Thanksgiving And Prayer for Malaysia

Paul has lots of good examples of prayer. So I’ll be using certain words in a blessing he wrote to the church of Colossae for my prayer for Malaysia. Colossians 1:3-14

God, I thank you that the church has started a movement to pray for Malaysia. That’s pretty cool. Intercessors covering this beloved country in prayer 24/7. Lord, I thank You for the confidence we can have, that we have a special place just for us in heaven and in eternal fellowship with You. No matter what, Your love and grace and mercy and word will reign.

I thank You that Your grace and good news is being spread through our local church to the world! That Malaysians can be part of praising You boasting of You to the world. I pray that the word of truth set people free and bear fruit by changing lives. Let Your word be heard and understood. Let there be a renewing of the mind so that transformation may take place in the lives of all Malaysians. And then to all the world.

Lord, please give all Malaysians complete knowledge of Your will. Open our eyes and ears to Your spiritual wisdom and understanding. Also, close connection to evil spirits in this land. May the way we live honor and please You. May our lives produce every kind of good fruit. Because all good fruit come from You. I pray that all Malaysians grow in You more and more each day. That each of us will grow into strong, healthy, fruitful trees.

Dear God, strengthen us through Your glory and power, so that we may have patience and endure what is to come. Teach us to be ever thankful, so that we may be filled with joy! Thank You that You enabled each of us, no matter who we are, to live pure and holy lives, so that we can share in the inheritance that belongs to all Your children. Because You sent Your son to die for each and every one of us. You sent Jesus, who has purchased us from all darkness and shame, forgave us of our sins, and transferred us into His Kingdom.

Thank You Lord for Malaysia. Though we need a lot more work and refining before we get anywhere close to a perfect country, Lord, do not forsake us. Guide us, hold us, mold us. And in the end, may Your Glory SHINE without fail from Malaysia. May we be a sweet incense and a pleasing music to You.

In Jesus name, Amen.

TeenStreet 2014 Malaysia



So a few days ago, I came back from a camp called Teenstreet Malaysia! It’s called that cuz it was held in Malaysia. Amaze-balls! I went with about 20+ teens and leaders from my church. Can you see me? I’m the guy in red. It’s a camp for teenagers aged 13-17. If you’re older, like me, you’ll have to join as service team or a coach. You don’t get LESS than a normal participant though, trust me. This was my fourth Teenstreet. Wow. The first one I went to was ten years ago!


So this year, the youth ministry of my church decided the youth needed to invest into the lives of those less fortunate. Where could we go? And what could we do? And for who? Well, that was easily answered. Why not teach our youth to invest in our own nation? Since we already do pray for God to do great things for Malaysia, and we believe the prophesies that it will start with the local church. So, let’s bless the local church. The sad fact is, that the churches in the city is rich in resource, and the church in villages are barely surviving. Pastors are quitting from being a full-time pastor because they can’t support their family. But of course, we can’t totally solve that problem. Let’s do things a little at a time: a little opportunity, and a little encouragement. Of course, it ended up not being just a little.

For 2014, we decided on one big end year goal: Raise enough funds to fully sponsor some of the interior teens to Teenstreet camp which would be held in December.  Camp Fee and transportation would cost about RM700+ per person. How much money could our 30+ teenagers raise? We didn’t know. So this year, the teens from my church started the fund raising. They sold cookies, and an assortment of food for lunch after church services. And funds also came in through different connections. By the end of it, we had enough to sponsor 16 teens from the interior! That’s a lot of money! God is pretty crazy. I never imagined we could raise this much.

Then, we hit another problem: English. Teenstreet camp is basically fully held in English. And a lot of teens from the interior have poor grasp of English. We saw this as an opportunity, of course. We held one camp for one group in the interior. Basically to get to know them more, and also to do a bit of English workshop. Then, since we were going to have our own annual Youth Camp right here in Sabah, we also invited them to join us. The reason we asked them to join our youth camp is so that they get to experience what Teenstreet is like (we did our youth camp with some Teenstreet program and styles), and to get them exposed to communicating in English. And because we can only bring a limited number of teens to Teenstreet at the end of the year, we told the interior teens that we would pick only the best in english to sponsor for Teenstreet. We hoped that through exposure from our youth camp, they would be motivated to improve their English as well.


Overall, it was a good experience. It wasn’t easy. Lot’s of hiccups along the way. Organizing and contacting parents was difficult as some areas in the interior didn’t have good phone signal. And also because the people we sponsored weren’t from the same place.

In the end, it was exciting! Good experience for them. Lot’s of them never flown on a plane or slept with air conditioning. And most of all, God really blessed and spoke to them. For us, travelling with a lot of teenagers can be very tiring. But it well worth it. Serving God’s people is definitely a great joy and fulfillment. I pray that the seed we planted in them will grow into greatness.


To PowerHouse: See what God can use you to do!

40 Day Prayer & Fasting For Malaysia

So today starts a nationwide prayer and fasting initiative by the christian churches of Malaysia. It starts today and ends on 15th September (night). In conjunction with 16th september, which is Malaysia Day! The day Malaysia was born! 15th September is gonna be fun.
So what will I be fasting this year? I think I’ll be fasting lunch. Which means I have to wake up early for breakfast. Which also means I’ll have to sleep earlier the night before that. Oh no! Man, fasting takes planning and stuff. Also I’ll be cutting down on facebooking. Probably. I did a total facebook fast last year. That did well for my soul. Haha!

Anyways. Hari Raya is here! Selamat Hari Raya to my Muslim friends who are breaking their month-long fast tomorrow. Please drive safe for those who would be travelling back to your hometowns.
We Christians will start our fast today haha. Interesting nation we live in eh?

I love you guys

Doctorbutterfly at your service

TeenStreet Malaysia 2013!


This is gonna be fun hehe.

I would like to join. But may not be able to because of work. However, there are those from my youth group who are! So you’ll be joining them!

Do Join!

See God doing wonderful things! And join in His movement!


P.S. You can message me personally or comment here if you’d like to sign up but don’t know how. Or you could visit their website.


Malaysia Jubilee!


Reverend Cindy Jacobs gave a prophesy to Malaysia from God.

i think this is very important that we understand where God is moving us.

and for some reason, God will be using East Malaysia to spearhead this movement!


read the prophesy here!


we can respond by praying for malaysia.

lots of us christians in malaysia have been fasting together for malaysia.


also we have a 16 September Malaysia Day event in Kota Kinabalu.


click the pic to get more info!


there will be a similar event in KL as well.

i hope you all try to find out about it and join!

especially my sabah friends in KL!


for those outside of malaysia!

you should still love your nation by gathering malaysians or anyone who loves malaysia

and pray with them on the 16th of September!


God is going to move mightily in Malaysia.

i wanna be part of it.