Take A Sad Story. Make It Perfect.

Do you have any friends that you love to death? Yes? Well, welcome to the club of heart broken stories and disappointments.
Some of us are disappointed in our friends. Most of us, are disappointed in ourself. Like we could have done better, or we did something we shouldn’t have, in regards to that friend.
The closer we are, the more heart breaking it probably is.
I believe God can make things better. In ways we cannot imagine. Like turning a hopeless situation into a hopeful situation. Sometimes we see a friend in such a tight spot, or choose the wrong path. And sometimes we try so hard to help, but really, nothing we do can help. Sometimes, I even feel like I have to leave my friend in the ditch for him to open his eyes to who God really is. Because at the bottom of the smelly, dark, trapped, and doomed well, the only way you can look is up.
But anyways, my heart is broken. And I believe for God to open the eyes of all my friends to see what God is doing in her life.