Youth Leaders Meet Up

So last night we had a yam cha / sharing / prayer session with some youth leaders in kk.

It was awesome.

There was Kenneth from LBC. He organised it. Kenny from Calvary Charismatic Church. Reuben and Ryan from Charis Youth BCCM. Ganesh from LBC as well. Eric from Eklektos. Me and Joey. And Athena from Maranatha Church.

I think the most important part of last night was hearing each others struggles and finding out we are not alone. Some of our struggles are the same. Some have already faced and overcome what some are facing now (excited to help each other!). Some are totally opposite (eg. Some have too much of a family feeling that there is no respect for leadership. While some are struggling to make everyone feel like its a family). The best thing about hearing each other out is realising we are not alone. And we understand each other.

I’m excited to meet up again. And I hope more leaders in KK find the time and passion to join us.

The whole night yesterday I just keep having the feeling that God’s hand was in our meeting, bringing us together, giving us the same passion for each other.

Thank You God.

Mission Possible!

Going for mission trip today. But I’m at work now ūüėĘ.
Have to finish up my work so that I can serve those children in peace haha.

God bless them!

I’ll be preaching in an SIB church in tandek tomorrow. Pray for the team and I.

P.s. this is the first blog post I ever used this WordPress app on the phone. Woohoo


No Ragrets

So I’ve considered getting tattoos. But I’ve never wanted any.

Mainly because I haven’t seen one that I’d like to see on me (but it’s not¬†that I’ll get one the moment I see one that may look good on me). They’re normally too showy, and may cause too much reaction.. Or… too non-showy (or very hidey), and would defeat the purpose of having it. Also, I’d like to have a reason for having it. I mean, decor would be¬†a good reason, but I don’t really ever wear anything or do anything to myself to look good (which is why I always look boring haha). A reminder may be a really good reason to have a tattoo. Maybe to remind me of a scripture¬†verse like Phil 4:8. Maybe I could write something like “phil.iv.viii”. That may be cool to some degree. But another reason why I wouldn’t consider it is cuz I don’t want to make any decision I would regret later on. I want to practice making no ragrets¬†decisions. Because practice makes perfect.


Church Prayer Meeting

Joey and I lead the CHURCH prayer meeting today. The church is trying to get the different ministries and cell groups to take turns leading the prayer meeting. So today it was the youth ministry’s turn. First time LEADING an ADULT activity, instead of teens or childrens service. And what made it MORE exciting is that we¬†only knew about it yesterday morning. So for two days I was stressed and emotionally insecure. And in fact, I got pretty moody and wanted to pray LESS. But I had support and we were able to be a bit prepared. I had to help Joey¬†find the right words and to process her thoughts into prayer items. She had to help me calm the heck down. I was having a hard time focusing on what’s important. But I could, eventually. Having friends do make a lot of difference.

The most exciting thing was that our worship leader didn’t know he was on duty to lead worship. I had faith that he’d turn up, so I didn’t make a call to double check till the very last minute. So I appointed myself to lead worship. So for five minutes (after the prayer meeting has started), a few things happened at the same time. I set up the guitar. Uncle Abot told me which songs he already had on powerpoint. Joey looked through the¬†songsheets and songs which were on powerpoint to see if there are songs I’d like to use. I chose songs. Joey recruited Shen to play the keyboard as¬†Shen entered the prayer hall. My brother had to type out the lyrics of my last song because it was not on the powerpoint. And I felt God’s leading during worship. Now that’s teamwork.

And prayer tonight turned out really really well. A lot weller than I expected. Joey lead two important prayer points. Firstly on Malaysia, our political state, and for disaster victims. Then on Israel, she had a verse that has been on her heart for a long time. She read the verse (choking back tears) and explained why Israel needs prayer. But Joey and I didn’t need to pray much. These adults who come are really real real intercessors. Boy, can they pray. They really know the current situations and how to pray for these things. Gosh I’m so shallow.

Alright so, if you are in KK, Sabah, Malaysia, and want to feel the presence of God and enter into His throne, you could come visit my church SIB Likas (E) in Likas. Wednesday nights, 8-9.30pm.

Currently Reading: ATLA – The Promise

ATLA - The Promise (1)

For those of you who know me. I really like the Avatar the Last Airbender cartoon. I’ve watched all the seasons. Really good story-telling. Fun, heart-wrenching, teeth-gritting, action-packed, adventurous, and really funny. But they’re not done yet. They’ve got comics (Graphic novels they called them, cuz it’s loooong) of Lost Adventures. Or maybe they’re just sequels. Whatever they are. It’s also really good. There are three sets, each with 3 novels (wiki says it’s ONE graphic novel in three parts). First set is in the pic above: The Promise. Second¬†is called The Search, and third is called The Rift.

Oh yeah. Forgot to mention. I have it all in a public dropbox folder. So… if you are my friend, you can privately message me and ask me for the link.

I think that’s about it for today.

P.S. God I can’t thank You enough.

Like I Promised

A Proper Update Of My Life


Day 11 – What is your favorite quote? How does it relate to your life?

I had this nightmare last night.

it was about me trying to kill a man with my tiny gun.

no idea who he is, or why i needed him dead.

but. all my bullets kept missing the mark (his head). EVEN at close range.

either that, or my gun would fail at a convenient time.

thats dumb.

i was trying to hide from him and silently kill him. over and over again.

i think he prolly got the idea.

yet he was still so calm.

but i kept trying and failing.

what made it a nightmare was that if he was supposed to die,

he should.

him not dying made the dream scary.



Day 12 – What item of clothing do you wear the most?

This could be




Oh oh oh oh oh oh-oh-oh


Day 13 – What can you not live without?



Day 14 – Name things that you do every day.

This is so weird.

why did my breath stink after i ate that burger king?



Day 15 – Who is someone you admire. Why?

you know.

not only girls need knights in shining armour.

we boys need them too.

there was once when i and a big group of us were waiting at the bus stand.

and these big seniors were behind the bus stand, hidden from sight, acting all suspicious-like.

and you could see that they were asking random kids to go back there one by one.

and each time something was taken from them. mostly money probably.

of course i didnt know about being mugged and stuff like that.

and i was curious. so i leaned over and took a look.

i was always a curious kid.

so of course i was called over.

they asked me the time.

pffft. how lame.

i told them the time. i had a watch.

i knew they couldnt hurt me. but i was scared like the north magnet is scared of the south.

they asked for my watch.

i said “no can do bro.” except without such machoism.

they asked me to step closer.

i did. dont know why. but i did.

then one guy produced a tiny blade thingy from his… ummm. not sure.

that freaked me. look, i was a kid okay.

he asked for my money.

i said i had none. which was true and was prolly what saved my life. (exaggerated again)

Thank God I never needed much money to survive school.

i told them i only had that much for the bus.

they let me go.

here’s the kick-ass part.

i went home and told my dad.

i didnt tell him i was scared, but i think he read it on my face just like i read tea leaves.

he didnt tell me what he thought about what i just told him.

but i think i saw something snap inside him.

1. he called his best friend, told him where to go, and to bring anything dangerous and more friends.

2. he looked for something painful. he found a baseball bat. (what was that doing in my house?)

3. he took the car and left.

it all happened in about 5 minutes of me telling him about it.

i wasnt really sure. but…

it didn’t seem like he went shopping for sandwiches with his homies.

of course, about 20mins after, he came home and told my mom that they didnt find any of the bullies there.

they prolly left before he or his friends got there.

and that was that.

my knight.

of course. he couldve been lying just to make my mom feel like she didnt need to call the cops.




Day 16 – If the world were to end tomorrow, what would you do with your remaining time on earth?

I saw this at Lido open food court.

oh yeah. i totally stood you up guuuurl.



Day 17 – What do you want to be when you get older? Why did you choose it?

i saw this little girl today.

she was the cutest little thing.

she was looking at a notice board and doing squinty eyes at it as if life was so much more exciting that way.

then she started dancing and hopping around.

she also talked to herself like it was an adventure.

she was waiting outside the lift pressing the down button but she had to reach up cuz of how small she was.

then her mom came over to join her in the wait.

and soon the lift door opened and they went in, with little girl bubbly as ever.

and her mom told her in a sort of normal mommy way “tekan G” or “press the G” in malay, which stands for ground floor here where im from.

then little girl was so excited and was saying “G! G!” jumping and pressing the button as if it needed the motivation from her to start.

ah. the little children are the real gems of life.




Day 18 – If you could meet anyone, living or dead, who would it be? What would you say to them or ask them?

a thought occurred to me today.

i noticed that people were pretty excited about the new Malaysia Ringgit Notes.

it was either Ugly or Pretty or Nice To Hold or stuff like that.

but more often than not, i noticed people like being given the new notes as change, and like giving away the old notes to pay for stuff.

i think we should start KEEPING the old notes.

i think the old notes will soon disappear and be obsolete.

then it’d be WORTH something MORE eh?

i wish i kept lots of those old RM1 gold coins.

oh those were the bomb dude.



Day 19 – What is your favorite film? Why is it so important to you?

Why Jesus?

Wana know more about life?

check out this vid

then, click join here


that photo above was taken during the club recruitment drive of my college.

along with this pic.



Day 20 – Would you consider yourself an optimist or a realist? Why?

so my parents started making these energy juices with our new juicer-machiner!

fine piece of equipment.

i like it cuz i think its more fun than useful haha.

u know, tasting all those weird combination of fruit and veges is fun!



Never Thought 


this 50 day challenge thing could be so fun!