Concerning Rock Bands

I remember the first rock bands I listened to were Relient K and Underoath. I didn’t like Underoath cuz I couldn’t understand what was going on. It sounded too noisy and loud and mean.

Relient K is not metal or heavy at all. And even for Relient K, it took me one year to get used to just rock rock (I grew up in the 90’s with mostly pop ok? Remember when Westlife was ‘da-bomb’?). Of course, it took me a lot longer than a year to get used to metal, which is right now my all-time favourite genre.

And now, listening to Underoath, I know why they were world-class. It’s cuz they kick-ass. (You know a music is kick-ass if you’re rocking to it in the car and trying to scream along even if you can’t hear the words.)

Go listen. Change your perception of music.

Let’s Not Talk About Girls

Justin shared this on FB. I think it’s really funny. “A shepherd was out in the field with his sheep and counted 99 of them, but when he rounded them up, he had 100.” It’s a maths joke too.

My parents filled up my petrol just cuz I let them use my car. Thank you! This was a huge relief for me because I was getting worried about how I was going to fill it up. My parents are better than yours.

Remember when I tried to find apps to update my WordPress on my Nokia Lumia phone? Well, conclusion is: I don’t like any of the apps I’ve found. So I deleted them and spent my time playing mind games and reading Marvel Comics.

On another note, I promised myself to update every night that I’m at home (when I’m not out). And, it’s been going good so far. I have another two blogs that I’m also trying to redesign and start writing posts in. Been kinda fun. But difficult.

Found an online Christian radio station today. It has my type of music. Rock & Hip Hop. YES! It sounds good btw. Real good. It’s called NGEN radio. Real good for rocking out, doing homework, writing blogs, facebooking, and working out yeah!


Alrighty then, that’s the end of my ‘no girls’ update. See ya next time. Whazzahhhhhhh