I’m Letting My Wife Go

Seth Adam Smith

I’m sure it may come as a shock to some people, but I let my wife go. It was one of the hardest things I’ve had to do, but it was the right thing for the both of us.

Kim and Seth WeddingNo, we’re not getting a divorce and no, we’re not separating. Truth be told, the practice of “letting go” has actually brought us closer together. But in order to understand what I mean by “letting go,” you must first understand that Kim and I are two very different people.

In fact, the differences between us were Kim’s primary concern with us getting married. “Seth, a fish may love a bird,” she said. “But where would they live?”*

I smiled at the comparison because it’s fairly accurate.

Kim and I are incredibly different people. She’s the oldest in her family; I’m the youngest in mine. She’s very responsible; I’m…very much not. She…

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What is so wrong in sex before marriage?

The Journey

Warning: This post may be a little uncomfortable to all who share different opinions or values from the author. Please bear in mind that you are most welcome to have your own beliefs and you are not obliged to defend your stands. Thank you. 

Dear Friend,

Today, my post is addressed to a certain type of people. But you can still read it.

Dear Couples

I don’t know you, and I don’t know if you know me. But I have a few things to say to you and I want you to listen very carefully. Please understand that most of the time I write because I want to.. but there are few times where I write because I have too. Whenever I have to, like now, it’s because there’s this strange urge in me that I simply can’t fight. So if you stumbled upon this post, it might not be…

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Had A Weird 10 Minute Hiccup Bout

So things have been going pretty exciting. As exciting as bowel excitement. Sounds crazy. Pretty crazy indeed. Pray for me! I’ll be shearing my sheep- I mean, preaching my flock.. I mean, giving a tiny sermon the mount… this Friday. Am I excited? Yes and No. Am I ready? Yes and No. Do I need prayer? Yes and Yes. When things in my life are starting to smooth out (last week), SUDDENLY everything starts crashing down. First of all, my prayer and devotion life. Okay, okay, this one didn’t CRASH down. More like, sank in a really slow quicksand. But it didn’t diminish! Thank God. I really fought for this one. So I guess that doesn’t really count in things that came ‘Crashing‘ crashing down. *Jenkins, my lad! That Rewind button please!*

So, really, First of all, my health. I just started going crazy sick you know? What with flu, vomiting, diarrhea, fever, and all. Oh man, how I totally forgot that vomiting was not only unpleasant and uncomfortable, it just plain hurt like hell was a hot hot butter knife slicing through my abdomen, going so deep but never cutting through. That was bad enough. Then, things in my friend’s life start effecting me. Because like, I feel like I totally failed the one friend who I think needed me. Like if his life depended solely on me trying hard enough. But I didn’t, so he died. That kind of failure. You know how it feels to fail? It feels like vomiting. It hurts! Also, then, my family gets bombarded by bad omens. When I mean bad, I mean quite very. (One of it, please don’t make this public, is that while I was driving to work in a friends car, I dented his bumper! By denting someone else’s bumper! I had to pay cash to this guy, AND now I have to fix my friends bumper of his car that he was trying to SELL! Which means, he actually did expect it to be in a spic-and-span condition! Worst of all, is that I got sick, so I didn’t have time to bring it to the mechanic. Rich uncle friend happiness, down. Money I tried to save up from salary, down.) Not only that, then, things in youth ministry get hectic. Okay, thank God nothing here got TOO bad. I have a great team, though we could do better. And by we, I actually mean me. Ok, me won’t really replace we that well. Aishgkrrgh you know what I’m saying. At least it rhymes ok?

And because of all these things, these hiccups, burps, burpees, speed bumps, fences, feces, mountains, and more feces, my little sharing/sermonette/preachingette is behind schedule. And the one thing I hate is being behind schedule. Especially with big important things like this. And guess what I find myself doing in the middle of this stressful time? Blogging. That’s right. Not when I’m free, doing life. But when I’m full of feces to clean. (Yup, my bowel excitements don’t seem to have slowed down for some reason).

Okay stress is bad. But, it can be good if we learn from it. And anything can be good if we let God take over. So, really God, this post is dedicated to you more than to my readers, I think. Now that I am thinking about it. God, fill me up with your Spirit, your wisdom, your power, your healing, your presence. Hmm. Thanks for reminding me that I totally signed up for this mess, when I signed up for the War. And Lord, I say Yea, and Amen! I will overcome! And I will fight to see lives saved! Sorry if I ever doubted You. And that I’m the 2nd worst of all sinners (Paul’s the worst, we all know that). And that I’m in a perpetual crappy and unvictorious mood. Those are not your character. Teach me to take it off, and put Your character of love and faithfulness. And peace. Oh Dear God, do I need peace right now. Thanks for the spank in my ever active butt. And thanks for the hug. And thanks for picking me back up. You really do do what you promise to do.

What Is The Fear Of The Lord

 Proverbs 2:1-5

My son, if you accept my words and store up my commands within you, turning your ear to wisdom     and applying your heart to understanding— indeed, if you call out for insight and cry aloud for understanding, and if you look for it as for silver and search for it as for hidden treasure, then you will understand the fear of the Lord and find the knowledge of God.




So what is the fear of the Lord? I guess there’s only one way to experience it and find out.