You Really Do Make Me Crazy

It’s Time

time for what?


for an update of my life.

so i havent been blogging lately and i thought i would like to tell you guys what i’ve been up to and all that.

lets go way back.

i returned from a Cambodia trip organised by my church youth group.

it was great fun.

such a learning experience.

we taught kids stuff. gave em free gifts and vitamins.

also gave free medication to adults.

i think we prepared only for about less than 500 people altogether, but ended up blessing more than 800.

crazy figure?

not to God apparently.

the people there are SO POOR.

but they are really smart. like really.

weird huh?

their motorbikes are used as motorbikes, taxies, buses, and lorries. amazing.

and they are SUPER polite.

(girls there are also really pretty. most of em anyways)

so that happened at the beginning of the semester.

moving on, this semester is “simpler” than last semester.

also i have become more hardworking.

but only just a little bit more.

i started printing notes



and i actually started my assignments early.

instead of last minute.

WOWzers. is this aaron heng?

also i just started this bible verse memorization thing with a dear friend of mine.

so if you are a classmate of mine, you may borrow that notebook where i store my verses that i’m supposed to memorize cuz its in my schoolbag.

i’ve never done anything like this before.


anyways. stress is starting to pile up.

assignments are due.

i AM earlier than most of my classmates, but deadlines are deadlines.

 group assignments are especially wearing me down.

now i have a church “group assignment” too.

we are on project for our christmas production.

yeap a full-scale short movie.

a low budget film, but a film nonetheless.

its gonna be pretty interesting actually.

this year will be more fun, exciting, interesting and proper than last years.

here’s our 2009 and 2010 production.

not only that, i’ll be sharing for the next powerhouse service.

Arg. that always makes me nervous.

even though its just like a presentation. except its in church.

and i cant bluff my way out of things.

if you’re in kk, come support me.

so those are a few stuff im working on.

also one important part of my semester was…is… my mental agitations.

mental problems?


i dunno what its called..

but i have been through some… thing..

and its not fun.

but God is good.

He taught me to forgive.

forgiving the people i love was so hard (especially those closest to my heart).

forgiving myself was the hardest.

i still love playing bass in church.

it does become a drag sometimes.

but i still love it.

i’m not improving my skills that much but who cares.

serving the Lord means serving the Lord,

whether i gain or lose or laugh or cry or rise or fall.

i serve.

i’ve also been trying to follow the news.

i have now Free Malaysia Today, The Star, and Daily Express in my bookmarks.

i wanna be a responsible person.

 i’ve registered as a voter. hoorah.


is that all? i dont think so.


but im tired. haha.

so there.

oh yeah. important update to you.

some games i’ve been playing lately.

1stly Dota. weird right?

2ndly Killing Floor.

3rdly Airline Manager.

oh and i highly do recommend playing airline manager. its fun.

in a complicating way. but fun.


MouseHunting still rocks the most though.



1 Peter 4:8


“Above all, love each other deeply,

because love covers over a multitude of sins”




lets break it down part by part.


“above all”

i think this means MOST IMPORTANTLY.

above everything else.

of all the things we should do,

this is one we must give priority.

another key for me here is “even when”.

even when i dont feel like it.

even when circumstances arent in our favor.

even if it doesnt make sense to.

we should


“love each other”

loving someone who loves us is SO EASY.

how to love those who doesnt care?

how to love those who hate us?

how to love those whom i dislike?

it just says to love.

one thing we need to understand is that love is an ACTION.


Jesus says to love. He didnt say only love those who love you. or those you like.

that would make love a REACTION.

no. love is an ACTION.

we DECIDE to love.

we have to Decide to love each other



this one here is very subjective.

i’m still a bit baffled by this word.

how to love someone deeply?

with the bottom of my heart?

American standard version uses the term “being fervent in your love”.

other versions use

“intense and unfailing”

“love each other as if your life depended on it”


wow. HAHA.

maybe we can learn from an expert lover.


you wanna know how to love like a pro?

go find out


“because love covers over”

our love will blanket.

our love will hide.

our love will make no more


“a multitude of sins”

a big bunch of sins?


another version used “practically all sins”.

that sounded hilarious honestly.

i have a weird sense of humour.


imagine sinning.

we sin all the time.

at least i do anyways.

and sometimes one sin would feel worse than another. and sometimes i feel so ashamed and horrible and dumb and stupid and low and emo and evil and disappointed and crappy and stupid. and ashamed.

so how would anyone in the world forgive me?

sometimes i really disappoint my bestest friends,

people whom i love.

yet they come back to me.

yet they continue to love me and accept me.

but worse is when i disappoint my God.

but He loves me better than anyone else does.

i dont understand it either.

its just LOVE.





and for those who dont know what love is.