I Do What I Do Cuz I Can Live With It

xHello dear friends. What if I told you that your actions are not your own? What if I told you that you cannot do anything you want? What if I told you that you will hurt those who love you just by having a bad reputation?

What I learn through my friends and media is that I will suffer the consequences of my actions. And that I can do anything I want as long as I feel okay about it. And that if I choose to do anything bad, I will just have to suffer from it later on. These are half-truths. Oh yes, you will suffer the consequences your actions. The only problem is, you’re not the only one who will suffer.

Friend A had a friend called Friend B. Friend B is an old friend of Friend A. A month ago, what Friend A heard on the news was shocking. Friend B’s apartment was searched and he was found to be cooking and distributing drugs. He was making alot of money. He was also dealt a death sentence. Friend A felt bad. Really bad. Ashamed. Alarmed. Afraid. Friend A doubted his ability to know people. He doubted himself. He felt bad for Friend B’s dad. Rumor was going around. Bad rumors.

It was a tough time for both family and friends. Now I’m sure you’re thinking, ‘I have never done anything as wrong or as serious as that’. But seriously, just throwing a simple tantrum will get people questioning about what kind of family you grew up in. We are being watched, and we are being judged 24/7. And who will be the most ashamed? Parents of course.

A father writes to his son in Proverbs 27:11, Be wise my child, and make my heart glad. Then I will be able to answer my critics.

Why would a father ask his son to be wise? Because a foolish son brings shame to his father. The more foolish the actions, the greater the shame. Consequences can potentially have a great ripple effect. So it’s not just shame, all sorts of negative things can come upon people around you just because you want to be an ignorant, lazy fool.

Pick your thoughts, actions and words carefully my friend. Especially don’t engage in things God consider as sin. Yes, I’m talking to you.

Snail Mail

Like I’ve said previously. I was testing out new Apps on my Lumia 625 for blogging. So the last one I used was called Writer. It was simple and fast. But might be too simple, that the functions don’t work too well. In fact, I didn’t know I posted because the posts I’ve posted only appear hours after I clicked the POST button. As you will be able to deduce from reading my previous 3 posts.

This app that I’m currently typing on now is called WP explorer. It has good options. The only problem is that it moves like a snail that is overweight and has asthma attacks. It is slooooooooooooow. And there were times when I would have typed some words, and all of the sudden, they just disappear because the app hasn’t completely loaded. And now there are a bunch of random words randomly distributed at the bottom of this page. Let me go delete them. It’s probably my fault that I’m so impatient.

My enter button has failed me a few times in the writing of this post




So I got this new app on my Lumia 625. It’s called Writer. From Heris. Let’s see if it’s a good app. For now, the keyboard isn’t working like it’s supposed to. But logging in and posting seems to be easy and quick. I will be tying out other blogging apps as well before I decide whether or not to completely depend my life on this one.

On another hand. Tomorrow is Easter! Remember, it’s not about decorated eggs. But about Jesus rising again! He did! And that is what makes all the difference in my life.