Get A Life


I love it when I know about friends who blog. It’s exciting. It’s special. It’s abnormal. It makes me happy.

We’re constantly bombarded with status updates, shares, likes, videos, pics, game requests, tweets, instant messages, ads, and so on. But we end up not remembering anything we’ve interacted with. Or, we can remember what we did (like liking a pic on FB), but not remember who we interacted with (not remembering who posted the pic). Information Information Noise Noise… What a failed era we live in.

But blog posts are pretty different. It takes time and effort to read and to write. Just like actually meeting a friend, both will sacrifice. It’s also pretty intimate. Kinda. If you really think about it.

Anyway, since I’m encouraging people to blog, I’m gonna give some advice to those who are afraid they will get writer’s block. For those of you who don’t know what a writer’s block is, here it is: “the condition of being unable to think of what to write or how to proceed with writing.” That’s from googling ‘writer’s block define’. Haha.

So let me say this: I’ve experienced writers block A LOT, but have never really had a problem with it. I’m usually pushy enough to just blog whatever is on my mind without worrying about the end result or the quality of the blog posts. But that’s not my advice.

Advice number 1. Go do something with your life. Love someone. Appreciate someone. Call your parents. Meet up old friends. Meet up best friends. Say something unusual. Say something amusing. Say something positive. Cook. Learn to cook. Eat breakfast. Learn to skate. Jog. Visit the beach. Visit the zoo. Join a class. Learn new puzzle games. Make friends. Make more friends. Show kindness to a stranger. Adopt a pet. Go to church. Pray more. Appreciate nature. Appreciate silence. Listen to a new genre of music. Learn to play the ukulele. Play in the playground. Get a job. Dress up. Use deodorant. Make a to-do-list. Read a book. Sleep early. I’m sure you know about other things you need to do or start doing. Do it. In other words: get a life.

You’ll see that as you experience different things, ideas come easy no matter what type of blogger you are.

I only really have one advice, so that was it.

Cheerio & see ya next time.


So Recently


I haven’t been able to sleep well. I’ve had a non-stop runny-nose. I can’t think straight. I get disappointed with myself for silly little things. I’ve had a problematic stomach. I can’t be bothered to be productive. My right ear hurt. I take afternoon naps (now that’s extreme). I miss my friends. I get tired easily. I start every sentence with the word “I”. I’m even writing in a proper sentence structure with grammar and punctuation. Oh man, this is bad. Maybe it’s the haze.

So if you haven’t heard, Xanga is going to make some major changes. It’s either going to just close down entirely, or revamp Xanga through the WordPress engine to Xanga 2.0 or something like that. Actually I’m not too sure about what’s going to happen. But I do know that it’s going to affect me. Because I like it here.

I’m really going to miss this place. It’s been a fun ride. Just blabbering my thoughts to the public world and expecting the world to respond. I also use this place as a motivation to read. Thought that maybe if I read more, I had more to share about. It worked. This blog motivated me to think deep. This blog motivated me to think deep yet express and present it in a fun and acceptable manner. This blog allowed me to express my thoughts about controversial issues. Why do I sound like I’m writing a eulogy? Maybe because this place has been a part of me for such a long time. This is definitely an emotional attachment.

Either way, whether Xanga closes or whether it stays alive with 2.0, I’ve decided that I will take my thoughts and words and express it through WordPress. I’ve created an account (don’t try to guess my username or look for it) there in the past in the hopes of creating a formal blog where I could maybe write teachings or devotionals. More serious stuff instead of my usual messy thought-diarrhea’s. But I guess I’m just going to move there because this ship may sink/upgrade.


Dear XangaTeam,

It’s been a great journey. Hope you do great in your future endeavors.

God bless.


Wong? WRONG!

Meet Mr. Wrong


Mr. Wrong does everything wrong. He tends to do everything in his life the wrong way. He even walks the wrong way! One day he meets Mr. Right, a person who looks like him but does everything right. Mr. Right tries to teach his new friend how to be right, but everything goes wrong!



p.s. i did not just make this character up.



it felt like everything decided to go wrong today.


1# Spent a whole day researching, downloading files for research, and more researching.

but i’m only done with my intro! RRRRRRRRRRRRRR

2# Baaaaaad time management. Barely arrived to cell group on time.

Good thing one guy couldnt make it, or else i’d be like… 15mins late. or more.

3# Then i tried to tune the guitar. The tuner thingy broke. Guitar unusable.

Thank God for another guitar upstairs. It took alot of running and waiting. But i got it.

4# I banged another car today. I hit a stationary car, while i was reversing.

That place was a neighborhood area, and the car was parked to the side so it was technically making my van have very little space to maneuver.

It was definitely my fault cuz i didnt see that car behind me.

Good thing the damage was a lot less than the noise it created.

5# some people were really slow in setting up the room for our worship. sigh.

i felt like i had to do EVERYTHING MYSELF.



But then Mr Right came and brought peace.

He does that alot, since he’s the Prince of Peace and all.


6# Want to continue my assingment now. i’m sleepy.




My Car



you know, i tend to complain alot.

so i’m going to do a challenge.

a challenge to Thank God Everyday.

at least once publicly.

maybe i’ll post a status on my facebook or twitter or even write a post about it here.

its always a good story.


here’s one for today.

i like to complain about how i have NO CAR.

i like to bring my fav girls out, i do!

i have a licence, i do!

i complain that my home has only one car and we actually have 3 drivers with licence.

it is a legitimate complaint.

its just that this car was a MIRACLE itself!

(complaining makes you forget stuff)


story begins here:

my dad used to have this super OLD car (it belonged to my grandmom till she got too old to drive).

but we had to sell it as scrap metal.

thats how old it was.

we couldnt afford a car with the money from the car.

but then this uncle from my church had to move out of Sabah.

and he offered to GIVE us his car! wow!


not only that, my dad has been longing for an auto transmission car actually haha.

so we got it.



its a 3-geared (thats how old it is), auto-transmission, Proton Wira.

it is still an old car, but it works quite well.

even now.

So i thank God.



ps. The car is officially owned by me.

but my dad uses it more often.

i’m okay with that.

he needs to.

take that you rich kids with enough cars at home but you DONT own your own car.



Dum Dum Dum DUMB



i’ve been playing Draw My Thing aalot hahahaha

its fun





last week i went out with a dear friend of mine.

she is someone i look up to and i come to her for advice once in a while.

she’s very very wise and loves God so much.








i recently had to pay a RM100 fine for parking at a place where i wasnt supposed to park.

(i went to watch John Carter)

they called it a road obstruction offence.

of course, i was dumb. there was no NO PARKING sign. and everyone else was doing it.

so i tagged along. conveniently enough.


lesson learned #1:

dont park where there is no obvious parking boxes.


lesson learned #2:

life is unfair. other people had to pay the price of my mistake.

yeap. it was my parents money.

many times i had to suffer because of others mistakes as well.

hmmm. jesus paid the ultimate price for our ultimate mistakes.



I Need My Hair Cut



hmmmm i look different…

i really do need a haircut



Heart Broken


a girl broke my heart last night.

lemme tell u the story from the start.


i make random friends on OMGPOP, the drawmything website.

i befriend them if i htink they are cool and dont curse too much or play foul, so that i can find them again and play next time.

so there was this girl, she added me as friend and started chatting with me.

then she told me that she thinks im cool.

suddenly she told me she loved me and asks to be my online gf.

i was startled. first time in my life a girl wants me like that hahaha.

of course i said no. politely.

then she started acting all crazy like.

saying im a liar, and she hates me.

and then i told her that i needed to go get my sis from work.

she was all like “sister? or gf?”

“go get your gf”

“your gf” this and “your gf” that.

how childish.

i later learned that it wasnt her who was typing all that.

it was her younger sister.


anyways. there is no conclusion to this story.







should watch this.

they need more viewers.




I Like Truths


and we shall end with a word of truth