Monsters Inc. 3

So, I have a simple idea of what the beginning of Monsters Inc. 3 could look like. Dear Pixar, do pick my idea haha! I love Pixar!

Wait….. Monsters Inc. 2 is Monsters University right? So this would be Monsters Inc. 3 right? ANYWHO…

Remember how Monsters Inc. ended with monsters coming out of the closet and bringing joy to kids to power up their monster city? So Monsters Inc. 3 could start 30 years down the road where stories of monsters coming out of closets or doors or from under the bed… were just stories. Kids slept through the night without being woken up.

Before bed, parents will tell stories of how when they were little, monsters will come out from the closet to make friends with children and always found ways to make them happy. There were even story books about it. But none of the kids these days ever experience it. It was one of those myths.

One particular parent told the greatest stories of her adventures with these monsters. Her real name didn’t rhyme with Boo. She had twins. One boy and one girl, and they loved her stories. She could make it sound so fantastical and real, and the twins were always so drawn into it, they believed it more than mom did. Mom was making up the stories from dreams and daydreams she had in the past. She was a creative kid. But the twins believed in this magical world. They didn’t think mom was just dreaming when she was little. Maybe it was the fact that her stories made sense from one another. Or maybe the they just really really hoped all the stories were real.

One night, the twins heard a shuffling of feet from their closet. They were overjoyed, and pinched each other to make sure it wasn’t a dream. Then the shuffling noise stopped. It was going to jump out! But after a whole minute of anticipation, nothing came through the doors of that closet. They looked at each other. Something was wrong. They had to check it out.

As the twins neared the closet, hand in hand, they heard heard a tiny sobbing. Curious. They opened the closet door and saw a kid monster that looked like a spotted blue ball of fur with big wet eyes trying to hide from them. Slowly, of course, the kid monster starts to warm up to them and they find out that they are about the same age. The three of them become friends and start to share stories and the twins find out about why monsters stop coming to make children happy: The monster world was in chaos.

Okay, so that’s my idea. I could also imagine a dark world with no electricity. Monsters arguing and fighting and stealing from each other. Everyone unhappy with each other and no one wanted to help their neighbour. These three kids want help to make things better. So, they had an idea that if electricity came back, people would start having a hope that things may get better. And the kid monster suddenly remembered that his dad used to work here at Monsters Inc. to power up the world. He would help. Right?

Okay, that’s all I thought of. If you can think of how it could continue from here, do leave a comment below so everyone can see.

Monkey Business

There was once in my life when a whole story that surrounded me happened while I was asleep. I’ll try to make it sound as dramatic as I can (And as well as I can remember how my mom told it).

One afternoon, I was a-napping. This afternoon happened about maybe 15 years ago. I was still a kid. My younger brother, who was probably still a toddler, thought it would be a good idea to put some cream on my feet. My bed wasn’t a tall bed, and he probably felt like I needed some pampering. So, he generously applied as much body cream on my entire leg as possible. He didn’t forget some of my arms and maybe put some on my face as well. And he also put some on my clothes, just in case.
My mom found him with cream all over his hands and I think some on the floor. She also found an almost empty bottle of cream. And an eldest son sleeping peacefully. Unaware of the mess that was not around him, but on him.
Honestly, I don’t remember any of that. This is what I do remember. I remember waking up feeling a little weird. Like a sort of dry-slippery. Too smooth. Like I could fall if I took a step out of my bed. I remember not understanding why. And I could remember my mom looking very very very amused, like something was very wrong yet very right at the same time.

As you would probably have guessed by now, my mom cleaned up all the mess, wiped me down, wiped my brother down, wiped the floor, and cleared everything up, so that when I woke up, there was no evidence of anything wrong. So this story was really my mom’s story than mine. A story about how children learned from adults how to act like adults.

Trying New Things

Last week I tried to memorise three verses from the bible (struggling on the third one). Let’s test my work so far: Romans 12:1 I beseech you, therefore, brethren, submit your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable sacrifice. Romans 12:2 Do not conform to the patterns of this world any longer, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is – His good, pleasing, and perfect will. Romans 12:3… Something like, For by grace given me I say unto you, do not think yourself more highly than you ought, but think of yourself with humility and judgement…? Oh man, I’m sorry. I’m pretty sure that was a bad attempt on all three verses! But I must strive on! Memorising has been a blessing to me so far. Anyways my plan is to memorise the WHOLE CHAPTER 12 of the book of Romans. So please hold me accountable to this. Thankeeeee

Also, I’ve been thinking, maybe I should start writing stories. Like fiction. My head is full of ideas and impossible situations, I wonder how they’d look in an organised, logical, worded paragraph. I’m probably gonna fail so hard haha. But I want to give it a try. I’ll start a new blog for it though, so that it doesn’t clash with things I actually want to share with you guys. I love you all.

Btw, what do you think my new story blog should be called? (I’ve tried doctordragonfly but that blog domain has been taken. noooooooo)

Acts 16:25-34



It was before midnight when I did my third round of checks. I made sure all doors are locked, no suspicious activities, and all the prisoners are accounted for. All was in order, except maybe a prisoner who was biting at his cell bars. But that was neither suspicious nor uncommon. Time to get back to my post at the gate. As I was walking the corridors, I heard singing. Again, not suspicious. Just like me, convicts do live a human life. They get happy and sad. They did grow as a kid, play, love, and they do feel disappointment. And most importantly, they have issues in life that they haven’t dealt with, which mostly are the main reasons why they end up here. But the more I spend time with these imbeciles, the more I realize that I’m an imbecile too. I have stuff I have not dealt with that are still problem in my life. Just that I’m lucky I haven’t been caught yet. Not like I’m some sort of sick criminal, I love holding up justice. It’s just that if you dig deep into the root of the problem, you will find that I’m not less of a sinner than they are. I’m not less trapped and less in trouble than they are. We can see eye to eye and they will probably be able to see through this mask I’ve been constructing. The singing got louder. Also not suspicious. However, something about it was uncommon. Was it the tune it was being carried in? Was it the joy that can be felt in the strength of which it was sung? Or was it the silence in which all the other prisoners made. Listening to the sweet sound of Hope. Yes. It was the Hope and the Joy in which it was sung that was uncommon, bouncing off the walls of my jurisdiction. I too felt lifted slightly. I recognize from which cell the radiation was coming from. How could Paul and Silas be joyful in hope? They, the most unfairly treated. Ones who has given up all to benefit our society. What is it that they found which could cause them to sing in joy and freedom? A real joy from within, not a happiness from without. What was the secret to being joyful in freedom, even in chains? That sounded like a crazy question. Well, whatever it was, I was glad. Today has been a good day. No housekeeping issues. Good prisoner peace, compared to the rowdiness and general unhappiness found here. I think I deserve a nap. Just a short one.

I felt the ground drop from under me and then it came rushing up again, then I heard a loud crash. Sounded like my keys. I must’ve had a long nap, I opened my eyes, rubbed them, and saw my keys on the ground. Another nightmare of falling, I thought, but brought to another level. I reached down to pick my keys up when the ground dropped from my feet again. Okay, not a dream. I lost balance and the ground came up to meet head first. But before I could recover, it happened again, and again. I couldn’t keep my balance. Or my wits. I saw the table topple, and a wall rip open. Then I closed my eyes and covered my head in fear that the roof may cave in. The earth tossed everything around for a few good minutes. Then it stopped. Just as suddenly as it came. With weak legs I stood, and saw all the jail cells open. This was bad. My first thought was “maintain prisoners safety and detention!” No prisoner will stay inside when the bars are open. My duty has failed. I was not able to stop freeing men who need to be punished for their crime. Head warden will not be happy. Nor will my superiors. My life is end here. I will not allow my life and my family’s to be humiliated. No, my family will only escape if I am part of the casualties. I knew what that means. My trusty sword was always at my side. Smoothly, my blade was unsheathed. It was a comfortable action. One that I’ve trained myself for for battle. It did not take long for me to accept my fate and point my blade right below my rib cage.

I prayed for heaven to accept me when I heard a shout “Do not harm yourself! We are all here!” It was Paul. How could this be? How could he, the most unfairly treated by my peers and my people, want me to be spared? Suddenly, I remembered what they have been preaching before they were caught. Suddenly, I remembered what they were singing when they were caught. And suddenly, I understood what Paul was trying to bring to me right now. Freedom! While Paul and Silas were in prison, there were free; while I was their warden, I was bound. I ran, yes I ran, trembling, and bowed before them. They did not accept my worship for it was not them who saves. I needed to know, so in exchange, I thought I would risk my life by letting them go. Outside, I asked “Sirs, what must I do to be saved?” They replied, “Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved—you and your household.”

Believe. It was so simple that I was shocked. Inside of me, something sparked. It was a beautiful spark. One of joy, peace, revelation, release, and a passion to see others come to know this freedom within. That day, I brought Paul and Silas to my family to teach. Then, while I was washing the wounds of the apostles, the Spirit came down upon my household and baptized us. They all believed in God and we had a meal to celebrate. I was filled with joy, and finally I understood this joy that the apostles had while they were chained.


That’s my story. What’s yours?