Besides Great Packaging, We Actually Look At Its Product And Content

Fell In Love With This Song

Then Fell In Love Again When I Read The Lyrics

My Alibi – Blindside

My feet felt light for the first time in months
It was like You came walking across the room
Straight at me and then straight through me
And then stopped and stood still for awhile
I knew then that I’d been lonely for quite some time
And as we started to dance You gently took off my tear soaked coat
And let it fall heavy to the floor and then
We danced some more

When all is said and done
When all is gone and still just begun
I will be asked what I did with my time and why
Can you be my alibi
Cause i know i spent it dancing with You

I have been here before
These emotions are relived
It’s like a joy deja vu
You have been walking along
With me for quite some time
But me with my deaf ear and blind sides
Both of these i turned against You
We all know that You’re there
We all know

When all is said and done
When all is gone and still just begun
I will be asked what I did with my time and why
Can you be my alibi
Cause i know i spent it dancing with You

Said and done
Now all is gone and still just begun
What have i done with my time and why
You are my alibi
Cause I know
I know I’m dancing with You

will you be my alibi?


30 Day Blog Challenge?!?!?!










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so this is how i’ve been feeling for the past…. month? or more? maybe?



yeap, i’ve been going through some…. thing….






But God is good.

He always proves Himself true.




How Convenient



i seriously dislike the time that i live in now.

of where people do things out of convenience.

people even “believe” things out of convenience.

the easy way out is always the answer.



why do people have to be so lazy?

why do parents HAVE to pamper their children?

by pampering them, not only do the child not grow, the parents will not grow as well!

think about it.


i seriously dislike the fact that people now dont see things seriously anymore.

because seeing things seriously will only reveal problems.

and problems need to be solved.

how unconvenient.


i dislike how people accept unexcellent attitudes.

i dislike how I accept unexcellent attitudes just so that i will continue to be liked by that person.

i dislike how i fear to be disliked cuz that will probably be unconvenient.

i hate that i have been bred to send information in a single click.

i hate that i have been bred to receive information so easily.

i am so ungrateful of what i learn.

i dont have to study now seriously, cuz i can just easily refer to it later.

convenience at my fingetips.

i hate myself for it.

i dislike the world for it.


why do we succumb to convenience?

being sleepy should not be a good excuse.

oh. and NO excuse should be a good excuse.

we should strive!

we should give our best!


especially in the little things.

if revealing to me my weakness or mistake will make me stronger and help me in the future,

please do it!

dont hold back on your friends and especially your loved ones.

sometimes its easier to hate than love.

sometimes its easier to ignore than to solve.



















im now hungry cuz someone decides its more convenient to cook late than wake early from nap.

and it makes me wanna hulk bash.








Psalm 119

Verse 11


“I have hidden your word in my heart 
   that I might not sin against you”





if you flip with me to Psalm 119,

(if you dont have your bibles with you, you could click here)

you would see that there are many verses.

that was the first thing i saw.

and fyi, its also the longest chapter in the bible.




another thing that you would notice (just like i did)

is that there are many stanzas and each stanzas start with a weird word.

Aleph, Beth… and so on.

ever wondered what they are?

theyr the Hebrew alphabets!





well, each sentence in that stanza is starts with that alphabet.

22 stanzas for each of the 22 Hebrew alphabets.

this psalmist must be some really creative guy eh?




ok bye

just some thoughts for the day






Double Standards

Matthew 7:12


So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you




are we hypocrites?

telling people that we believe in such,

but yet we act otherwise.


i have friends who would treat me one way for fun,

and when i do the same thing to them,

they get angry.


just an example,

during a game of basketball, maybe a friend of mine would slap my butt for fun.

then he’ll laugh and all that.

then okay, i decide its time for payback.

i go slap his butt too.

but then he doesnt think its funny.

he gets angry and all grouchy-like for the whole day.



was that fun?

where does that put me?

it would put me in a very difficult and embarrassing situation.


im not saying im perfect in the way i treat the people around me.


but i try.





let us be very careful in the way we think, talk, and act.





And Thus Again Begins


the time of year when i feel like time passed by oh so quickly


and today i would like to wish a certain someone











“Since When Are You INTO Makeup Stuff?!”


a certain classmate asked me.


well, honestly i’m not.




i have my views,

like too much make up is worse than no make up.

and simple is sweet is nice and is professional.










but this


this is actually good.




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and she’s pretty new to this making videos thing so i wanna support her all the way!


you should visit her tumblr too!

it actually contains more goodies than her youtube channel.







GOD is Good!


All the time!

God is good.


please ask me to prove it.