Young Men

​If you truly love this young lady, you’ll improve your character and attitude for her.

If you’re ready to die for her, you’ll tell her mentors and her parents. You’ll ask for opinion and advice. You’ll hold yourself accountable to them.

If you believe in being equally yoked, you’ll talk to your own pastor as well as her pastor. You’ll ask for prayer and wisdom and a change of heart.

If you truly care about her, you’ll put her needs ahead of her wants.

If you want to build a relationship, you’ll listen to understand, not to respond. 

If you want her to grow, you’ll trust her and trust God. 

So, stop thinking about what you want. Stop thinking you know what she wants. Stop doubting her intentions.

Young men, pray like you’ve never prayed before. Cry out to God on her behalf. Be compassionate and broken hearted before the Lord. Ask for the capacity to understand and the grace to imitate God’s unconditional love.

And a gentle reminder: If you love yourself more than you love her, you’ll know.

Less Than Three But More Than Words 

Proverbs 31:30 (NKJV)  Charm is deceitful and beauty is passing, But a woman who fears the Lord, she shall be praised.

(Don’t kill me for sharing this pic. Or for this romantic thing I’m going to say)

Did you know that you’re my biggest light? And I’m your biggest fan. So we’re a power couple. Cuz our electricity is from God.

Ba dum tss

*so romantic*


I always thank God for you. You’ve been such a big blessing in my life. You always support me. And you’re a great companion. (and a great caretaker) (and now I’m fat)

Continue to be passionate for God. Continue to be passionate for the less privileged. You’ll be a super woman for God one day. I really believe that.
May your bond with God grow stronger and may He bless you more and more in every way. Because when He blesses you, I’m blessed as well.
Happy valentines day Joey

Happy Birthday Joey!

Happy Birthday Joey.

You’ve changed my life.

I have no idea how to describe how I feel.

Or what has been happening these few months.

But it’s better than anything I can wish for.

Thank you.

God, thank you for this beautiful lady.

Bless her with more kindness.

Bless her with more compassion.

Bless her with more open doors.

Bless her with more growth in character.

Bless her with more closeness to You.

Bless her with more humility.

Bless her with more mercy.

Bless her with more courage.

Bless her with more sensitivity towards Your leading.

Bless her with more wisdom.

Bless her with more favor with people.

Bless her with more anointing to do Your work.

Bless her with more holiness.

Bless her with more spiritual gifts.

Bless her with more leadership.

Bless her with more power.

Bless her with more success

Lord, clothe her with honor, dignity, and strength.

May she laugh without fear of the future.


Girl 1

I was actually having a difficult day yesterday. I wasn’t happy when I was driving. Things just weren’t going well. Then you came along and your motivation motivated me. You encouraged me, made me laugh, laughed at my jokes. You were serious with me, honest, and even got mad at my inappropriate jokes. Which was cute. You showed so much kindness and patience. It was really good for my soul. And I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I’m doing much better now emotionally. Thank you.



Girl 2

Things are changing for you. Yet you aren’t adapting well. A little more discipline will really help you a lot with life struggle you’re facing now. Trust me.

You’ve changed as well. Things that you once thought was important has become less important. You’ve forgotten your loves and motivation. You let your peers influence you. You’ve allowed people to mold your character.

You were once the leader. The one who wasn’t afraid to be different to stand for what you believed in. You’re the one people looked up to. Not me. You were the one people opened up to when they had problems.

Don’t give that up. You still have it in you. You’ve still got everything God has given you. God doesn’t give us gifts for ourselves. But always for the benefit of others. You’re definitely one of those multi gifted ones.

Run towards God. Serve. Lead. Rise. Stay strong. Keep your heart, character and attitude pure. That’s the real you I see when I look at you.

Thanksgiving And Prayer for Malaysia

Paul has lots of good examples of prayer. So I’ll be using certain words in a blessing he wrote to the church of Colossae for my prayer for Malaysia. Colossians 1:3-14

God, I thank you that the church has started a movement to pray for Malaysia. That’s pretty cool. Intercessors covering this beloved country in prayer 24/7. Lord, I thank You for the confidence we can have, that we have a special place just for us in heaven and in eternal fellowship with You. No matter what, Your love and grace and mercy and word will reign.

I thank You that Your grace and good news is being spread through our local church to the world! That Malaysians can be part of praising You boasting of You to the world. I pray that the word of truth set people free and bear fruit by changing lives. Let Your word be heard and understood. Let there be a renewing of the mind so that transformation may take place in the lives of all Malaysians. And then to all the world.

Lord, please give all Malaysians complete knowledge of Your will. Open our eyes and ears to Your spiritual wisdom and understanding. Also, close connection to evil spirits in this land. May the way we live honor and please You. May our lives produce every kind of good fruit. Because all good fruit come from You. I pray that all Malaysians grow in You more and more each day. That each of us will grow into strong, healthy, fruitful trees.

Dear God, strengthen us through Your glory and power, so that we may have patience and endure what is to come. Teach us to be ever thankful, so that we may be filled with joy! Thank You that You enabled each of us, no matter who we are, to live pure and holy lives, so that we can share in the inheritance that belongs to all Your children. Because You sent Your son to die for each and every one of us. You sent Jesus, who has purchased us from all darkness and shame, forgave us of our sins, and transferred us into His Kingdom.

Thank You Lord for Malaysia. Though we need a lot more work and refining before we get anywhere close to a perfect country, Lord, do not forsake us. Guide us, hold us, mold us. And in the end, may Your Glory SHINE without fail from Malaysia. May we be a sweet incense and a pleasing music to You.

In Jesus name, Amen.