Concerning Rock Bands

I remember the first rock bands I listened to were Relient K and Underoath. I didn’t like Underoath cuz I couldn’t understand what was going on. It sounded too noisy and loud and mean.

Relient K is not metal or heavy at all. And even for Relient K, it took me one year to get used to just rock rock (I grew up in the 90’s with mostly pop ok? Remember when Westlife was ‘da-bomb’?). Of course, it took me a lot longer than a year to get used to metal, which is right now my all-time favourite genre.

And now, listening to Underoath, I know why they were world-class. It’s cuz they kick-ass. (You know a music is kick-ass if you’re rocking to it in the car and trying to scream along even if you can’t hear the words.)

Go listen. Change your perception of music.

Funny Bunnies Money Sunny Love Language Is My Topic-ish

Hello Funny Bunnies! That title was just a lame marketing scheme to attract visits. This post will have nothing to do with bunnies or funnies.

So recently I had a dream of a friend of mine. I woke up feeling pretty good about that dream. It wasn’t any ordinary dream. I’m pretty excited to tell you about it. It went a little like this:-

-Start Dream Mode-

She (yes, female friend) and me was just sitting around being bored.

-End Dream Mode-

It totally was something like that. I’m not exaggerating. And I actually woke up happy.

Here’s the thing; I actually do tell people that my primary ‘love language‘ is Time.

Btw, have you tested for your Love Language yet? According to some author or researcher or astronaut or something, there are definitely mainly about maybe five or six or five love languages that define us. Mostly sometimes we will have an elementary and secondary love language. There are about five or six: Time, Money, Hugs, Bears, Cars, and Women, I think. I’m pretty sure I got it right, I learnt this online, so it’s gotta be legit.

Anywho, I do tell people that the way I think is most meaningful way to show that I care for someone is by spending time with that person. Quality time. And I appreciate time spent by people to hang out with me or do things with me. I mean, I even like it if we can just sit around and be bored yet not feel uncomfortable or awkward at all. That is the definition of Ohana. Ohana means Comfortable. I’m sure you knew that quote from Braveheart. And guess what? Waking up feeling good just cuz of a dream like that just confirms my suspicions of my love language. Less than three.


Here’s a totally unrandom fact for some of you Bunnies out there. I like metal. Not metal as in FeMale = IronMan. Nope. i’m talking about the Music genre. Metal isn’t really a popular genre. Especially among Chinese who live in Malaysia, or Christians,  or comic nerds,  or Sudoku fans,  or people who have no fashion sense, or owners of pink cars. And I am the combination of all that (except the pink car part. My car is Magenta). Yet, I find myself oddly attracted to Metal Music. Especially Christian Metal. Because they actually have good music. Yes, it’s not just the usual stuff made from the same beat and the same four chords with the same lyrics as anyone else. It’s music to my ears. For those of you who want to try Christian Metal, here are some of my favs. Blindside, Emery, Love and Death, Underoath, P.O.D., and now I’m really getting into The Devil Wears Prada. I have to say in advance to those teens or parents who sit in my car, I’m really sorry for confusing your ears this way. People have told me that they didn’t like ‘noisy’ music. I find that odd. But I can’t totally disagree either. My musical ears haven’t really gotten used to Death Metal yet, so I’m not into that. Yet. Maybe.


Here’s a verse that has been repeated to me this week. It could not have been a coincidence, so let me share it with you.

Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.

Philippians 4:8

P.S. I need to do an extensive study on this verse one day. P.S.2 Virtue is a powerful word.



Okay, enough about me. Let’s hear from you. If you could control an element, what would it be? I’d like to be able to Lightbend. Oh yeah, total control over the spectrum of light. Give me that, or give me Heatbending. Heh.


Sorry I haven’t been blogging in a while. I know you hope I’d shut up already.


There, I said ‘Onara’ like you told me to.

Murdered Love – P.O.D

The death sentence, capital punishment

Give o blood-shed, convict the innocent
Eradicate the witness

Lynch the first, slaughter the last

Exterminate the absolute
Stain the just in the blood bath
Waste the pure, butcher the divine
Annihilate the sunrise

And he was numbered with the transgressors
The day that they murdered
The day that they murdered
The day that they murdered
The day that they murdered LOVE

The day that they murdered
The day that they murdered
The day that they murdered
The day that they murdered Love

Eliminate the infinite
Snuff the light and finish the truth
Kill the immaculate
Condemn beautiful virtue
Assassination of individual redemption
Obliteration of this undeniable one

And he was numbered with the transgressors
The day that they murdered
The day that they murdered
The day that they murdered
The day that they murdered LOVE

The day that they murdered
The day that they murdered
The day that they murdered
The day that they murdered Love

Remember me when you step into your glory
Don’t forget me when you step into your glory
Remember me when you step into your glory
Don’t forget me when you steṗ into your glory


Stuff We Forget To Wonder About Jesus

I’ve been taught to ask myself this question for any circumstances: “What would Jesus do?” both for negative and positive circumstances. However, sometimes, I think there’s more to life and alot more of what we would be able to learn from Jesus than just how to respond to circumstances. There’s alot about character and attitude that people don’t really dare to think about Jesus.

In this post, I will attempt to cover what I think Jesus is like. I’ll try to be as scriptural as I can, which I can’t, because lot’s of these things aren’t mentioned in the scriptures. Also, this is not canonical, or a set law and a set understanding of christian beliefs in any way. I’m just doing this for fun. Mostly personal opinion. But my main purpose is to get you to think of things about Christ that we usually don’t think about. I’ve asked myself some random questions, trying to cover as wide a range of life topics as possible.


Here goes.



Does Jesus tell jokes?

I bet he does. How else will people just love hanging around him? Also, God is super funny. So, he got his Daddy’s genes.


Does He love homosexuals?


Sorry for the pic haha, I needed your attention. This pic is seriously wrong. I believe that Jesus loves everyone. Even gays. And Lesbians. And people who rape and kill their own mom. Why? Because He hates the sin, not the sinner. Sometimes we put so much focus into this gay thing. Do you remember Matthew 5:27-28 “You have heard that it was said, ‘You shall not commit adultery.’ But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart.”? Any sexual activity out of marriage is a sin. And homosexual relationship is the same. If you ask “does Jesus love homosexuals?” you also need to ask “does Jesus love me?” since you’re a sinner just the same.


Since he’s a man, fully God and fully man, would he watch porn?

Because he’s a man, with all manly emotions and manly desires and manly everything, he was tempted just the same as us. Hebrews 4:15 This High Priest of ours understands our weaknesses, for he faced all of the same testings we do, yet he did not sin. Jesus would have been tempted to watch porn. Jesus would have been tempted by beautiful women around him (I bet he was always surrounded by beautiful women haha), yes, but he would not have given in to sin. Porn is sin. Porn feeds on the lust of the eyes. Jesus would have been tempted. But being tempted is not a sin. Giving in to the temptation is.


Did Jesus play pranks on people?

Pranks require one or both of these two things: Lying, and emotionally disturbing someone for the pleasure of others. Let google define this word. Gimme a sec. a practical joke or mischievous act. Wow. I’m sure Jesus isn’t mischievous. Jesus doesn’t lie, firstly. And there are other ways to make people happy. So I doubt Jesus played pranks.

Now I’m sure you’re thinking, if Jesus didn’t tell lies, how did he tell jokes? A joke requires telling a story about something that didn’t happen right? Well for me, it’s an illustration. Not a lie. Sentences with “Once there was 3 guys who walked into a bar…” is more of an illustration because it’s vague and it could have happened. Sentences with “Last night, your mom…” is about a fact that doesn’t add up. So Jesus could have used illustration jokes instead. Also, Jesus DID give illustrations in his preaching. He loved doing it. Are those lies? No I don’t think so. They’re illustrations.

Now on a different note, ever wondered why something horrible happened to you, and you’re so sure God was playing a prank on you and laughing with all of heaven at you? Well, that’s really good imagination.


Would he perform magic tricks?

I think he would. Everyone would know it was a trick, and he’d do it to entertain the children. In fact, if cards were invented, he’d even play cards (without gambling) with the people just to socialize with them.

Of course, he did do magic. They’re called miracles.


Would he enjoy metal music?

I think he would. In fact, he’d be an awesome shredder guitarist.


Can Jesus lie?

Yes, but he won’t. Ever.


Would Jesus curse?

Depends on your definition of curse. Cussing and dissing like kids do these days, are just to annoy and stir up emotional anger without needing to think of anything intelligent. However, in the old testament times, cursing was what men of God did to their enemies. They actually cursed their enemies in the name of God. And bad things actually happened to their enemies because they were doing things against God’s will anyways.

I don’t think Jesus would use foul words (this is defined differently according to different culture and times), but he does use strong words to describe people. He called Herod a fox in Luke 13. So, no cussing or swearing.

But he did curse a fig tree, and it curled up and died. I guess I’m treading on some tense waters here, because I do believe Jesus would curse. But just as the previous men of God, the curses were prophetic in nature, and were against people whom God is intending to curse. I don’t think we have such prophets today. So, this is something Jesus WOULD DO, that we shouldn’t.


Would Jesus play DOTA?

Hahaha. What a question. Let’s look at the few areas of why DOTA can be good or bad. It’s a team building game. It’s competitive. It’s a critical thinking, planning, strategic game. It does have a lot of references to demonic activity and beliefs. It’s addictive. It’s free.

So, based on these few notes, I think Jesus actually would play. But only for a purpose he intends. eg. Making friends and relating to those who are maybe addicted to this game. Just as he meats (a king james word for “dine”) with a pharisee in public, he would play cards or play DOTA with the sinners, just to accept them publicly and to be accepted. P.s. He would later on tell them if it’s bad for them and why.


Would he admire girls in bikinis?


1. Is everyone God created really beautiful? I think Jesus would admire all of us whether we’re in bikinis or mankinis because we’re all beautiful. 2. However, he may not appreciate the way we dress or flaunt our body. Also, he may not agree with the message that wearing a bikini sends. Yes, your fashion do send statements to people around you. 3. But, I don’t think Jesus would condemn you for wearing a bikini, either. He didn’t condemn those who dressed like prostitutes in those days. I’m not saying that those who wear bikinis are prostitutes haha. I’m saying that whether Jesus agrees with bikinis or not, he won’t condemn those wearing it. P.s. I wonder what “dressed as a prostitute” meant at those days. Did they wear as little cloth as “normal” girls these days do?


Would Jesus have written his own books?

Maybe not, because he knows he has little time on earth. But I’d think he’d delegate. But also on another hand, for some weird reason, I’d bet he has really pretty handwriting haha.


Does Jesus love Sci-Fi?

I bet he loves Sci-Fi.


Did he get 100% results for all tests during school?

You do know Jesus went to school right? He probably faced the same problems we did. He may have been bullied for being such a nerd. He probably had teachers who gave him problems. He probably would have made lot’s of mistakes in life. People didn’t always like having Jesus around you know? And Jesus may not always have been a know-it-all.

Wow, I feel mind-blown myself for typing that out. Here’s why I think he didn’t always get perfect results for tests. Is it because he has imperfect knowledge? Wow. This I have no idea. Yet, in Luke 2:52 it is said about his childhood that “Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man.” The word “grew” is key here. It means it changed. A development. Jesus wasn’t born in perfect wisdom and stature, or in perfect favor with God and man. He had to learn. He had to work hard. He had to face trials. He had to make mistakes. He had to gain trust. He had to earn respect. Just like every man should.

So, no, Jesus wasn’t perfect when he was a baby, or when he was a kid. 30 years he had to grow into perfection. This is something extremely important that we need to learn from Jesus.





So here are my own opinion about Jesus. These are personal opinions. Please use this for personal reflection only and not for argument or a backing point for sermons lol.

These are just topics that are socially accepted in the world today. I mean things like music and tv shows just show people having sexual relations outside of marriage. And it’s now the norm. Movies have cussing just to enhance the script and show what a dire situation something is it. Politicians support gay movements to get more votes. Pranks are funny.

So, I’m just giving my humble opinion. I may be wrong in any of these. Or maybe in ALL of my thoughts. If so, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to offend anyone. But I do hope to change your mindset. We need to be aware of the works of the enemy and renew our mind.


For future posts like this one, what else do you want to ask about Jesus?



Over and out