Three Sad Emoji Worthy Thoughts I Had Between Yesterday And Now

Any position I lie down on seems to hurt. Gosh. When is this fever really gonna leave me?


You know, I really hate that I ‘need’ to outsmart people before they outsmart me. In this money-centered dog-eat-dog world. 

I’m just glad that the Forever that I’m going to be living in has no such company or organisation. Or people.


I miss reading comics and novels.

2017 Is Pretty Great So Far

Blogging doesn’t take long. I hope I’ll be doing it more often this year. Yes!

New years eve was fun (though I needed to go to work in the morning). I had a great cha shao fan. Remember this shop’s name and try it if you have the chance! I don’t mind having this every year for my birthday. 

New years day was fun! Seriously. First thing to happen during new years: Joey blinked, and then said “wah didn’t see you since last year”

Other adventures and updates to come