This Month Just Marched Right In

Man how time really flies.


I’ve got a few projects going on. Thank God for projects. Hope at least one of it makes me rich.


Very soon, I’ll be married.


We’ll grow old. And die.


I thank God that He was with me the whole way.



Fear not, for I am with you;
Be not dismayed, for I am your God.
I will strengthen you,
Yes, I will help you,
I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.

Isaiah 41:10

Walk Through The Journal Of Life

Is it important to journal? I really don’t know. It is kinda nice though. Because when the time comes, you get to look back at the silly things you’ve said, done, or been through. And you get to ask the hard question of whether you’ve grown. And you also get to be thankful to people and more importantly to God for helping you through, and being there all the way.

I’ve blogged for almost 9 years now. I don’t blog every day. Or every week. Or even every month. I’ve skipped a few months. If you scroll down on the right side, I have my previous blog posts arranged by month and year. And I counted, that’s 91 months of blogging right there. This post will be post number 554. I think. It’s been a great journey.

It’s super funny to read back on my old posts. And it’s nice to remember the glory days of blogging. Before Facebook, blogging was like the in thing. And hey, I’m so thankful that I saved all my posts from Xanga, because they closed down.

Sad thing is, that we post so much on Facebook, but we won’t be able to retrieve what we said. It’s like, we don’t have to take our words seriously on Facebook or Twitter. And when we do want to take it seriously, it’s really hard to find it back next time. That’s one of the most appreciative things I have about having a blog or website.

Here’s to blogging and to encouraging others to blog more too.

Happy Birthday Joey!

Happy Birthday Joey.

You’ve changed my life.

I have no idea how to describe how I feel.

Or what has been happening these few months.

But it’s better than anything I can wish for.

Thank you.

God, thank you for this beautiful lady.

Bless her with more kindness.

Bless her with more compassion.

Bless her with more open doors.

Bless her with more growth in character.

Bless her with more closeness to You.

Bless her with more humility.

Bless her with more mercy.

Bless her with more courage.

Bless her with more sensitivity towards Your leading.

Bless her with more wisdom.

Bless her with more favor with people.

Bless her with more anointing to do Your work.

Bless her with more holiness.

Bless her with more spiritual gifts.

Bless her with more leadership.

Bless her with more power.

Bless her with more success

Lord, clothe her with honor, dignity, and strength.

May she laugh without fear of the future.

Ini Hari Buffday Danielle

There’s this girl in my life. I’ve known her for a long time. She’s awesome. She’s also littered all over my blog. Like, if you click that link, you’ll see I mentioned her on blog posts dating all the way back to 2007. Mannnnn…… I’m old.

It’s her birthday today. And I’mma gonna do a little shout out for her.

Hey Danielle Burung Hantu Cina. Happppppppppp. Happpppppppp. Happpppppppy birthday to youuuu~ And you and you and you and youuuuuuuuuuuu. You will never ever be forgottennnnnnnnnnn ~ And my attempt at poetry failed~

The Lord gives his people strength.  The Lord blesses them with peace.

Therefore, peace out.

Goddess Of War

Let not thy scepter smite thy servant for proclaiming such words with visual aids.


Happy birthday!

I love all our conversation, especially when I feel more encouraged in my faith. Let’s keep up our ‘deep talk’!

May God bless you always! (He does anyways, so maybe I should wish you something else?)



I don’t know

doctorbutterfly, always at your service.