The following are the few more typical blog types I’ll be posting.


Catch Up

These are here just to update you about my life. For example, how I’ve been doing, and why I haven’t been blogging recently. Sometimes I’ll also share something I’ve newly discovered.

Little Morning Notes

I personally like these little morning notes (they can be non-little at all). These are thoughts that were pondered this morning, as a result of a dream, or reading of devotion or newsletters or such. Usually pretty fresh stuff.


Digestions and reflections about God and life.


I post about music that I like or dislike.

Letters Never Sent

Letters that actually addressed to people. But mainly for you readers anyways.

Personal Trainwreck

When I need to rant or just have too much thoughts in my mind. Like a speeding train crashing into itself, creating a mess of rainbows, butterflies, and junkfood. Look into my mind with a Thought-Mechanics-Visualizer and that’s what you’ll see. Honest.

What Makes A Man

Manliness. Godliness. I’m still figuring this out. So why not share with you guys while I’m at it?

The Doctorbutterfly Show

Once in a while, just to spice things up, I make myself do silly things.

Xangan Update

For now, the heaviest category. These are updates made by me when I was still on Xanga. Fun to see how crazy I was back then. But also weird to see that I actually have got some things right.



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