Stuff We Forget To Wonder About Jesus

I’ve been taught to ask myself this question for any circumstances: “What would Jesus do?” both for negative and positive circumstances. However, sometimes, I think there’s more to life and alot more of what we would be able to learn from Jesus than just how to respond to circumstances. There’s alot about character and attitude that people don’t really dare to think about Jesus.

In this post, I will attempt to cover what I think Jesus is like. I’ll try to be as scriptural as I can, which I can’t, because lot’s of these things aren’t mentioned in the scriptures. Also, this is not canonical, or a set law and a set understanding of christian beliefs in any way. I’m just doing this for fun. Mostly personal opinion. But my main purpose is to get you to think of things about Christ that we usually don’t think about. I’ve asked myself some random questions, trying to cover as wide a range of life topics as possible.


Here goes.



Does Jesus tell jokes?

I bet he does. How else will people just love hanging around him? Also, God is super funny. So, he got his Daddy’s genes.


Does He love homosexuals?


Sorry for the pic haha, I needed your attention. This pic is seriously wrong. I believe that Jesus loves everyone. Even gays. And Lesbians. And people who rape and kill their own mom. Why? Because He hates the sin, not the sinner. Sometimes we put so much focus into this gay thing. Do you remember Matthew 5:27-28 “You have heard that it was said, ‘You shall not commit adultery.’ But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart.”? Any sexual activity out of marriage is a sin. And homosexual relationship is the same. If you ask “does Jesus love homosexuals?” you also need to ask “does Jesus love me?” since you’re a sinner just the same.


Since he’s a man, fully God and fully man, would he watch porn?

Because he’s a man, with all manly emotions and manly desires and manly everything, he was tempted just the same as us. Hebrews 4:15 This High Priest of ours understands our weaknesses, for he faced all of the same testings we do, yet he did not sin. Jesus would have been tempted to watch porn. Jesus would have been tempted by beautiful women around him (I bet he was always surrounded by beautiful women haha), yes, but he would not have given in to sin. Porn is sin. Porn feeds on the lust of the eyes. Jesus would have been tempted. But being tempted is not a sin. Giving in to the temptation is.


Did Jesus play pranks on people?

Pranks require one or both of these two things: Lying, and emotionally disturbing someone for the pleasure of others. Let google define this word. Gimme a sec. a practical joke or mischievous act. Wow. I’m sure Jesus isn’t mischievous. Jesus doesn’t lie, firstly. And there are other ways to make people happy. So I doubt Jesus played pranks.

Now I’m sure you’re thinking, if Jesus didn’t tell lies, how did he tell jokes? A joke requires telling a story about something that didn’t happen right? Well for me, it’s an illustration. Not a lie. Sentences with “Once there was 3 guys who walked into a bar…” is more of an illustration because it’s vague and it could have happened. Sentences with “Last night, your mom…” is about a fact that doesn’t add up. So Jesus could have used illustration jokes instead. Also, Jesus DID give illustrations in his preaching. He loved doing it. Are those lies? No I don’t think so. They’re illustrations.

Now on a different note, ever wondered why something horrible happened to you, and you’re so sure God was playing a prank on you and laughing with all of heaven at you? Well, that’s really good imagination.


Would he perform magic tricks?

I think he would. Everyone would know it was a trick, and he’d do it to entertain the children. In fact, if cards were invented, he’d even play cards (without gambling) with the people just to socialize with them.

Of course, he did do magic. They’re called miracles.


Would he enjoy metal music?

I think he would. In fact, he’d be an awesome shredder guitarist.


Can Jesus lie?

Yes, but he won’t. Ever.


Would Jesus curse?

Depends on your definition of curse. Cussing and dissing like kids do these days, are just to annoy and stir up emotional anger without needing to think of anything intelligent. However, in the old testament times, cursing was what men of God did to their enemies. They actually cursed their enemies in the name of God. And bad things actually happened to their enemies because they were doing things against God’s will anyways.

I don’t think Jesus would use foul words (this is defined differently according to different culture and times), but he does use strong words to describe people. He called Herod a fox in Luke 13. So, no cussing or swearing.

But he did curse a fig tree, and it curled up and died. I guess I’m treading on some tense waters here, because I do believe Jesus would curse. But just as the previous men of God, the curses were prophetic in nature, and were against people whom God is intending to curse. I don’t think we have such prophets today. So, this is something Jesus WOULD DO, that we shouldn’t.


Would Jesus play DOTA?

Hahaha. What a question. Let’s look at the few areas of why DOTA can be good or bad. It’s a team building game. It’s competitive. It’s a critical thinking, planning, strategic game. It does have a lot of references to demonic activity and beliefs. It’s addictive. It’s free.

So, based on these few notes, I think Jesus actually would play. But only for a purpose he intends. eg. Making friends and relating to those who are maybe addicted to this game. Just as he meats (a king james word for “dine”) with a pharisee in public, he would play cards or play DOTA with the sinners, just to accept them publicly and to be accepted. P.s. He would later on tell them if it’s bad for them and why.


Would he admire girls in bikinis?


1. Is everyone God created really beautiful? I think Jesus would admire all of us whether we’re in bikinis or mankinis because we’re all beautiful. 2. However, he may not appreciate the way we dress or flaunt our body. Also, he may not agree with the message that wearing a bikini sends. Yes, your fashion do send statements to people around you. 3. But, I don’t think Jesus would condemn you for wearing a bikini, either. He didn’t condemn those who dressed like prostitutes in those days. I’m not saying that those who wear bikinis are prostitutes haha. I’m saying that whether Jesus agrees with bikinis or not, he won’t condemn those wearing it. P.s. I wonder what “dressed as a prostitute” meant at those days. Did they wear as little cloth as “normal” girls these days do?


Would Jesus have written his own books?

Maybe not, because he knows he has little time on earth. But I’d think he’d delegate. But also on another hand, for some weird reason, I’d bet he has really pretty handwriting haha.


Does Jesus love Sci-Fi?

I bet he loves Sci-Fi.


Did he get 100% results for all tests during school?

You do know Jesus went to school right? He probably faced the same problems we did. He may have been bullied for being such a nerd. He probably had teachers who gave him problems. He probably would have made lot’s of mistakes in life. People didn’t always like having Jesus around you know? And Jesus may not always have been a know-it-all.

Wow, I feel mind-blown myself for typing that out. Here’s why I think he didn’t always get perfect results for tests. Is it because he has imperfect knowledge? Wow. This I have no idea. Yet, in Luke 2:52 it is said about his childhood that “Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man.” The word “grew” is key here. It means it changed. A development. Jesus wasn’t born in perfect wisdom and stature, or in perfect favor with God and man. He had to learn. He had to work hard. He had to face trials. He had to make mistakes. He had to gain trust. He had to earn respect. Just like every man should.

So, no, Jesus wasn’t perfect when he was a baby, or when he was a kid. 30 years he had to grow into perfection. This is something extremely important that we need to learn from Jesus.





So here are my own opinion about Jesus. These are personal opinions. Please use this for personal reflection only and not for argument or a backing point for sermons lol.

These are just topics that are socially accepted in the world today. I mean things like music and tv shows just show people having sexual relations outside of marriage. And it’s now the norm. Movies have cussing just to enhance the script and show what a dire situation something is it. Politicians support gay movements to get more votes. Pranks are funny.

So, I’m just giving my humble opinion. I may be wrong in any of these. Or maybe in ALL of my thoughts. If so, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to offend anyone. But I do hope to change your mindset. We need to be aware of the works of the enemy and renew our mind.


For future posts like this one, what else do you want to ask about Jesus?



Over and out

Reading, The New Business Trend

It’s about time I wrote about something to do with business (actually it really isn’t).

Here’s how it’s gonna go. Ever thought about “what if I could start my own business? What would it be? And what rules and regulations would I enforce?” I definitely have thought of it. In fact, I do like to think of it, because my ideas tend to get a bit out of hand, so it’s quite amusing.


If I were to start my own business (which I eventually would want to), one thing I’d implement would be the One-Hour-Read time. If I ever implemented music into my office (very probable, and I’d be the DJ as well), this would be the only 60 minutes where music or other noises would not be heard from the surround sound speakers throughout the office. Reading hour would start from 8am to 9am. Then only would daily meetings, briefings, and business activities start at 9am.

What would they be reading? You know, the newspapers, novels they have yet to catch up on, blogs they follow, (no facebooking, not counted), news websites, devotionals if they didn’t get to in the morning, bible, self help books, newsletters, magazines, up to them really. Not only that, I will encourage them to write too. Yes, simple journalling. After reading whatever they have read, they can process their thoughts and they could write it in their diary, or share their thoughts on a blog. Up to them. No pressure. But reading is a must.

Conversations would not be encouraged. Unless really really necessary. It’s supposed to be a hush time. “Good morning”s and “Good to see you”s are okay. Sleeping is not allowed too. Toilet and coffee breaks are allowed all around.

What about those who really won’t want to read and would come late for work? Well. They’r late for work. 8am is when the work timer starts. So they would need to replace, or… whatever the consequences of being late is.

What’s the point in this? I don’t know. You decide.



So, that’s a tiny taste of what I’d like my office to look like in the future. How would you like your business setting to be?


I may do more of these posts on business (not that I’m a pro LOL). Anyways, I’ve been getting a bit more traffic on this blog recently. Hooray.

Light In Light Out Clean In Clean Out

Have you ever wondered how dirty you really are inside of yourself?
I was reading Luke 11 this morning and there are two things that Jesus said that kept bugging me. First was about being a light. Second about how the eye is he light of the body. And if the eye is dark, the whole body is full of darkness. Thirdly, also about how the Pharisees live such ‘clean’ lives. How they meticulously clean the outward appearance but ignore the inner cleanliness.
So I was looking back at myself. How ‘clean’ am I? Do i shine the light? Am I allowing sin to dirty my inner self. Especially through my eyes.
Honestly, I don’t enjoy these morning self checks. Because I see the part of me I wad trying to hide yesterday. Or the day before.
So, no, I’m not the cleanest man on earth. My body is probably not full of light as ‘Christians’ are expected to be.
But, am I a hypocrite? Do I serve God in church ‘pretending’ to be pure? Do I write blog posts about God just to elevate myself to look like some holy dude? I don’t think so.
The Pharisees do have some problem, which is pride and the need for fame and glory. We as Christians, as long as we be of contrite heart, humble ourselves, ‘knoweth how carnal we are beneath’, and also be willing to be reprimanded, God can use us. And He does. Especially when we do these.
So can we ever be a sinful man and yet serve God and serve people? Or is it hypocritical to do so?
If you ever ask yourself this, I have a question for you “Can we ever be perfect and holy?”

Doctorbutterfly at your service

Dear Mr. S

I don’t really like giving advice on relationships. Though, I actually do have a lot of opinions on it. What’s more, I don’t have a lot of “influence” ground to stand on, since I’ve never been in a relationship myself. Surprised? Well, I’ve never even been in a “fling”. So, I don’t expect you to take anything I say to heart.

Anyways, what I wanted to tell you is that relationships are beautiful. God made it. And God desires it with us. And God desires us to reflect this relationship through relationships with our spouse on earth. So, if you’re wondering, boys ARE supposed to like girls. And vice versa.


It’s very clear that you and her have some connection going on, maybe even some chemistry. You make extra effort to talk to her after church or after youth service. She also tries to sit with you, or at least near you during Sunday Service. You organize group activities with her and other people. It’s all good. And I’m proud that you aren’t doing other more stupid things that you could be doing. But, I do still have some advance advice for you.

First of all, please do not get too involved emotionally. She’s cute, and you’re quite a good looking chap too. So the inevitable is that you guys start giving each other a lot of attention and feelings start to grow. It’s very easy to give attention and want attention from good looking people. I don’t know why, it just happens. But it also means that you could get into each other a lot quicker too. And that’s never a good thing. Relationships, friendships, need time to grow and mature. And also, you need time for yourselves to grow and mature. Trust me, the younger you are, the higher chance of a total heartbreaking relationship. It’s painful to watch, but I’ve seen it so often when I was in school when I was your age. Please don’t let this happen, for your sake. And for her sake.

Secondly, love can wait. One characteristic we’ve lost in this age is patience. Now people only want to buy product that is “instant” or “easy” or “three-in-one”. Now everything has to be accessible in one click or it’s rated as too much of a hassle. People don’t believe in waiting for the right moment. People don’t believe in working and earning slowly. People don’t even believe in “learning” anymore, because we’re just expected to know everything instantly! There used to be a time when a young man had to court a woman. Just because they were not “dating” doesn’t mean they were not in love. Also, God does use time to teach and reveal things to us. So don’t make any harsh decisions. Time can be such a good test of love. If you’re afraid that time would break this love or affection, then GOOD. Because, if it DOES, it just means it wasn’t worth it anyways.

Thirdly, you’re a man. Own up. You need to take charge of what’s going on between you and her. If you think you two shouldn’t be playing with feelings and doing the infatuation thing. Tell her. If you think you like her but you want to wait for the right time to actually start this relationship, tell her. If you think, she wants too much attention from you, tell her. And even if you know you actually WANT the attention from her, but you know it’s not good for you, you should also tell her. Because honesty and openness is the main means of keeping a bond. Also, it shows your character, and learning attitude. Not only that, by doing this you’re making her choose (not many guys like to make girls do this). To choose to stick with comfortable infatuation because it feels good (which means she won’t stay), or to choose to take things slow and work on a relationship like it’s supposed to (which means she’ll stay, but have to wait). And by making her choose, you’re testing her faith in this relationship, and also you’re building up her character. We’re supposed to build each other up right?

Fourthly, come on and please get a mentor. Telling your best-friend about how you feel does not count as having a mentor who can guide you through, open your eyes, and process things that is happening or could happen in the future. Church always believes in pre-marital counselling for a few months before actual wedding. This is because, there are lots of things that we cannot prepare ourselves for. I’m not saying that you’re planning to marry her. But you also cannot be thinking about getting together if you don’t plan to marry her (please be responsible). Anyways, as I was saying, get a mentor. Talk to someone older and more experienced than you. Preferably someone of the same faith and someone you look up to. And find someone you can be totally honest to.

Fifthly, Pray pray pray. Ask God. Beg God. Complain to God about your pains and your desires. Thank God for the good times and good friendship you had with her. Sometimes, just praying a simple prayer a day, can change your whole thinking and mindset about a certain issue. It’s always important to know what God is doing and to walk in His flow.


So here are some advice I thought would be suitable. I just felt the need to share some of my thoughts.

Hope it’s been helpful!

40 Day Prayer & Fasting For Malaysia

So today starts a nationwide prayer and fasting initiative by the christian churches of Malaysia. It starts today and ends on 15th September (night). In conjunction with 16th september, which is Malaysia Day! The day Malaysia was born! 15th September is gonna be fun.
So what will I be fasting this year? I think I’ll be fasting lunch. Which means I have to wake up early for breakfast. Which also means I’ll have to sleep earlier the night before that. Oh no! Man, fasting takes planning and stuff. Also I’ll be cutting down on facebooking. Probably. I did a total facebook fast last year. That did well for my soul. Haha!

Anyways. Hari Raya is here! Selamat Hari Raya to my Muslim friends who are breaking their month-long fast tomorrow. Please drive safe for those who would be travelling back to your hometowns.
We Christians will start our fast today haha. Interesting nation we live in eh?

I love you guys

Doctorbutterfly at your service