Monsters Inc. 3

So, I have a simple idea of what the beginning of Monsters Inc. 3 could look like. Dear Pixar, do pick my idea haha! I love Pixar!

Wait….. Monsters Inc. 2 is Monsters University right? So this would be Monsters Inc. 3 right? ANYWHO…

Remember how Monsters Inc. ended with monsters coming out of the closet and bringing joy to kids to power up their monster city? So Monsters Inc. 3 could start 30 years down the road where stories of monsters coming out of closets or doors or from under the bed… were just stories. Kids slept through the night without being woken up.

Before bed, parents will tell stories of how when they were little, monsters will come out from the closet to make friends with children and always found ways to make them happy. There were even story books about it. But none of the kids these days ever experience it. It was one of those myths.

One particular parent told the greatest stories of her adventures with these monsters. Her real name didn’t rhyme with Boo. She had twins. One boy and one girl, and they loved her stories. She could make it sound so fantastical and real, and the twins were always so drawn into it, they believed it more than mom did. Mom was making up the stories from dreams and daydreams she had in the past. She was a creative kid. But the twins believed in this magical world. They didn’t think mom was just dreaming when she was little. Maybe it was the fact that her stories made sense from one another. Or maybe the they just really really hoped all the stories were real.

One night, the twins heard a shuffling of feet from their closet. They were overjoyed, and pinched each other to make sure it wasn’t a dream. Then the shuffling noise stopped. It was going to jump out! But after a whole minute of anticipation, nothing came through the doors of that closet. They looked at each other. Something was wrong. They had to check it out.

As the twins neared the closet, hand in hand, they heard heard a tiny sobbing. Curious. They opened the closet door and saw a kid monster that looked like a spotted blue ball of fur with big wet eyes trying to hide from them. Slowly, of course, the kid monster starts to warm up to them and they find out that they are about the same age. The three of them become friends and start to share stories and the twins find out about why monsters stop coming to make children happy: The monster world was in chaos.

Okay, so that’s my idea. I could also imagine a dark world with no electricity. Monsters arguing and fighting and stealing from each other. Everyone unhappy with each other and no one wanted to help their neighbour. These three kids want help to make things better. So, they had an idea that if electricity came back, people would start having a hope that things may get better. And the kid monster suddenly remembered that his dad used to work here at Monsters Inc. to power up the world. He would help. Right?

Okay, that’s all I thought of. If you can think of how it could continue from here, do leave a comment below so everyone can see.

Funny Bunnies Money Sunny Love Language Is My Topic-ish

Hello Funny Bunnies! That title was just a lame marketing scheme to attract visits. This post will have nothing to do with bunnies or funnies.

So recently I had a dream of a friend of mine. I woke up feeling pretty good about that dream. It wasn’t any ordinary dream. I’m pretty excited to tell you about it. It went a little like this:-

-Start Dream Mode-

She (yes, female friend) and me was just sitting around being bored.

-End Dream Mode-

It totally was something like that. I’m not exaggerating. And I actually woke up happy.

Here’s the thing; I actually do tell people that my primary ‘love language‘ is Time.

Btw, have you tested for your Love Language yet? According to some author or researcher or astronaut or something, there are definitely mainly about maybe five or six or five love languages that define us. Mostly sometimes we will have an elementary and secondary love language. There are about five or six: Time, Money, Hugs, Bears, Cars, and Women, I think. I’m pretty sure I got it right, I learnt this online, so it’s gotta be legit.

Anywho, I do tell people that the way I think is most meaningful way to show that I care for someone is by spending time with that person. Quality time. And I appreciate time spent by people to hang out with me or do things with me. I mean, I even like it if we can just sit around and be bored yet not feel uncomfortable or awkward at all. That is the definition of Ohana. Ohana means Comfortable. I’m sure you knew that quote from Braveheart. And guess what? Waking up feeling good just cuz of a dream like that just confirms my suspicions of my love language. Less than three.


Here’s a totally unrandom fact for some of you Bunnies out there. I like metal. Not metal as in FeMale = IronMan. Nope. i’m talking about the Music genre. Metal isn’t really a popular genre. Especially among Chinese who live in Malaysia, or Christians,  or comic nerds,  or Sudoku fans,  or people who have no fashion sense, or owners of pink cars. And I am the combination of all that (except the pink car part. My car is Magenta). Yet, I find myself oddly attracted to Metal Music. Especially Christian Metal. Because they actually have good music. Yes, it’s not just the usual stuff made from the same beat and the same four chords with the same lyrics as anyone else. It’s music to my ears. For those of you who want to try Christian Metal, here are some of my favs. Blindside, Emery, Love and Death, Underoath, P.O.D., and now I’m really getting into The Devil Wears Prada. I have to say in advance to those teens or parents who sit in my car, I’m really sorry for confusing your ears this way. People have told me that they didn’t like ‘noisy’ music. I find that odd. But I can’t totally disagree either. My musical ears haven’t really gotten used to Death Metal yet, so I’m not into that. Yet. Maybe.


Here’s a verse that has been repeated to me this week. It could not have been a coincidence, so let me share it with you.

Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.

Philippians 4:8

P.S. I need to do an extensive study on this verse one day. P.S.2 Virtue is a powerful word.



Okay, enough about me. Let’s hear from you. If you could control an element, what would it be? I’d like to be able to Lightbend. Oh yeah, total control over the spectrum of light. Give me that, or give me Heatbending. Heh.


Sorry I haven’t been blogging in a while. I know you hope I’d shut up already.


There, I said ‘Onara’ like you told me to.

Another Non-Business Idea

I like non-business ideas. What do I mean by that? I mean like an idea that needs to run on a scale like a business, but it’s not for profit. Like most churches. And half of those NGOs. Anyways, I’ve had a dream of my own. This isn’t one of my older dreams, in fact, it’s a pretty recent dream. Only a few years old. This idea, in fact, is not original. It’s inspired by what I saw once on the news. However, I have no money to start such a store. If you would like to help me out here, I’m willing to give my life to this hehe.


So the idea is this, to open a second-hand-charity-library-bookstore. Whoa that’s a lot of different words put together. I might call the store The Books, just because it might sound funny in conversation haha. Here are the rules for this bookstore:

Firstly, it’ll be a free-will library. You may borrow any books, for as long as you like, with no registration, no membership, and no late-fees.

Secondly, this’ll be a free-will bookstore. Meaning, the books sold can actually be bought for free, or for any price you think it’s worth. You can decide when you’d like to pay too. If you don’t have money today, go ahead and take the book home to start reading, and you can come back and pay next week.

Thirdly, it’ll be free-will book collecting ground. You may sell us your second-hand books, or you may donate to us. Up to you. If we deem it in good condition or salvageable, we’ll add it to the shelves. If not, we’ll find a way to donate it to charitable organisations, or if in really bad conditions, recycle it somehow.


Also, I’d like to probably buy the shop lot next to this bookstore shop lot, and make it into the reading area. It’ll be separate and called The Round Tables. Because I’ll be fitting it with round tables and chairs. And this lot will probably be where we do activities (if any). Maybe an English class for the kids who can’t afford to go to school, or those who aren’t allowed to register. We could get teachers in, and do Tuesdays and Thursday morning classes. No commitments. They come as they like and learn as much as they are interested to. Money from sold books can maybe be used to fund lunches for these kids. That’ll make them come.


I’m guessing you’d have realized the goal and vision of this idea. It’s just to promote reading. Not that I want to be a competitor of libraries, since they will still have a more extensive and more stable collection of books. And I want to promote sharing. Where we (the society) all help each other out. Especially to help those in need. This’ll be a good ground for people to just give, whether old books, or new books, or money. Some people want to help the needy, they just don’t want to join a church, or go to a temple, or sign up in an NGO. This’ll be a good place. Also, even if you donate a small amount (because maybe you’re a student or something) no one will notice or judge you.



So it’s just an idea. Any more ideas i can pump into this one?

RSS Feeds + Random Thoughts


For those of you who hasn’t fully realised it yet, it’s October. Beginning of the 4th quarter of 2013. Congratulations for those of you who have survived with me so far.


Anyways, first thing I’d like to rant about today is my WordPress RSS feed reader. For your information, an RSS feed is where I can follow updates by blogs, websites, or news, or whatever.

rss-buttonsSo, I use my WordPress Reader. All new posts or updates from blogs and websites I follow are supposed to appear on it. But I tell you, it’s slow. What I mean by that is that, 1st of all, it doesn’t appear immediately when updated. That’s actually okay. I don’t really mind as much. Except that some posts get MISSED! And then appear later on. Which means, yesterday I’ve scrolled through and read through my updates, let’s say I see 5 blog posts. But today, when I open my reader, I noticed that I’ve missed TWO posts. So there were supposed to be SEVEN posts yesterday. That’s a real inconvenience, since I’ll have to scroll through previous days just to see if I’ve missed some feeds. GOSH. WordPress, please create a more powerful reader tool. Thank you.



Secondly, I’d like to update you about my job status. Looking for a job is easy. I have lots of places resources to find out who’s looking for suitable candidates to fill up vacancies. Applying is a lot of work, but not a problem. No, the problem is that companies are not replying me! They aren’t even telling me if I failed to get the job! Come on. But keep praying for me people. Thanks. I believe God has a good plan for me.



Next, I shall talk about a nightmare I had. It wasn’t much of a nightmare, more like a scary dream. But yet it wasn’t really a scary dream, just a scary type of dream. Get my drift? It was about a trip. To the beach? (I put a question mark because my dreams are full of question marks. I have no idea why or what things are in my dream LOL.) I think it was a rocky / sandy / cave-y sort of beach. Yeah, there were caves. I think we camped in one. LOL. Hmmm… come to think of it, I think we started out as a normal camp. We were camping in wooden houses. And we went to the beach. And then camped there. In a cave. There were a lot of us. Youth + teenagers. It was fun, enjoying the view and the sand. Then came this girl, she surprised me, because she wasn’t supposed to be around town. Oh yeah, she was a friend of mine. Let’s name her Ms. So Ms came, and she didn’t say hi or wave at us friends. She walked pass us, straight to the back to a girl, who in real life is not close to her at all (LOL). And they hugged and talked. I felt bad. I didn’t like being rejected. LOL. Okay anyways, so I had some time to talk to her personally. I was like hey I missed you, thanks for coming. And she said something like we’re not really friends anymore, and used a really really bad metaphor, something about a plate (which I only realised DIDN’T MAKE ANY SENSE when I woke up, but in the dream it felt like a sword cutting through my heart). So I went to the nearest bookstore (yes a bookstore on the beach), and sat down and was emo. That’s the whole drama of my dream hahahaha. It’s the type of dream I hate the most because I get worked up emotionally when I wake up, but realise it’s a stupid nonsensical dream, and then I hate myself for getting worked up emotionally on such nonsense.

Anyways, do you have such dreams? Gosh am I weird?


I had an odd dream last night. It went a little like this.

… Me and a group of friends reached a river. I think I had my school things. Papers, books, maybe a file. I’m not sure. Then I wanted to cross. But the water was too strong. We saw a bridge in the middle of the river that connects to the side of the river that we wanted to go. But why it wasn’t connected to this side… Sigh, i have weird dreams. Anyways. I put my stuff down on the river bank. Then, tried to cross again. But the mossy rocks underneath were too slippery. So I took off my slippers. Why was I wearing them to cross the river in the first place beats me. Then… I suddenly remember being across the river already. I dunno if I reached the bridge or what. Hmmm. Okay, seems like I’m dry too. As I was walking towards shops, I see quite a number of people walk into this particular shop. So I walk into that shop too. It’s like a Christian bookshop. Selling all sorts of random stuff that aren’t books as well. After I went in, I realised (more like I realised after I’ve awoken. During the dream I didn’t notice lol) I don’t know where all the other customers are. Seems like it’s just me and the boss in here. So I talk to him. Somehow I mentioned that I’m looking for a job and I asked if he had any vacancies. He said he did. And he was paying an amount I was looking for. So I told him I’d like to work there. He then started to tell me all the things I had to take care of. I felt overwhelmed. Like “this is too many things to do” and “why don’t you have more people working here?”
Then I woke up. Wondering what that dream was all about.
P.s. Yes all my dreams are weird and each scene don’t seem to be related to one another.

Doctorbutterfly at your service

Die, Self, DIE!

To Do List


for those of you who don’t know,

i’m currently on “menganggur” mode and am still searching for a job.

(btw, i took a degree in business administration. a little self promotion here. i need a job!)

but i was thinking,

i’m really not trying hard enough to find that job.


“why?” thunked you.


good kusiton.

well honestly,

i have this to-do list that i want done before i get this job, see?

and it’s like, i’m just a(teeny)bit lazy to get those stuff done.

which means, i cant get that job yet.

or else i’ll have a job,






Doing God’s Will


you know,

We Christians like to say things we don’t understand.



i should start every blog post with that sentence haha.


for example,

“Not my will, but Your will be done.”


“We should desire only one thing, God’s will.”


ok fine, those aren’t my “examples” per se. (what does “per se” mean anyways? HAHA)

they’re actually what i’ll be using to get my point across.


so lets dissect these sentences.

they focus on importance of God’s will.

and the death of our own will.


that’s actually good. in a way.

but. God gave us a will.

shouldn’t we be using it?



i have an opinion.

Permission to speak, sir!


…too bad, you don’t have a choice.


See, God has a plan for each of us.


but (again), He doesn’t Force us to do it.

WE have to USE our will to CHOOSE His will.

God DID give us a will for a reason.



in the new testament, Paul mentions about dying to ourselves.

(he wasnt talking about physical death)

but i don’t think he meant that ALL our dreams and passions are evil.

and i don’t think that if we have desires outside of what God says in the bible, we’re sinners.


King Solomon wrote this in Proverbs 16:3

Commit your actions to the Lord,
    and your plans will succeed.



did you say

MY actions?

MY plans?

what happened to “i ONLY do the will of God“?


God gave men creativity.

God gave us a will to decide between possibilities.

I believe that God plants seeds of different passion, desires, skills, and abilities inside us WAAAAAY before we were even planted into our moms.


So how can our desires and dreams be bad?

well, it can.

if it’s not dedicated to the Lord.

Also, it can be bad if God has obviously told you to do something else.




Lesson #1

How to make our plans and desires right and beautiful?



you need time.

more specifically, anything you call Now.

even if it’s later, “now” will still mean “now”. so don’t worry about that.


you need a means of communication with God.

more specifically, anything you call Pray.

anywhere. don’t worry about which direction to look. don’t worry bout credit limit either.


you need to be honest.

Just tell Him you want your desires and dreams to be from Him.

He’ll actually slowly show you:

Which dreams are from Him,

which passions are from other un-good places,

and which plans are just up to us to decide.



So remember kids,

we do have a choice;

We always have and always will.

and many-a-times, our will is also God’s will planted into us.

we just have to be focused to see it.

and aware that we might get it wrong all the same.






is the past tense of 


is the past tense of




Like I Promised

A Proper Update Of My Life


Day 11 – What is your favorite quote? How does it relate to your life?

I had this nightmare last night.

it was about me trying to kill a man with my tiny gun.

no idea who he is, or why i needed him dead.

but. all my bullets kept missing the mark (his head). EVEN at close range.

either that, or my gun would fail at a convenient time.

thats dumb.

i was trying to hide from him and silently kill him. over and over again.

i think he prolly got the idea.

yet he was still so calm.

but i kept trying and failing.

what made it a nightmare was that if he was supposed to die,

he should.

him not dying made the dream scary.



Day 12 – What item of clothing do you wear the most?

This could be




Oh oh oh oh oh oh-oh-oh


Day 13 – What can you not live without?



Day 14 – Name things that you do every day.

This is so weird.

why did my breath stink after i ate that burger king?



Day 15 – Who is someone you admire. Why?

you know.

not only girls need knights in shining armour.

we boys need them too.

there was once when i and a big group of us were waiting at the bus stand.

and these big seniors were behind the bus stand, hidden from sight, acting all suspicious-like.

and you could see that they were asking random kids to go back there one by one.

and each time something was taken from them. mostly money probably.

of course i didnt know about being mugged and stuff like that.

and i was curious. so i leaned over and took a look.

i was always a curious kid.

so of course i was called over.

they asked me the time.

pffft. how lame.

i told them the time. i had a watch.

i knew they couldnt hurt me. but i was scared like the north magnet is scared of the south.

they asked for my watch.

i said “no can do bro.” except without such machoism.

they asked me to step closer.

i did. dont know why. but i did.

then one guy produced a tiny blade thingy from his… ummm. not sure.

that freaked me. look, i was a kid okay.

he asked for my money.

i said i had none. which was true and was prolly what saved my life. (exaggerated again)

Thank God I never needed much money to survive school.

i told them i only had that much for the bus.

they let me go.

here’s the kick-ass part.

i went home and told my dad.

i didnt tell him i was scared, but i think he read it on my face just like i read tea leaves.

he didnt tell me what he thought about what i just told him.

but i think i saw something snap inside him.

1. he called his best friend, told him where to go, and to bring anything dangerous and more friends.

2. he looked for something painful. he found a baseball bat. (what was that doing in my house?)

3. he took the car and left.

it all happened in about 5 minutes of me telling him about it.

i wasnt really sure. but…

it didn’t seem like he went shopping for sandwiches with his homies.

of course, about 20mins after, he came home and told my mom that they didnt find any of the bullies there.

they prolly left before he or his friends got there.

and that was that.

my knight.

of course. he couldve been lying just to make my mom feel like she didnt need to call the cops.




Day 16 – If the world were to end tomorrow, what would you do with your remaining time on earth?

I saw this at Lido open food court.

oh yeah. i totally stood you up guuuurl.



Day 17 – What do you want to be when you get older? Why did you choose it?

i saw this little girl today.

she was the cutest little thing.

she was looking at a notice board and doing squinty eyes at it as if life was so much more exciting that way.

then she started dancing and hopping around.

she also talked to herself like it was an adventure.

she was waiting outside the lift pressing the down button but she had to reach up cuz of how small she was.

then her mom came over to join her in the wait.

and soon the lift door opened and they went in, with little girl bubbly as ever.

and her mom told her in a sort of normal mommy way “tekan G” or “press the G” in malay, which stands for ground floor here where im from.

then little girl was so excited and was saying “G! G!” jumping and pressing the button as if it needed the motivation from her to start.

ah. the little children are the real gems of life.



Day 18 – If you could meet anyone, living or dead, who would it be? What would you say to them or ask them?

a thought occurred to me today.

i noticed that people were pretty excited about the new Malaysia Ringgit Notes.

it was either Ugly or Pretty or Nice To Hold or stuff like that.

but more often than not, i noticed people like being given the new notes as change, and like giving away the old notes to pay for stuff.

i think we should start KEEPING the old notes.

i think the old notes will soon disappear and be obsolete.

then it’d be WORTH something MORE eh?

i wish i kept lots of those old RM1 gold coins.

oh those were the bomb dude.



Day 19 – What is your favorite film? Why is it so important to you?

Why Jesus?

Wana know more about life?

check out this vid

then, click join here


that photo above was taken during the club recruitment drive of my college.

along with this pic.



Day 20 – Would you consider yourself an optimist or a realist? Why?

so my parents started making these energy juices with our new juicer-machiner!

fine piece of equipment.

i like it cuz i think its more fun than useful haha.

u know, tasting all those weird combination of fruit and veges is fun!



Never Thought 


this 50 day challenge thing could be so fun!