3 Things I Found Out Today



there’s only one thing, two say, three words, four you~

– Plain White T’s









My course doesnt end next june



it ends in december.

yeap thats december 2012








remember how i just had a really really long (like 5+ weeks) semester break?

well, my end year break will only last for about two weeks.








i’m not a hopeless romantic


i had to look up online for the meaning. HAHA





I Love Love Hate Love Stories

A Perfect Love Story



why i dislike love/romancy stuff:



1. it makes me feel pathetic (actually, its just one reason hahaha)


i like romance cuz, just like everyone, i’m attracted to LOVE.

we all yearn for love.

blame our Designer/Programmer/Producer.


but thing about fiction love STORIES

is that theyr so perfect.



i automatically compare myself with the male starring.

full with weaknesses,

with suffering,


but eventually turning good (usually inspired by the female starring).


and he always would be able to prove her wrong.

that he was a good person.

to show her that he is interested in her as well.

and to be able to say the right things at the right time.


which would catch her.

and move her heart.

like it does the audience.








how come i never get to do this?





how come i cant think of romantic ways to impress girls?

or get birthday gifts?

or give phone calls?





even in normal novels,

no matter how “unromantic” or “nerdy” the guy is supposed to be,

he actually is a romantic.


that sucks eh?




do i have low self-esteem u ask?

u be the judge.



Dumb Farts Aside


This is really cute!






Unwait For An Answer

Its Dumb Its Rude


man1 wants to ask man2 for dinner


man1: would you like to come to my house for dinner?

man1: *walks off before man2 can reply*



has this ever happened to you?



well, it hasn’t ever happened to me too.


But it happens to God a lot.



have we ever prayed and prayed and prayed?

we ask God so many questions.

we tell Him our requests.

and we just leave it at that


“…in Jesus name amen.”


many a times, i’m guilty of not waiting for a response.

very super guilty times ten times a thousand and two


He WANTS to reply us

He WANTS to speak to us


its not called communication if its just a “one-sided conversation”


we need to wait on Him


lets WAIT




Me, Bad. Me, Evil. Me, Stubborn.

The Stubborn Isrealites



i feel so unworthy.

unworthy of all the amazing things God has promised me.

unworthy of the amazing works God has done through me.

unworthy of the ministries i now serve under.


why would God choose to love me and use me?

i’m such a stubborn sinner.


like the Isrealites.

they’ve seen God move so mightily.

promised to keep every word of the covenant.

yet they are ungrateful, they grumble, they forget, and they sin.

just like me.


you’d think that after all they’ve been through,

they would be SUPER close with God.

you’d think that after all I’VE been through,

i’d be SUPER close with God.







only by Gods grace and mercy.



And the LORD said, “I will cause all my goodness to pass in front of you, and I will proclaim my name, the LORD, in your presence. I will have mercy on whom I will have mercy, and I will have compassion on whom I will have compassion.

– Exodus 33:19





New And Not Improved!

#facebook Chat!


i’m testin out this new #hashtag thing that xanga is providing haha


anyways, as per sub-heading, i want to rant about the new facebook chat.


i want to rant about the new facebook everything.

they keep changing the layout, the messaging systems, some app systems…

sometimes i dont really mind.

but the ones that gets me the most are the messaging system that they incorporate into the chat.

why would they do that?

oh gosh.


and now. 

the more “improvements” they make

the more buggy and problematic it gets.


now im missing some notifications

and messages also are missing!






hopefully its New AND Improved!

i liked the first one. really.






The new and not improved “ME


so i read this from a facebook app that encourages facebook users with insipiring words from “the LORD”.

it was saying something about how transformation is possible at any time

anything can change, the world, situations, even you and me.

and that

Under the proper conditions of love, faith, and belief, transformation is quite possible.


that sounds really encouraging right?

its like, i’m such a sinner, and change is possible! wow!



sorry to say guys.

transformation is not possible.


Transformation is INEVITABLE or UNAVOIDABLE.

we MUST change.

we WILL change.

whether we know it or not.


Seriously. think about it.

the world is CHANGING US whether we acknowledge it or not.

we must do the steering of our transformation.

we must take the wheel and decide to steer our change to the left or to the right.

Pauls letter (Romans 12:2) to the church of the most advanced and influential nation of that time says:

“Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.”



Let us not be NEW yet NOT IMPROVED!


Lets be NEW and IMPROVED every single day. In Jesus name. Amen.




Who Do You Bow Down To?

Green With Envy



Don’t you get jealous when a person you love gives you less attention than you expect?

I do.

Especially when I put a lot of work and effort into that relationship.


Well God is a jealous God.


I know. It’s a scary thought.



Breaking News! 3000 Killed By The Most Holy Priests!


Today, my bible reading was Exodus 31-33.

The famous story of God being on mount Sinai, and He calls Moses up to receive His Holy commands for the newly freed people of Israel.

including the 10 commandments, and many more rules and laws.

But Moses was up in the mountain for more than a month, and no one was allowed to go look for Moses cuz the place was too holy. Anyone who steps over the boundary would just die.

So they got restless. And built themselves a calf statue of pure gold to represent God so that they can worship.


Worshiping anything or anyone other than the One True God is called idolatry.

And this makes God jealous indeed.

The 2nd commandment of the ten commandments, God says

“You shall not make for yourself an idol, or any likeness of what is in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the water under the earth. You shall not worship them or serve them; for I, the LORD your God, am a jealous God” (Exodus 20:4-5)


Okay, back to the story.

God got pretty mad, and asked Moses to get down there.

At this point I knew that idolatry was bad, but I didn’t know how bad till I got to the next part.

First of all, it seemed to make the people all go crazy (v25).

Also, the leader of the pack, a guy named Aaron the Levite (Moses’ brother actually), was giving excuses and LYING.

He said that all he did was collect the gold jewellery from everyone and threw it into the fire cuz they “missed” Moses, and out came this calf statue!

(Sounds a lot like a very familiar governmental body. Ahem)

Moses, as you would expect, became really really angry.

And God commanded the Levites, the dedicated Holy Servants of the Temple, like priests and bishops of that time, to strap swords on to their sides and run back and forth.


Yeap they were called to kill their own brothers and friends.

That day about 3000 people died.



It’s Just A Lifestyle



This just shows the seriousness of idolatry.

#1 It has bad outcome (makes you go crazy, and humiliate yourself)

#2 And God doesnt like it.

Not in the least.


But idolatry doesn’t just stop as far as bowing down to statues.

As I said before, idolatry is the worship of anything or anyone other than God.

How can you be called a Christian or a follower of Christ if your life doesn’t revolve around God?

How can you say you love God more than anything else, if the first thing you do in the morn is sms your girlfriend? Or check your facebook?

How can you prove that you are interested in God’s plans if you study your textbook more than the bible?

I’m not saying that you have to read the bible MORE than your textbook per day, or pray 6 hours non-stop or anything like that.

I’m saying that if your textbook is being your PRIORITY in life, that’s when it becomes your lifestyle.

When you spend so much time on facebook that there is no time to pray, that also proves what is priority to you.

If money is your priority in life, it will show.

And your lifestyle is your worship.

God wants your lifestyle, not your Church attendance.



Let’s not be ignorant of these things.






Go, Snake Of Satisfaction!



excited for you to leave?







talk about information age




Of Satisfaction


does wealth bring satisfaction?

or would we crave more after we get some.

our parents want us to have good results.

are they truly satisfied as well when we DO bring results?

do we complain instead of feel thankful for blessings?

e.g. complain about slow internet when we are lucky to have internet

i fall into this category too.

its like, no matter how hard we work

no matter how hard we try 

we still wont feel that inner peace

we wont find that inner satisfaction


i have come to a conclusion that wealth, achievement, and power wont bring true satisfaction in our lives.

so then, genius, what would?