To Whom It May Concern

I miss you lah burunghantucina. No I do not have a good reason to bring you out for a drink. We haven’t had a proper chat for so long. I plain miss catching up with you. Just talking nonsense all day. Worrying about nothing important. Or just being our quiet pondering selves. Together.
That’s all I ask for.

Doctorbutterfly at your service

TeenStreet Malaysia 2013!


This is gonna be fun hehe.

I would like to join. But may not be able to because of work. However, there are those from my youth group who are! So you’ll be joining them!

Do Join!

See God doing wonderful things! And join in His movement!


P.S. You can message me personally or comment here if you’d like to sign up but don’t know how. Or you could visit their website.



Been thinking about life more than usual again… And well, for my failures, I don’t feel worthy of the good friends I have. I don’t feel good enough for the jobs I may be applying for. Nor do I feel like a good son or sibling. I’m definitely not doing well in my spiritual life. Which means I’m not good enough to be called God’s child. His blessed one. His work of art. How can i be like this and be part of God’s plan and mighty movement?

Well, it is a choice isn’t it? I can take off my baggage and jump on the J-train. Or I can dig into my pity hole and keep begging for mercy.

What should I do?