Whistle – Flo Rida

Song Dissection

if you havent watched the music video

its here.

but honestly don’t bother.

So as i promised i tried watching the music video and reading the lyrics.

this is my first time really watching it and really trying to figure the lyrics out.

kinda failed attempt really.

i’ll tell you why in a bit.

and this is my personal critic about the whole experience.

i had to do a three part study.

first let me tell you what i think of the music video.

it sucked.

no logic. no timing sequence.

it is only connected to the lyrics by the word “whistle”

with clips of a sexy girl lip whistling.

and i think that lip is the most sexiest thing in the whole vid haha.

not the girls in bikini.

not the party girls.

not the swimming girls.

not the girls shaking their booty.

the lips were prolly the most sexy thing there.

my conclusion:

next part.

the music.

i’d be honest, the music is rather catchy.

the beat does get my head bobbing.

and the whistling tune is cool with the beat going.

but the music video really spoiled what thoughts i had about the music.

and for the last and most important part:

the lyrics.

im gonna highlight some of the lyrics.

but honestly, i think its a bunch of nonsense where he tries to rhyme party talk and dirty talk in the same sentence.

da chorus:

Can you blow my whistle baby, whistle baby
Let me know
Girl I’m gonna show you how to do it
And we start real slow
You just put your lips together
And you come real close
Can you blow my whistle baby, whistle baby
Here we go


there is no way the message of this grammatically incorrect sentence says: Dear, would you whistle a sweet tune for me?

i dunno how to make this sound any cleaner, but its a plain invitation to suck my *lollipop*.

sorry for the harsh language.

seriously, its so sick how unclassy superstars can be.

if i was a sexy girl, i would never ever ever want to be paid to show my body on his music video.

what is he portraying the women of today as?


da verse:

(Look) I’m betting you like people
And I’m betting you love freak mode
And I’m betting you like girls that give love to girls
And stroke your little ego

i dunno what to say about this.

1# everybody likes people right?

2# freak mode as in?

3# girls that give love to girls? you mean lesbians? you mean katy perry kissing a girl and liking it?

4# “stroking your little ego” just sounds like a sex scene from an adult novel.

another part of da verse:

Bet your lips spin back around corner
Slow it down baby take a little longer

ah i give up.

da bridge:

Whistle baby, whistle baby,
Whistle baby, whistle baby
Whi-whistle baby, whistle baby
Whistle baby, whistle baby
Whi-whistle baby, whistle baby

this is probably the cleanest few lines in the whole song.

da verse again:

It’s like everywhere I go
My whistle ready to blow

he’s probably saying he’d like to have sex

or be given oral sex

by anybody anytime anywhere.

da verse:

Told me she’s not a pro
It’s okay, it’s under control
Show me soprano, ’cause girl you can handle
Baby we start snagging, you come up in part clothes

the first two lines i think is referring to if a girl is unsure or has never given oral sex before

and flo rida is reassuring her that everythings ok.

the next two lines i have no idea.

however i think “you come up in part clothes” just means “you should take your clothes OFF”

da verse once more:

Hope you ain’t got no issue, you can do it
Give me the perfect pitch, ya never lose it

this one is sad, because there are real issues and debate about oral sex.

some people are against it. and of course, some girls are unsure about it.

but here he goes again doing his reassuring thing.

last time for da verse:

Go girl you can twerk it
Let me see you whistle while you work it
I’mma lay it back, don’t stop it
‘Cause I love it how you drop it, drop it, drop it on me
Now, shawty let that whistle blow-oh, oh oh
Yeah, baby let that whistle blow-oh oh!

i dont really know what to say about this.

im such a fail critic.

i’m pretty disgusted by what radio stations are playing over and over again.

what my siblings and their friends would be listening on the radio.

all this brainwashing.

gosh. no wonder people these days are so ready to jump into sex.

no wonder romance is not a big deal anymore.

no wonder love only comes after.



i really dislike how he repeats these few statements:

1# i really want you to give me oral sex.

2# you really want to give me oral sex.

3# it’s ok. its not wrong.

4# you’re a sexy girl, you’re supposed to do this. and also please take your clothes off thanks.

this is my personal opinion.

if you disagree with me, do feel free to let me know.

Little Big Show Off

Fiery Pants



so what i used to do is i used to tell my friends that i was born on an air flight between England and China.

you see, i went to a chinese primary school where everyone spake chinese.

i could. but i was horrible at it.

so i always hung out with people who are more comfortable conversing in english.

we have our own ‘english gang’.

but being all youngsters, they were honestly inquisitive about how i was a chinese person speaking such good english.

being a youngster myself, i thought i could fool them.

and i did.

being born on an air flight between England and China made total sense when you make it sound like it made total sense.


i used to love showing off.

i made wild claims and my friends believed me.

i practiced so much that i became super good at lying.


you can ask any of my friends now, many times when i say something,

they dont know whether im kidding or not, even if all their logic senses are tingling.



right now im trying to think of what other claims i’ve made.

hmmm. i cant remember.

i guess i dont really want to as well.

lying is bad.

there was once when i was so proud of myself for bringing as vcd movie to school.

i think it was “Independence Day” or something.

it was quite cool because it had a holographic cover.

the ones that seem like its moving when you look at it from different angles.

i was showing off to the cool kids in the school bus.

i dont remember what i was saying but i think i was making some wild claims about it as well.

then one of the ‘cool kid’ broke the cd. i think it was on accident.

now comes the really weird part of this story.

i dont remember if i threw the cd away to dispose of evidence that i brought it to school and broke it.

or whether i owned up to my mistake. HAHA.

i did quite alot of these wild stuff that i dont know which i got punished for and which i successfully escaped.

there was even once when i stole something from my mom and i blamed the maid just so i could give it as a present to this girl in class.



but of course, i changed.

i guess it was once i started taking church seriously again.

i think i started to take God seriously at age 13.

then i accepted Christ into my life one or two years after that.

and i never lied intentionally anymore.

i found that getting in trouble for being honest is way way way way way better and smoother than getting in trouble for lying.

and i guess i really matured quicker than some of my friends (even though they are way SMARTER than me) because i dared to own up to my own mistakes and take responsibility seriously.


i still use my lying skills to tell jokes though.

because the best comedians are those who dont laugh at their own jokes.

its not easy i tell you.

but i always try to make it obvious that im joking

(cuz u cant see it in my actions and cant hear it in my voice, but you can check the logic of what im saying).

if its not obvious, i’ll just say that im joking

(means i failed at that joke).


i’m still quite a showoff now.

but in a whole different manner.

looking at myself now, i think i understand why i was such a showoff when i was a kid.

but those are thoughts for another day.








1. from now onwards, when people’s bday come up i will shout “EXTRA LA-YEEEEFF!”

2. guess who looked me up and asked if im free to hang out, laura changgggkul! wheee im so excited. i like meeting old friends.

3. raining outside.

4. so many flying ants trying to fly into my house through the mosquito net. they are attracted to my light =O

5. im not random. needed to clear things up for you.

6. i have such a long list of movies i want to watch on youtube that i bookmarked.

now u also know how it looks like when im blogging hehe. (its not all pinkish and gay)

7. i watched 2 movies today.

8. devotion today was interesting. God tried to show off his power to his people twice. and they still failed to acknowledge him. so typical of us human beings.

9. my life is exciting as usual. blogging while im supposed to be doing research, counterstrike when im supposed to be making phone calls, and watching movies when im supposed to be asleep.

10. i actually think i did well for my presentation last week. a 7-10mins presentation on my topic which is “consumerism”. this is crazy since in degree level, you’re supposed to have solid points, solid proof, and a solid argument. thats not the real problem. the real problem is combined with the fact that the question forced us to pick 5-8 subtopics to cover. we ALL decided to cover only 5 topics because there is not enough words limit count space for us to well.. argue our points! and now a presentation that would normally take 30-40 mins we have to shorten to less than 10 mins. thats nuts. but i did it anyways. thank God. i took just a bit less than 10mins. yay.

11. Jeffery Deaver is such a good writer!

12. ignorance is your new best friend.


What A Fun Story Bro

1 Kings 18


i was reading this today

and i challenged myself to give you a summary of what happened.



The starring of this story is a prophet called Elijah. In the story before this, he prayed for God to stop the rain. So of course the King was not happy. Three years later (I’m thinking the king must really dislike Elijah by now since a drought of three years probably killed much of the people), God said something like “go meet King Ahab.” So Elijah did and King Ahab said “oh you troublemaker of Israel, is that you?” Elijah responded, “I’m no troublemaker, you and your family are the troublemakers here. You refused to obey God and worshiped those… Baal things instead.” Then on top of a mountain, Elijah challenged 450 Baal prophets and 400 Asherah prophets in front of all of Israel. Here’s a good part, Elijah probably had to shout this to the huge crowd “How much longer will you waver, hobbling between two opinions? If the Lord is God, follow him! But if Baal is God, then follow him!” The people were completely silent. It probably pierced their hearts just like it’s piercing yours. Elijah then challenged the prophets to cut a bull up and lay the pieces on wood for a sacrifice offering. Elijah will cut up a bull too and offer it up as sacrifice. Except, they can’t burn it, they need to call to their god to set it on FIRE. Elijah said “the god who answers by setting fire to the wood is the true God!” What a daring challenge. 850 prophets vs one. First team to go was the Baal/Asherah team! They prepared the bulls and placed it and did their ceremony. They called on the name of Baal from morning till noontime! No reply. So they danced and hobbled around the altar they made. Also no reply. This was also the best time for a perfect accidental spark for fire. It was a three year drought season meaning everything was DRY, NOT only that, it was noontime! But nothing. At this Elijah started making fun of them. He was really some bastard actually haha. Listen to what he has to say. Verse 27: About noontime Elijah began mocking them. “You’ll have to shout louder,” he scoffed, “for surely he is a god! Perhaps he is daydreaming, or is relieving himself. Or maybe he is away on a trip, or is asleep and needs to be wakened!” WHUUUUUUT. What a way to mock people’s gods. Daydreaming?! It’s like saying “your god is a lazy old fat man who sits on the couch eating chips and waiting for the advertisements to end so that he can continue watching HIMYM”! Relieving himself?! HAHA! That one was the ultimate god-mocking kick. Maybe your god is taking a dump bro! Anyways, laughter aside, the prophets took his advice seriously (seriously?!?) and started shouting louder and also did what they would normally do: they started to cut themselves with knives and swords until blood gushed out. Since there were alot of prophets… I’m imagining there was a lot of blood all over.. ewwww… They “raved” all afternoon till evening, still “no sound, no reply, no response.” So Elijah flexed his muscles and cracked his knuckles, stepped forward and called to all the people “come over here!” So all the people crowded around him as he made his altar with 12 stones to represent the tribes of Israel. He also dug a huge ditch all around his alter, big enough to fill three gallons of water. He put his cut bull pieces on the wood. It was evening, so no chance for the sun to light up the wood and he said “fill up four large jars with water and pour the water over the offering and the wood.” After the people did what he asked, he asked them to do it again. And then he asked them to do it the third time. By that time, the ditch was filled with water too. So then Elijah went up to the altar and prayed “O Lord, God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, prove today that you are God in Israel and that I am your servant. Prove that I have done all this at your command. Lord, answer me! Answer me so these people will know that you, O Lord, are God and that you have brought them back to yourself.” Immediately, yes immediately, a fire from God flashed down from the sky and burned up the young bull, the wood, the stones, and the dust, and licked up all the water from the trench around the altar! Then all the people fell face down to the ground and said “yes! This is God! The Lord is God!” And Elijah and the people killed all the prophets of Baal. After that, a thunderstorm came. Elijah asked his servant to tell King Ahab to hurry home on his chariot or he will get trapped by the storm. And King Ahab hurried away. After praying on the mountain, the Lord gave Elijah special strength and he ran (away from the thunderstorm of course) and even ran ahead of King Ahab’s chariot! Wow.


talk about superpowers.

that was awesome.



i hope you learned some lessons from this though.


Have a great day ahead.


Separating News From Gossip

Come On, It’s FACTS


ever feel guilty for talking about someone behind their back?

aiyo. come on.

i do this all the time.


talking about people?

is that gossip?

is gossip wrong?

does gossip hurt people?


i’m sorry.

my mind is quite… unorganised now.

so im just gonna ramble what im thinking.

if you are sleepy or drunk. or high. do not continue.




important question to ask yourself:

Are you sure that the people you gossip with behind other peoples backs

will not gossip about you behind your back?


lets say A tells B about C.

“C told me about her boyfriend. The real reason why she broke up with him is because he had an affair with another girl.”

B is now in the loop.

A is telling B secret stuff.

now they are bestest friends.


now they can share secrets?

if you were B, would you give A a super secret of yours?

i wouldn’t.


honestly, i grew up with people all my life.

since the moment i was born, in the first second of my existence in the world,

i was with a people.

i was interacting with people.

dude, i know people.

and people tend to be quite consistent.

that’s called character.

if he’s a snobbish person, he’s usually gonna be snobbish bro.

if he’s a gossiper, he’s usually gonna gossip bro.

if he’s gonna gossip to you, he’s gonna gossip to others too bro.

that’s called character.



this was not in my original script.

lets get back to topic.

denise. =3

she asked for my opinion on gossip.

she doesnt like it.

neither do i.

the bible (an awesome book) talks about gossip.

tells you very eye opening things about gossip too.

but today, im not gonna refer to it.

ah. you son of the devil, aaron.

and you call yourself a christian.

you evil man, aaron. tsk tsk.


in actual fact. i am evil. i am weak.

so there.


here is what i shall really be talking about today.



here are some of my thoughts.



Theory #1

lets start with questions again.

if i was in a group, talking about a certain person, talking about that persons weaknesses and wrongdoings,

AND plotting to do something about it,

AM i gossiping?

or… ummm… are WE (in the group) gossiping?

this is in fact, a trick question.


i could be talking about my sister’s bad makeup skeelz, talking with her best friends (because they would know best),

AND plotting to buy her better makeup and teaching her how to use it!

is that gossip?

how could accuse me of gossiping?!

i wanted a better life for my sister D’=

i hope you get my point.

just because we are talking about someone, doesnt mean we are gossiping.

so you dont have to feel bad the moment someone’s name other than yourselves enter a conversation.

however, you DO have to feel bad, the moment you converse with



do you have any examples of bad intentions?


something im not good at talking about!

im not actually good at gossiping!

im so sorry!

i dont really have much experience in this.

(i usually shut down when people start gossiping)

but i can give a general example.

when we talk about people just to make them look worse than it already looks.

or when we talk about people to make ourselves feel more superior.

or when its just to poke fun at them with no intention of helping them.

we would usually end up with a WORSE impression on someone than we already have.

for me i think that’s gossip.



Theory #2

also, from a whole different point of view.

we can look at gossip like this.

there will almost always be three parties in a gossip.

party #1 is the gossiper

party #2 is the listener

party #3 is the gossipee

HAHA that sounds funny.

ok im sorry.

(note: party #1 and party #2 will often exchange roles frequently in a conversation)

there will be party #1 and party #2 doing all the conversing and talking and building close relationship by gossiping.

then party #3 will be the one taking the beating without knowing… yet.


so i have a theory.

listen carefully.

gossip is when NONE of the parties involved in this three-party-conversation is edified in any way.

is the party #2 a better person because im telling her that party #3 is piece of cowdung?

am i a better person because im telling party #2 that party #3 is a piece of cowdung?

will party #3 a better person because i told party #2 that she was a piece of cowdung?

if NONE of us will be a better person. i would define that as gossiping.


a weakness to your theory mr dr B!

what if i told party #2 that micheal jackson died?

is that gossiping?

we got 3 parties.

we have a topic.

and none of us are probably edified.

ok sure. gossiping is very very subjective.

NEWS can be both BAD and GOOD.

and er… both not bad nor good.

we could go back to Theory #1 above about intention.

did i tell about micheal jackson just so that i could sound smart?

or did i do it because i thought it was something interesting that could add on to party #2’s knowledge?

or we could go to Theory #3



Theory #3

sometimes our conversation doesn’t even start with a bad intention.

it could be important news that i’d think someone needs to hear.

SOMETIMES though, it gets out of hand.

the topic strays (like it always does), and we start giving our opinions.

this is dangerous, because opinion is what makes a neutral piece of news turn into a very non-neutral piece of news (very poetic, well done, clap clap).

we could be giving a good opinion which would edify maybe just ONE party, at least it’s edifying SOMEONE.

or we could be giving our opinion which would edify NO ONE, you know what that makes it, a bad opinion.

or an opinion that should not have been opined, thank you very much.

also, the problem with opinion is that people tend to remember opinion more than the actual news.

did u realise that too?

or is it just me?

(which is also why when gossip spreads, the story gets less and less clear and/or true)

the emotion and the connectivity of the news depends on what the opinion is.

just like what music does to a horrible death scene in a movie.

a) with scary music: a scary scene, i was shocked and my heart is beating fast.

b) with happy music: a triumphant and winning scene!

c) with sad music: a sad and a lost cause plus hopelessness.

i mean its just a death scene right?

but it could mean so different things.

and what we say can mean so different things.

we could be talking about the same thing.

about my sister’s bad make up skills (for example only).

we could say we want to help her (edifying for party #3).

or we could say how oh yes she just doesnt understand art (thats just an opinion right? but a non-helpful one)

we could be talking about the same thing.

but we could be talking about totally different things as well.

(=O another piece of poetic ingenuity, clap clap)

also, we tend to be very very judgmental when we give opinions, dont we?





Jeng jeng jeng~

Tiiiiiiime forrrrrr:

Dr B’s Summary of his messy thoughts!


If gossip is a good way to make friends,

here are some tips to





Have a bad INTENTION.

Like my mentor likes to encourage us to do:

start a PURPOSEFUL conversation!

is your purpose to destroy the image of that popular girl?

well then, get your jaw bouncing!

you dislike what your teacher did and want the world to know?

ohhhh, this could get so juicy!



Edification my donkey!

make sure no one is any better today than yesterday, and will not be better tomorrow because of this conversation.

UNLESS, its news that will make them smarter!

you are definitely smarter now that you know not to talk to that loser.

(why hang with the losers?)

you are also definitely smarter when you know all about people’s failed relationships.

(we totally learn from their mistakes right?)



Give an opinion!


why the dung do we want a boring piece of news bro?

tell me what you think about it!

tell me how it hurts the world that this has happened.

tell me what he was probably thinking when he was first asking for her number.

man, THOSE are the important parts.




i bet some people will be like expecting me to say something like

“ewww gossip is bad”


“lets talk like Jesus, that way we ALWAYS edify”


“lets learn the art of NOT giving any opinion, unless it’s something Jesus would’ve said!”


nawww man.


Gossip is great.



FOOD (It’s Midnight And I’m Hungry)!


i’ve got like, quite alot to rant about. but it seems. i’m in no good condition to do it. it’s not my mood or anything. i’m just tired i guess. and to organise the stuffs that are going through my head is just… too effort-ful. alot has happened over the past week. and it is alot of info to handle. also, im on drowsy pills. the powerful flu one. and the special panadol one. so i am actually supposed to be headed to bed now.

maybe i’ll give you some info.

1. prayer meeting was good. i think i will make a pact with God again. i will try my best to make it to prayer meetings again. you know, not because my dad wants me to. but just because i want to meet with Jesus in corporate prayer as much as possible. also, i wanna learn how to pray. where better than a place where all the pro’s go eh? i’m kind of the type of guy who needs people around me for support, so if possible, make plans to join me. if just to keep me company. thanks.

2. a cockroach ran up my jeans today. i felt a sharp prickle under my jeans on my leg (it was definitely UNDER my jeans because my jean cloth was too thick for me to feel it if it only ran on top of my jeans). i was like “wtheck?” but i dint feel it after that. then 1 minute later i felt the same prickle on my neck. something was crawling about! i was beside my youth leader so i asked him if something was crawling on my shirt. my leader was more amused than anything “oh cockroach” he said with a grin. i was freaked out! he shooed it away, and a brave lady (jane) caught it with a tissue. the fact that it was in my jeans freaks me out now. you have no idea how jumpy i am now at the slightest brush of anything on any part of my skin now.

3… i momentarily had a total blankness (i totally forgot what i wanted to talk about for like 30seconds). ok now i remember. you remember that 50day challenge i was doing? i already did day 1 – day 30 ryt? yeap i did. well guess what. i was totally WRONG. it was a 30day challenge. and i did it all. hahah! i’m such a loser. and to think i was actually excited to continue doing the other 20 questions. i might find others to do. i might not. 



Fail Or Success?

1 Kings 2:3


Observe the requirements of the Lord your God, and follow all his ways. Keep the decrees, commands, regulations, and laws written in the Law of Moses so that you will be successful in all you do and wherever you go.



ever felt like your life is falling apart?

ever felt like you’re just a failure in everything you do or try to do?

i feel this way alot.

i’m just a human being like most of you.

but according to the verse above,

we dont have to live this way.

we can be successful!