I’m So Fly

Have you ever counted your blessings? I can count. I have been very blessed all my life. Especially after I’ve given myself to ministry and God’s work.

You know, I’ve never imagined flying too much. It’s not really one of my bucket list things to travel or to experience new places. Sure, I love mountains, seas, rivers, sands, forests, and it’ll be great to see new plants and wildlife and weather outside of the island of Borneo. But it’s never been a priority or a need. Yet here I am. I’ve traveled so much in the past 13 years, I’ve probably lost count. Here’s a list of what I remember being on a plane for:

Fun: Philippines.

Conference: Melaka. Hong Kong. Wasn’t there one more?

Teenstreet Camp: Negeri Sembilan. Miri. Port Dickson. Port Dickson. Negeri Sembilan. Was there one more?

Missions: Cambodia. Cambodia.

Training: Penang (3 months leadership). Subang (3 months bible school).

Government election: KK (this was while I was in Subang).

I know this sounds crazy, but this is crazy. God has been bringing me around. Like for reals. I couldn’t have paid for all that. God provides. God not only takes care, but opens opportunity too to do extra.

If God wants you to do something, He’ll open the doors and provide for it. You just gotta walk through when it’s open.

Ok. Ciao now.

Equipping 101: Chapter 1 – Why Do I Need To Equip Others?

So I’ve been reading recently. It’s a little book called Equipping 101 by John C. Maxwell. And I’ve got the idea to share a little of what I read.

Here are sentences from his book that I’ve found interesting (they may not be in any order or connected to the next sentence):

Nothing of significance was ever achieved by an individual acting alone. Look below the surface and you will find that all seemingly solo acts are really team efforts.

Even Albert Einstein, the scientist who revolutionized the world with his theory of relativity, didn’t work in a vacuum. Of the debt he owed to others for his work, Einstein once remarked, “Many times a day I realize how much my own outer and inner life is built upon the labors of my fellow men, both living and dead, and how earnestly I must exert myself in order to give in return as much as I have received.”

If you want to reach your potential or strive for the seemingly impossible – such as communicating your message two thousand years after you are gone – you need to become a team player. It may be cliche, but it is nonetheless true: Individuals play the game, but teams win the championships.

Few people are fond of admitting that they can’t do everything, yet that is the reality of life. There are no supermen or superwomen. So the question is not whether you can do everything by yourself; it’s how soon you’re going to realize that you can’t.

Consultant John Ghegan keeps a sign on his desk that says, “If I had it to do all over again, I’d get help.”

A few years ago my friend Chuck Swindoll wrote a piece in The Finishing Touch that sums up the importance of teamwork. He said,

Nobody is a whole team… We need each other. You need someone and someone needs you. Isolated islands we’re not. To make this thing called life work, we gotta lean and support. And relate and respond. And give and take. And confess and forgive. And reach out and embrace and rely… Since none of us is a whole, independent, self-sufficient, super-capable, all-powerful hotshot, let’s quit acting like we are. Life’s lonely enough without playing that silly role. The game is over. Let’s link up.

Hope you’ve been blessed. Let’s learn new skills for leadership.

Thanks for reading!





Walk Through The Journal Of Life

Is it important to journal? I really don’t know. It is kinda nice though. Because when the time comes, you get to look back at the silly things you’ve said, done, or been through. And you get to ask the hard question of whether you’ve grown. And you also get to be thankful to people and more importantly to God for helping you through, and being there all the way.

I’ve blogged for almost 9 years now. I don’t blog every day. Or every week. Or even every month. I’ve skipped a few months. If you scroll down on the right side, I have my previous blog posts arranged by month and year. And I counted, that’s 91 months of blogging right there. This post will be post number 554. I think. It’s been a great journey.

It’s super funny to read back on my old posts. And it’s nice to remember the glory days of blogging. Before Facebook, blogging was like the in thing. And hey, I’m so thankful that I saved all my posts from Xanga, because they closed down.

Sad thing is, that we post so much on Facebook, but we won’t be able to retrieve what we said. It’s like, we don’t have to take our words seriously on Facebook or Twitter. And when we do want to take it seriously, it’s really hard to find it back next time. That’s one of the most appreciative things I have about having a blog or website.

Here’s to blogging and to encouraging others to blog more too.

Always Learn

Today is a new day. Hello!

And I’ve brought a new book to work. By John C. Maxwell about equipping leaders around me. Strengthening skills in people isn’t really my strength. Well. Time to make it a strength.

Also, I’ve got to make some mentor/mentee time with Bobby. It’s been too long. I had a good time chatting with Susan. She really had a lot of tips for me and opened my eyes a lot. God made us people who needs each other. I pray that I don’t ever think I don’t need my mentors. And I pray that I be a good mentor to my juniors.


Hey Joey, you’ll love this. Found some websites that can might be really great. There’s a whole list in here. Among those in the list, here are a few I’m interested to explore:

Udemy focuses on providing real-world skills online. It offers courses on topics from building an ecommerce site and playing guitar to photography. It’s actually a marketplace for online learning, where experts on different subjects offer you lessons, either for free or at a certain price.

Lumosity is a great website to improve your mental faculties like memory, attention, and analytical skills. You can train your brain with fun games, and it also offers you personalized training programs to restructure the training as per your needs and keep track of the progress. Its objective is to make you clever, and it’s quite addictive as well.

Project Gutenberg  offers you more than 50,000 eBooks, all for free. You can download these books in ePUB, Kindle, or PDF formats, or you can even read them online. This site is completely legal as well, since the books available are ones with copyrights that have expired or that have been made free for non-commercial use by the publishers.

Curious provides you with more than 17,000 lessons in almost any topic. As the site states, its mission is to help you learn something new every day and you can start it for free, but you have to pay certain amount to get unauthorized access.  You can learn from the world’s best teachers in topics spanning across humanities, STEM, music, relationships, and more.

Duolingo is an award-winning platform that helps you learn and master new languages with minimal effort. It provides you advanced skills in several popular languages, such as Spanish, English, German, and French. It makes language learning a very easy and fun process and it’s completely free as well.








~In Love With My Rabbit~

Hope I’m not too lovey dovey over here. Don’t want to offend anyone.


Nah I don’t care.


I’m so happy that Joey’s mom has finally accepted me into her family and allowed me to date her daughter officially.

It’s really scary. To meet and talk to the family over dinner (22 Feb 2016) about this relationship and what it means to me. To announce to ministry leaders (5 days after that) that we want to be accountable and be responsible for our decisions and actions (proves that we’re over the puppy love stage) (or maybe not haha).

God has definitely been with us and I pray that He will continue to be with us throughout.


This two weeks has definitely been a roller coaster of craziness. But it’s really great to see that people who mean alot to me really do love me and support me. I guess God is really with me on this one. Joey has been a really great great support in life, and a great prayer partner for getting closer to God. And I’m really happy to see the even our family members are supportive of us. I’m so shy! But yeah, it’s great.

I had to overcome lots of fears and do lots of things I’ve never done before these past few months (since she’s my first girlfriend, ever). It has been really great.


And right when we are officially together, we get physically separated. She’s joining a 3 month bible and ministry program in Tung Ling Seminary in Subang. I did it 3 years ago. I met lots of great friends for life through this. So I know she will too. It’ll be great and awesome! She’ll love it. I know she will.

How am I doing, some of you are asking. Thanks for asking. Well. I’m okay for now. I guess reality hasn’t sunk in yet. Other than that, I’m really excited for Joey to get closer to God than she already is.

(if I seem emotionally unstable these few days, you know why)


For those of you who still read this blog, thank you so much!