it works? Sound familiar?

Sometimes, stuff does get really bad. Situations do make one feel really angry, but let’s not allow our emotions to control our actions and decisions. We are born with a will, with the power of choice.

I may be angry, but I choose to forgive. I choose to let God deal with this situation. And I choose to see things from Gods point of view.


Let us not be ignorant of Satan’s schemes and devices. Let us not be ignorant of his plans, lies and traps.




finals tomorrow!

im so nervous!

didnt have the mood or energy to study the past week…

probably wasnt pulling energy from the right sources eh?

God forgive me, Your strength is what I need the most right now




Whip Ma Hair


my bro blasting SNSD and Justin Bieber on his handphone now…


first: handphone speakers are not… Practical!

secondly: his choice of music is abit…. wrong…




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