Best Interview Ever. Best Topic Ever. Best Jeremy Ever.

Ivan Soo: Hello and welcome to another episode of the Aaron and Ivan talking about Jeremy show. My name is Ivan and this is your host, AAAAAAAAAAAARONNNN and this is our topic, JJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJEREMY and this is the game, which we all just lost, thanks to your host, AAAAAAAAAAAARONNNN then we terus start
Aaron Heng: Hi all. Thanks for inviting me
Ivan Soo: No problem. thanks for being on your show
Aaron Heng: So who gets to start by asking a question?
Ivan Soo: You do. So what’s our topic today?
Aaron Heng: Jeremy. Who is he?
Ivan Soo: He’s not not Jeremy. What does he look like?
Aaron Heng: He doesn’t look like most Jeremy’s in the world. But he does look like ONE of them. You think he’s okay with that?
Ivan Soo: I think..he should reconsider. Where is he right now?
Aaron Heng: He’s in his own world. It’s called Beijing. Does he like it there?
Ivan Soo: yes and no. what colour is his colour?

Aaron Heng: Green…ish…yellowish….blue….. with red polka dots. What is his favourite colour?

Ivan Soo: I think it’s green. is he wearing shoes right now?
Aaron Heng: I hope not. How many hairs does he have to lose to be bald?
Ivan Soo: One more than he has on his head now. Do you miss him?
Aaron Heng: Nah. Yeah, probably. What are Jeremy’s best subjects in secondary school?
Ivan Soo: I’m not sure, English and Maths, wild guess. when is his next trip back?
Aaron Heng: Chinese Wild Year. I hope he can come back for my birthday though. That’ll be cool. I hope you come back for my birthday too! Yaaaayyyyyy. Okay. Time for the serious questions. What makes Jeremy laugh?
Ivan Soo: Things that he finds funny. How many serious questions do you have?
Aaron Heng: Depends. What attribute of the opposite gender attracts Jeremy the most?
Ivan Soo: Probably the most opposite one. Which one is that?
Aaron Heng: That which is what it is, which is that which is, for which whichever is for it as it is. Why do you ask me such tough questions about Jeremy?
Ivan Soo: Because I had such a great childhood. So what’s the last memory of Jeremy you have?
Aaron Heng: I was chatting with him the other day about climbing mount Kinabalu. If Jeremy had to choose one elemental bending for a day, which would it be?
Ivan Soo: Only a day? I’m not sure but i’d get him to choose Earth. What’s my last memory of Jeremy?
Aaron Heng: You found out I was chatting to Jeremy the other day about climbing mount Kinabalu. How did you two turn out to be best buds?
Ivan Soo: Let’s see. it just happened just like that. What should I ask next?
Aaron Heng: About how long I’ve known him. How long have you known him? And how long have you known me?
Ivan Soo: Hey that’s cheating
Ivan Soo: I’ve known him..uh many years
Ivan Soo: I’ve known you about as long as I’ve known him
Ivan Soo: What’s his next hairstyle?
Aaron Heng: A birdy once told me he’s going goldilocks. Like totally dyed golden hair made into dreadlocks. How many countries has he visited?
Ivan Soo: wow. i’m not sure how many he has visited, but it’s got to be quite a few.
Ivan Soo: where would he ideally like to live?
Aaron Heng: In a house. Underwater. Near a cave. Of an island. Far from humanity. Close to sashimi. Where did he get his accent?
Ivan Soo: He got his accent from the American Americans. How many phones has he used up to now?
Aaron Heng: Mannnnnn, three. I bet, we’re like disappointing him with all our accurate answers. What annoys him the most?
Ivan Soo: ummmmmmm
Ivan Soo: literal incorrect use of the word literally. like, literally.
Ivan Soo: where do you think he’ll get married?
Aaron Heng: I literally think he’ll get married on earth. Who do you think he’ll marry?
Ivan Soo: I think he’ll literally marry a very nice girl
Ivan Soo: does he like to travel? literally?
Aaron Heng: He physically likes to travel. If Jeremy was to be super famous in ten years time, what will he be famous for?
Ivan Soo: He would be famous for inventing a machine that automated the switch between 2d and 3d projection, having stolen the idea from his good friend Ivan who came up with it while doing something for Jeremy’s own birthday 10 years ago. They will have never spoken since, but still remain close friends to this day.
Ivan Soo: How many children does he want?
Aaron Heng: As many as none. Do you think he should keep his goatee?
Ivan Soo: Innocent until proven guiltee. Jeremy’s shirt. what’s the first shirt that comes to mind?
Aaron Heng: Green. Jeremy’s hair; what’s the first thought that comes to mind?
Ivan Soo: Yong Tofu. Koh the facestealer. What’s the first face that comes to mind?
Aaron Heng: The facestealers face. What is Jeremy’s favourite genre in games?
Ivan Soo: Mystery/puzzle. I hope. Who is his favourite musician?
Aaron Heng: Linkin Park. I hope. How does Jeremy cope with stress?
Ivan Soo: That’s what he has us for. Does he really want no children?
Aaron Heng: Nah, I have no clue. I bet he would like kids one day. Is he really an inventor?
Ivan Soo: He’s a secret inventor that I don’t know about. Does he know we’re doing this?
Aaron Heng: We’re a secret interview that he doesn’t know about. How long does it take Jeremy to finish the Rubiks Cube?
Ivan Soo: 3 minutes? It takes less time if he was willing to use a hammer. How long are his fingernails?
Aaron Heng: Short. Unless he doesn’t cut them. What is his favourite movie?
Ivan Soo: favourite movie of all time? The upcoming spongebob movie. what’s the last thing he told both of us?
Aaron Heng: He hurt his ankle. What would he like for Christmas this year?
Ivan Soo: World peace. and better internet. How have you been?
Aaron Heng: Been sick for almost a week. Flu, cough. Quite bad this time. Been having a sexy voice for the past few days. But also hard to breath. Okay, second last question: Which planet would Jeremy like to visit, and why?
Ivan Soo: He would like to visit Mars, because his dear friend Ivan would like a millennium supply of Mars bars. So if that was the second last question, is this the last question?
Aaron Heng: Unfortunately, it is literally the last. Thank you for having me on my show.
Ivan Soo: No problem, always a pleasure.

Christianity Is Not The Answer

1 Corinthians 2:1-5

And I, brothers, when I came to you, did not come with excellency of speech or of wisdom, declaring to you the testimony of God. For I determined not to know anything among you except Jesus Christ and Him crucified. And I was with you in weakness and in fear, and in much trembling. And my speech and my preaching was not with enticing words of man’s wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power, so that your faith should not stand in the wisdom of men, but in the power of God.

At that time, Paul was one of the more well-learned men. In today’s terms, he might’ve been a doctorate holder with a double major in theology and cross-cultural philosophy. I dunno. But he was really well learned. And he was also a higher class citizen, a Roman. But he was also a Greek and a Jew. If I’m not mistaken. Which means he’s got connections.

So, imagine Paul, traveling and helping the church grow in different places. Speaking to higher class people, speaking to normal people like us. Paul, a superstar supergenius of his time.

He essentially said in this letter; Hey man, I’m not coming to you speaking with all my knowledge. I don’t want to be the wise guy, though I am learned. I only want to speak of Christ. I want to speak of His Spirit and the resurrection power! I’m not here with fancy quips. I’m not here with funny introductions and convicting closing challenges. I come in fear! I come in fear that God’s message is seen as my message. I fear that you do not see Jesus in every word I speak. I fear that, in my wisdom, you go home with problems answered instead of going home with Christ in your heart. Man, the only way is through the power of God.

A guy like Paul not using his genius to convince people? That’s odd. You know, Christianity has become so… Smart. We have to know the right answers to everything. You can find nice Christian quotes for everything on Tumblr and Instagram. Personally, I know of leaders that never talk about Jesus’ sacrifice or the Holy Spirit’s power or the Father’s love. What’s going on? We like to debate about theology, and how other pastors go astray, and how Christians should respond to certain situations. These are necessary, definitely. But what happened to Christ being the reason we’re discussing anyways?

I admit, I forget God. Even while I’m talking, sharing or debating about God, I can forget Him. For reals. God can become… a topic, and just a method for me to show off certain knowledge I have of His ways or teachings. I can forget the Power, the Love, the River of Life, and the Person. ‘Christianity’ becomes a smart answer. I become the smart answerer.

This needs to change. So much I need to learn from Paul.

Sorry God, for teaching about You, yet not introducing people to You.

Sorry dear friends, for the times when you needed God, but all I gave you was a good answer.

Ini Hari Buffday Danielle

There’s this girl in my life. I’ve known her for a long time. She’s awesome. She’s also littered all over my blog. Like, if you click that link, you’ll see I mentioned her on blog posts dating all the way back to 2007. Mannnnn…… I’m old.

It’s her birthday today. And I’mma gonna do a little shout out for her.

Hey Danielle Burung Hantu Cina. Happppppppppp. Happpppppppp. Happpppppppy birthday to youuuu~ And you and you and you and youuuuuuuuuuuu. You will never ever be forgottennnnnnnnnnn ~ And my attempt at poetry failed~

The Lord gives his people strength.  The Lord blesses them with peace.

Therefore, peace out.

Psalm 147:11

Jehovah takes pleasure in those who fear Him, who hope in His mercy.

The word ‘fear’ here made me reflect on my life. Do I fear God? Or do I fear God enough?

I feel like my fear for God is getting less than it used to. I’m talking about my reverence for Him and my respect for Him. And I can admit, after careful evaluation, that I’m probably putting more effort and care into my ministry and my own entertainment rather than God.

My heart broke as I stumbled on this verse. It reminds me of how it used to be. My love for God now is strong. But not as strong as it used to be. I want that again. Those were exciting times. When my faith was like a child’s faith. Now, I think and worry too much. I try to solve problems myself rather than rely on God. I fear letting people down rather than fearing I let God down. I get disappointed in myself rather than hoping in His mercy.

Time to change. Time to let go of myself and my world. Time to embrace God, His goodness, His grace, His mercy, and His promises. And also His discipline (which may be a big reason why I try to avoid Him).

Sorry, Father, for disobeying You. Sorry for hiding from You when I do sin. Sorry for putting ministry and myself before You. Sorry for ignoring Your Love. Jesus, sit on the throne of my heart again. It has always belonged to You. Take control. Holy Spirit, fill my life up to the brim with Your presence, Your fruit, Your living water. Guide me, nudge me, teach me, discipline me, open my eyes to what I need to see. Activate my spiritual senses. Tune me into your frequency, that my heart may beat at the same beat as Yours.

I am nothing without You.

The Beauty Of Guilt

Dear Good Human.

Guilt is such an awesomely powerful motivational tool. The better at guilt-tripping you are, the more things you can get away with. You can make people do things for you. You can make them want to treat you better. Best thing is, you can even change people. Man, isn’t that powerful? And to top it all off, you just gotta make them feel guilty a few times. They will just continually guilt-trip themselves more and more after that. They do what what you want, and it’s mostly their own fault!

It’s even easier these days than it used to be. Nowadays, people make more emotional decisions than ever. People make more impulse buys than need buys. Come on, ask any person below the age of 50 how many percent of their monthly expenses are things they don’t actually need. Now families, schools, churches, government, all care about how people feel more than what people need. Entertainment is booming more than ever. People want to feel more than ever. More and more kids enter relationships just to feel, and break relationships once the feel stops. Depression is the number one factor of everything.

We can use this to our advantage. Exaggerate how you feel. Make your family members know how much pain certain actions or choices they made has caused you. Cry whenever your boyfriend challenges you or address your weakness. Make your mother feel like she is wrong for shouting at you. Say sorry but make it obvious that you’re saying it just to stop the argument, as if you’re the only one trying to save the relationship. Don’t allow your friends to apologize. Make them feel like they need to do something for you to atone for their sins. Make them feel that asking for forgiveness is not good enough. Tell people who care for you that they are annoying. Question their care for you. Use rhetorical questions. Twist their words. Never address facts or real issues. People these days are so self-absorbed, they won’t see the big problem if you don’t show them. So, don’t show them.

That is true power. This is the day and age to use emotional abuse. People are so emotional. Evaluate your own life. Like really look back at your own words and intentions. If you’re already manipulating people, keep it up. If not, I just showed you how. It’s so easy to run people down the guilt-trip lane.



Not A Poem For Joey

Good morning Joey! Sorry, I mean, Safe Day Happens! Direct translation to Malay means Selamat Hari Jadi! Or Happy Birthday!

I really appreciate you. You’re a great person. Very humble. Honest (okay, maybe not the honestest person I know). Fun. Understanding. Always willing to help. God is like super number one on your priority list. Extremely careful and perfectionist (which… may be your biggest weakness also hehe). You really have a heart for serving people. And you’re a great help when I get overloaded. Thank you for everything.

I’d like you to know, that we really appreciate who you are and all you do. I know I do get strict with you sometimes, and I’m sorry if I’ve ever hurt you or said something I shouldn’t have. Everyone loves you, I wonder if you ever notice. That’s not important, though. God notices. That’s way important. Even if we don’t see the little things that you do, God sees it.

Also, you got a really special gift of being very sensitive to God’s spirit. I hope you practice it. Be bold my friend! I am honestly jealous of this haha. But I have to say God couldn’t have picked a right-er person.

Okay, enough of kissing your feet. Happy birthday! You’re getting old! So faster get married ktnxbai!

Save As Draft

The problem with saving a blog post as draft is that by the time I get back to it, I can’t get back to it. I lose the flow, the original inspiration, the planned conclusion, even the emotion behind it. I have a few drafts saved so far. I can’t actually remember from my blogging experience that I’ve actually continued a draft. If I have, it was probably from the day before. Not, say, a week or more. I usually finish my blogs. Rarely I have to save as draft. Currently, searching through my drafts, I only have less than five that I’ve actually started on but had to leave it for whatever reason.

Oh well.

Conclusion (that can be related to life): Finish what you started.