Dare You Question The Almighty God?

Righteous are You, O Lord, when I plead with You;
Yet let me talk with You about Your judgments.
Why does the way of the wicked prosper?
Why are those happy who deal so treacherously?

Jeremiah 12:1

Did the prophet Jeremiah actually say “let me talk with You about Your judgments”? He’s basically saying ‘God I need to talk to you about how You’re running things around here”. We all know that Christians “aren’t supposed” to “blame” God for any evil that happens. I don’t think Jeremiah was blaming God at all. He’s questioning God, sure. But not blaming.

Here’s something I truly believe though. If you have a burning question in your heart. If something is bothering you and it makes you angry or super sad or fired up. Don’t be afraid to take it out on God. He is like the Father who wants to listen to our rants, our rambles, our outbursts. Even if our language sounds like it’s directed at Him, no problem, He can handle it. He doesn’t have insecurity or self-esteem issues that would make Him vulnerable by what we said. He won’t get offended and lash out on us for saying the wrong things. He knows what we’re gonna say before we say it anyway, which means He knows if we’re gonna use the right words to express ourselves. He knows what we truly meant by it. How can we surprise Him? He knows our heart!

He wants to hear us out because it is part of communication, which is vital to build relationship. He wants to hear our complaints. He wants to know we’re confused. He wants to know when we feel something is unfair. He wants to know how our misunderstanding or lack of understanding about Him or the world or ourselves. But He wants to know it from us firsthand. We are His children, He has already reached out to us and created that family relationship bond. We just have to respond and trust in this relationship. It’s like when a couple adopts a foster child. Every legal document settled, every payment taken care of, all the new parents want is to show love and prove to the child that he or she can trust them.

Relationship is the key word here. We can communicate. Just like Jeremiah did. Don’t be afraid of expressing yourself to God. It’s much better than asking Google, asking friends, or ranting on Facebook. God knows what we mean. God knows what we need.

Great Day Today

12 June 2016. Sunday.
Everything was super awesomesauce today. Thank You God.
Joined a great 8.30am bible study. Had group discussion activity with my parents and Joey’s parents and a few others.
My grandmother joined church!
Worship was awesome pawsome. The new song was super metal. I like.
Girlfriend sat with me in church again. Reunited. Finally.
Preaching was really deep. Why did Jesus teach the Lord’s Prayer that way? Uncle Kee compared it with how the selfish man would pray. Super good self evaluation test.
Great prayer at the end of the service. I really felt God was present and breaking and restoring hearts.
Super duper good awesome kick atas powerful wonderful good job to joey, shen and robert for encouraging and motivating our PowerHouse ministry leaders. We need more heart to heart talks like this. 💪
Nice lunch spent by my grandmother. Nice yummy man tou.
Fun time helping my grandmother bring her phone to Maxis centre and a phone shop to solve two big problems. Joey and my grandmother really connected during this time. They have super a lot of common interests that does not interest me at all. Haha. I love them. Joey helped my grandmother a lot and my grandmother is so impressed by Joey. Looks like she gives her approval stamp.
I  stir fried a vegetable dish. After so long! Not only do I still have my wrist kung fu, but more importantly no one died from eating my vege.
Great and fun dinner at my house also. With Joey and my grandmother too.
Then safe and fun journey sending grandmother and Joey home.
And had a wonderful discussion with Joey about life and being a leader and helping each other grow. She really loves me la. We prayed for each other. I really feel God is so real and keep giving us so much grace. He is too good.
Finally, I blogged!! It’s been too long my dear online public dusty old diary. I deserve a clap.
Oh yeah. I forgot to mention this pic. This is my current whatsapp profile pic.
And also a marketing scheme to get you to read this post.


But for reals, God is too good. It has been a great day. And I pray and have faith for an even better Monday!

Afternoon Naps

I was having my afternoon nap today. For about an hour. But when I woke up, I was so disoriented. Does it happen to you guys too? I just had to go out and take a walk. Anyway, if you don’t know what I mean, here’s a few pics I snapped from my walk.


The basketball court was full with kids


The pool was empty


The early moon was lonely.

Okay, that’s about it. Will be trying to update more pictures on this blog from now on. But be warned, I have really bad photography skills.



Today in Sunday School for adults, Leadership Pillar 1 Session 4, we learned about setting Vision, Mission, and Goals. These help us to stay focused in life; to not waste our time (and life) doing things that we may regret or which do not bring any contentment or bring any benefit.

The importance of having a vision, missions, and goals is something taught to me at least once a year, but it’s not something I’ve ever followed through. It’s not easy to follow a goal through or be focused on a vision in a long term (or to even plan your life for long term).

But I believe it’s about time I start being focused.

I’m sure God is with me on this one, because He helped me draft a pretty much complete Vision, Mission, and Goals this morning just on my first draft. I might share it here one day. When it’s more complete. Hmmmm should I?

I Wish Upon The Moons

I wish I had more time to blog. But of course, I actually do. Just that there’s so much distractions people like me have. I have all sorts of family related things to do. As well as friends related. Ministry related. And sometimes work related things, even when it’s not working hours. Let’s add one more ‘thing’ list which is the living; sleeping, eating, reading, flossing, and sleeping… who has time to exercise? The worse thing is that I sacrifice a lot of my time doing entertainment related things. Like my comics, handphone gaming, computer gaming, and catching up with movies.

Life didn’t have so much ‘stuff’ back then. I’d like to live in those times.

What happened to living? We’ve put so much emphasis and priority on entertainment that we don’t even know our lives are being stolen by things that don’t make us better, but more hungry and feeling less than we already were. It’s a trend in this generation. Entertainment has become the default lifestyle.

Technology helped us advance so much in the past short few years. Technology brought us the Information Age. But the Information Age has expired.

Welcome to the Entertainment Age


Been thinking about life more than usual again… And well, for my failures, I don’t feel worthy of the good friends I have. I don’t feel good enough for the jobs I may be applying for. Nor do I feel like a good son or sibling. I’m definitely not doing well in my spiritual life. Which means I’m not good enough to be called God’s child. His blessed one. His work of art. How can i be like this and be part of God’s plan and mighty movement?

Well, it is a choice isn’t it? I can take off my baggage and jump on the J-train. Or I can dig into my pity hole and keep begging for mercy.

What should I do?



i hope you like my title for today.


as you can tell.

i think we as human beings tend to focus alot on love and relationship.

is that a good thing or bad thing?



it is in fact a super good thing.

but wait, you think i was going to talk about how focusing on love and relationship so much can make u an emo person and ruin your life?

that is also true.

but we have to.

we’ve been built this way.


Fact #1

God built us for 1 purpose:



if you ask someone what life is about

or what defines their life

it prolly goes back to what they love doing, who they love, and who & what they associate with.

love and relationship.

family, job, friends, and beliefs.

of course, they dont CALL it a love & a relationship.

its just life.



most people equate love and relationship as boyfriend-girlfriend-spouse-husband-wife relationship.

it DOES make sense for us to love this topic and this train of thought so much,

because it touches us deep inside.

we all want it.

we all crave for it.

we just love being loved.

because we were made this way.


Problem #1

The Devil wants us to think that LOVE means “relationship with that special ONE man or woman.”


what happened to love being how we put up with our family?

what happened to love being the reason why we help our neighbors?

what happened to love being the reason we just feel compassionate for the needy?

what happened to love being the reason why we took that job?

what happened to love being sharing even when we are in need?

what happened to love being forgiveness and acceptance?

what happened to love being about pride in our family even when there are disagreements?

what happened to love being the bond between best friends?

what happened to love being the reason we are alive?


what happened to GOD’s Definition of love?


He created us to love Him and love those around us.

not just give focus on that one person.


that is immature.

thats not what life is about.

one man or woman you decide to marry.

oh all my focus and life will be dedicated to you.

that sounds nice bro.

but God created us to have a greater life purpose than just that.


we seriously put so much passion and time and devotion and thought and energy into this love stuff.

wanna know why?


Fact #2 (that is basically a repeat of Fact #1)

We were BORN to put so much passion and time and devotion and thought and energy into this love stuff.


we love thinking about these things. and we should.

God created us this way.

all the devil needs to do is divert our attention on what we love.

(When we focus on that over God, it becomes idolatry: Mr devils #1 weapon of mass destruction)

its so easy.

what do we love?

its so easy for us to focus on loving our spouse or potential spouse

(because thats what the devil is telling us to focus on)

so easy to give it so much attention.

the devil is saying:

you prolly dont get enough love and attention that you should at home,

look at what drama and books are saying.

they all say the same thing. and if they say the same thing, its prolly true eh?

so where do the books and movies and drama tell us love is?

love is in that cute guy over there.

he’ll treat me right.

acceptance is in that cute girl over there.

she gives me happy tinglings when i talk to her.

feeling loved just like in the movies makes me excited!

The devil tells us that’s what love is.

AUTOMATICALLY, we will pursue love (we were born that way remember?).

we just need a gentle nudging.

the devil knows that.

he knows all the right buttons.


Problem #2

By that time we have given it too much Unnecessary attention and passion,

we’d be too worn out to care and love other things.


tell me if you did this today:

did you think about the lost?

did you think about the people who had no opportunity for studies?

did you think about how you can be a better son or daughter?

did you think about just being a better person for people around you?

did you think about being a good christian?

did you think about having a holy life to make God happy?

did you think about that girl that is soooo interestingly beautiful and you just cant put your finger on why she attracts you so much even though you’ve been telling people that that sort of girl is not your type?

i tell you the truth.

i’m guilty of spending too much time and energy thinking about girls that could potentially be my spouse.


Exercise #1

Find out what you’ve been thinking about, planning, and getting all excited over all day today, yesterday, the day before that, and most of the time for as long as you remember.

That may very well have become your idol.



As A Conclusion:


i call this topic of “love with a man or woman for marriage”, BGR.

Boy/Girl Relationship.

i dont call it LOVE or RELATIONSHIP.

sure BGR is a category under LOVE & RELATIONSHIP.

but love and relationship is so so much more than just that.

its a great conversational topic.

i love it in fact!

i really do.

but i think its really unhealthy to be dwelling on it too much.

we love this topic because it is our passion.


but we have to develop our other passions as well.

like a love and relationship with our parents, siblings, children, cousins, friends, best friends, acquaintances, colleagues, neighbors, classmates, the poor, the sick, our government, its ministers, the foreigners, the illegal immigrants, and most importantly, JESUS. 


my hope for you from today onwards is that you be on the watch.

be watchful for the subtle lies of the enemy.

the gentle nudges that make us feel good and feel right and feel loved.

check it against the word of God.

LOVE is a big word.

Relationship is a big word.

we were created for a relationship with God and with people around us.

not JUST that one person.


also one last note.

is what your boyfriend doing to you called love?

is being accepted by your friends even if they ask you to do stupid things called love?

is the way your parents treat you called love?

want to find out what love REALLY is?

Movies, drama, books have it all wrong bro.

find out in the bible.

all the answers are there.


You Really Do Make Me Crazy

It’s Time

time for what?


for an update of my life.

so i havent been blogging lately and i thought i would like to tell you guys what i’ve been up to and all that.

lets go way back.

i returned from a Cambodia trip organised by my church youth group.

it was great fun.

such a learning experience.

we taught kids stuff. gave em free gifts and vitamins.

also gave free medication to adults.

i think we prepared only for about less than 500 people altogether, but ended up blessing more than 800.

crazy figure?

not to God apparently.

the people there are SO POOR.

but they are really smart. like really.

weird huh?

their motorbikes are used as motorbikes, taxies, buses, and lorries. amazing.

and they are SUPER polite.

(girls there are also really pretty. most of em anyways)

so that happened at the beginning of the semester.

moving on, this semester is “simpler” than last semester.

also i have become more hardworking.

but only just a little bit more.

i started printing notes



and i actually started my assignments early.

instead of last minute.

WOWzers. is this aaron heng?

also i just started this bible verse memorization thing with a dear friend of mine.

so if you are a classmate of mine, you may borrow that notebook where i store my verses that i’m supposed to memorize cuz its in my schoolbag.

i’ve never done anything like this before.


anyways. stress is starting to pile up.

assignments are due.

i AM earlier than most of my classmates, but deadlines are deadlines.

 group assignments are especially wearing me down.

now i have a church “group assignment” too.

we are on project for our christmas production.

yeap a full-scale short movie.

a low budget film, but a film nonetheless.

its gonna be pretty interesting actually.

this year will be more fun, exciting, interesting and proper than last years.

here’s our 2009 and 2010 production.

not only that, i’ll be sharing for the next powerhouse service.

Arg. that always makes me nervous.

even though its just like a presentation. except its in church.

and i cant bluff my way out of things.

if you’re in kk, come support me.

so those are a few stuff im working on.

also one important part of my semester was…is… my mental agitations.

mental problems?


i dunno what its called..

but i have been through some… thing..

and its not fun.

but God is good.

He taught me to forgive.

forgiving the people i love was so hard (especially those closest to my heart).

forgiving myself was the hardest.

i still love playing bass in church.

it does become a drag sometimes.

but i still love it.

i’m not improving my skills that much but who cares.

serving the Lord means serving the Lord,

whether i gain or lose or laugh or cry or rise or fall.

i serve.

i’ve also been trying to follow the news.

i have now Free Malaysia Today, The Star, and Daily Express in my bookmarks.

i wanna be a responsible person.

 i’ve registered as a voter. hoorah.


is that all? i dont think so.


but im tired. haha.

so there.

oh yeah. important update to you.

some games i’ve been playing lately.

1stly Dota. weird right?

2ndly Killing Floor.

3rdly Airline Manager.

oh and i highly do recommend playing airline manager. its fun.

in a complicating way. but fun.


MouseHunting still rocks the most though.