The Champion

What do the words omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent have in common? They have the word omni of course. Duhh. Meaning “ALL“. For those who never knew, these words mean All-Powerful, All-Knowing, and All-Present. And it is most often used to describe God. Simply because God has all the power, He knows everything, and He is everywhere at once. For me, this is actually pretty hard to understand, grasp, or even accept. What is All Power? All? Every Power? Most Powerful? I once did a post about how big the word infinite is. What is Infinite Power? Unlimited ammo? Unlimited Mana? Overpowerful? Is He really able to do ANYTHING? From my pondering, I THINK I’ve found a way to describe all these All’s.

Key word is undefeatable. His Omnipotence refer to an undefeatable Power. Nothing can overrule Him. Nothing can overrule His actions. No one can undo what God has done. No one can do what God has done, better than He did. He is THE Top on the Power Pyramid. It is an undeniable power. He will never lose in Rock, Paper, Scissors. Just like His Knowledge. Omniscience. It is so undeniable, so real, that we cannot doubt it. We cannot say that He misunderstood. It cannot be anything other than the Truth. And He has an undefeatable presence. No darkness can drive Him away. No matter how far we run from Him, we cannot outrun Him. No distance, no fall, no temptation, no evil, nor sin can defeat God’s presence. No presence can have more weight than His. The ultimate heavyweight champion of champions. The Unlimited.

You know, those are already so hard to understand, yet there is still one more ‘all-‘ that I feel is the hardest to understand: Agape. All-Loving. Not that God loves everything, including sin. No, it is a fondness, a care, an intimacy, an affection, a devotion towards. So it is not meant for any action. It is meant for us, the sinner. Not the sin. God has an unlimited love for me and for you. I find it hard to understand God’s undefeatable love towards us. It seems a bit too crazy and a bit too extreme. I mean seriously, I can think of three very real ways people can lose love for someone. Even parents can lose love for their child. Firstly, actions. The most direct, yet the least effective among these three. Then there’s time. Yes time can make us love someone less. And lastly, there’s knowledge. How do you love someone you don’t know? And how do you love someone you haven’t experienced? Sounds like love is very defeatable. How can God be All-Loving? I don’t even know Him. I’ve run away. I’ve sinned a lot. I’ve sinned a little. I’m ashamed. I’m not interested. I’m too busy for God. I’m doubtful. I’m a hypocrite. I prefer another religion. I’m not spiritual. I’m too spiritual. I choose to ignore God. I’m a failure. I don’t even care anymore. I’m proud. I haven’t prayed. I never pray. I don’t want to try. I’m too broken. I’m hopeless. This is me. This is you. How can God love this? How can God even stand to look at me? Why would God love me? Can God’s love really defeat all that I’ve done? Can God’s love really defeat all that I am? Can He love me despite of this wreck and mess that I am? Can He???

Lord, Your word says that You are Agape. All Loving. Can nothing defeat Your love for me? I have given You every reason to hate me. I feel like I‘ve defeated Your love for me. Help me understand that I cannot defeat Your love, Your grace, Your goodness.

Though I don’t understand fully yet, I just want to say God, thank You, for being THE Champion Lover. Undefeated. Forever in a row.

The Clouds, The Sky, The Moon, And Especially The Stars

What’s up? Well, technically, What IS ‘up’? My up may not be your up. The world is round, so my up can be your down, left, right, front, or back.

What’s up? I’m sleepy, for one. I haven’t had an ‘update’ blog, two. I have a new job that I’m enjoying more than my previous job (though I’m still working in the same office), three. And I have a new phone today, four.

Happy Chinese New Year everybody! How’s keeping with your New Year’s Resolutions?

What God Has To Go Through Every Day

Betrayal is a funny thing.



No, actually it’s not. This morning a pastor Brandon Chin said something about his back. He turned around and asked “You see my back? What do you see? It looks fine. But it’s actually full of bullet holes, knife stabs, and bruises.” Being a leader and being a pastor is hard hard work. Dealing with people is hard hard work, no matter what “holy” setting it’s supposed to be in. The church is full of backstabbers, liars, gossipers, fakers, and anything bad you can imagine. This is what the church is for in the first place remember?

I remember when I felt backstabbed. Lied to. Or just downright betrayed. It’s an interesting experience unlike any other. It hurts to feel like the victim. It hurts to be vulnerable and have some part of your soul torn. So I do what anybody does when he hurts, I look for someone to blame.

I have this ritual of blaming God every time something like this happens to me. When things go bad. Or when I feel like what someone said didn’t mean anything after what he’d done. I like to blame God. I like to accuse God of planning my life this way. For putting obstacles or emotional challenges in my soul. For teaching me to love. So I blame God. I point my finger in His face and say “what the heck, man?” Normally, I may be more vulgar. It’s good to let it out though. I always feel better after throwing my tantrum at Him. But then He shows me a valuable lesson after I’ve had my say.

After my ritual of blaming Him, He has a ritual of teaching me a lesson. How do you think I feel? He says. You promise to cleanse your thoughts, but you think dirty thoughts. You promise to be humble and patient, but you let anger and brashness overtake you. You promise to love people, but you put expectations on them. You promise to serve others, but you think you have rights to your time and your energy. You pray nice prayers in front of people, but who are you really? You tell me you’ll try, but you don’t. You’ve stabbed Me Every single day. Right in front of My Watchful eyes. Sometimes, even knowingly!

Then, Hey, He says lovingly, I know how you feel.


Understatement of the ever eh

I Didn’t Have Enough Time, What’s Your Excuse?

… proclaim the message. Be ready to do this whether or not the time is convenient. Refute, warn, and encourage with the utmost patience when you teach.

2 Timothy 4:2

Man, convenience is the key word to society today. Everything has to be convenient. Or it’ll be irrelevant in almost immediately. Everyone will spend alot more money on a little more convenience.
I’m guilty of committing this convenience crime. Or as Paul or Jesus would’ve called it, convenience bull. The focus isn’t the right time, the right place, the right crowd, or the right situation. That would’ve been too convenient. Besides, it’ll Never be the right place, right time, right people, stars aligning, and a dove floating down from heaven saying “it’s the right time” all at once. Also, it can never be a wrong time. Proclaim the message, whether it is convenient or not. Paul has put emphasis all the time on being ready at all times to be able to preach the gospel, and to answer questions about your faith. Being ready. That’s where the problem is. If it’s convenient, proclaim the message. If it isn’t convenient, proclaim the message. But if I’m not ready to do so, what’s the use?

Just some thoughts that came through my mind today. Sorry if my explanation is a bit shallow.

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