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Is this another edition of the Doctorbutterfly Show? I’m not sure! But it is gonna be fun. Here are random questions I got from a trustworthy friend called The Internet.

1.) Do you sleep with your closet doors open or closed?

I don’t have a closet. My drawer is closed, and my basket is open though.
2.) Do you take shampoo and conditioner bottles from hotels?

Nope. I’d like to take home the whole room though.
3.) Do you sleep with your sheets tucked in or out?

I like having my blanket tucked in. But my blankets not normally big enough. And sometimes, I don’t even want to use my blanket cuz it’s so hot. I mean, cuz I’m so hot.
4.) Have you ever stolen a street sign?

No. But I do like those convex street corner mirrors.
5.) Do you cut out coupons and then never use them?

I don’t cut out coupons. But I do use them.
6.) Would you rather be attacked by a big bear or a swarm of bees?

Bears of course. They’re sooooo cuddly and….. ARGHHHPTHblek
7.) Do you always smile for pictures?

Nope. Only half the time.
8.) Do you ever count your steps when you walk?

Yes I do sometimes. Pfft. I’m not weird.
9.) Have you ever peed in the woods?

10.) Do you still watch cartoons?

11.) Where would you bury hidden treasure if you had some?

In my bra. Then you’d never find it. Cuz I don’t have a bra. I win. You lose.
12.) What do you drink with dinner?

13.) What do you dip a chicken nugget in?

Fish nugget sauce. I have brought imbalance to reality as we know it. The world will end soon.
14.) What movies could you watch over and over and still love?

Cartoon movies? Comedy movies? I just watched Evolution again recently. And I still love it. It’s really genius.
15.) Were you ever a girl scout?

I’m not a girl~ Not yet a woman~
16.) Would you ever strip or pose nude in a magazine?

Ewwwwww… wait, will I get paid?
17.) Can you change the oil on your car?

Yes. But I shouldn’t.
18.) Have you ever gotten a speeding ticket?

I’d probably get a fine for being too slow actually.
19.) Afraid of heights?

Nope. But I am afraid of girls.
20.) Do you sing in the car?

Recently yes. I try to work out my screamo voice.
21.) Is Christmas stressful?

22.) Occupations you wanted to be when you were a kid.

Surgeon. Scientist. Soldier. Comedian. Radio host. Masked Rider.
23.) Do you believe in ghosts?

Yes. But they’re afraid of me because I have Jesus.
24.) The first concert you ever went to.

Planetshakers probably.
25.) Walmart, Target, or Kmart?

Walmart? Target? Kmart?
26.) Nike or Adidas?

Vans or Trucks?
27.) Can you curl your tongue?

I can make a ‘U’ shape.
28.) Have you ever cried because you were so happy?

I’ve cried from laughing. That counts right?
29.) The last concert you saw?

Why are you asking such tough questions! My brain is tired.
30.) Can you swim well?

No hahahaha =(
31.) Can you knit or crochet?

I can knot a cliche.
32.) Are you a dog person or a cat person?

I’m Batman!


Hey friends, that’s you. Things may get a bit more hectic this year. I’m gonna be changing my job starting Feb. Interesting transition. I’ve only been offered about two and a half weeks ago. And I decided last week. Sent my resignation letter to my current boss the moment I decided. Of course, as with any kind of change I’m faced with, I have this deep inner fear from my stomach that comes up and crawls under my skin. I’m not kidding. It feels like that. Always. Especially when I have to do something important. Changing a job is an important event. Anyway, I hope I do well there. It’s one step up my ‘corporate life ladder’. Which always means more responsibility and more stress and more focus needed. Focus? GAH. I’m gonna try my best anyway. I will make mistakes and forget stuff and make a fool of myself. But I have to remind myself what I’ve recently reminded a dear friend of mine, to be successful is to fail and to try and try again.

I hope you’re rocking your life.

If not, take courage and make the best out of what you have! Bring God with you.


Two-Update Update

Obligatory Update

Hey, came back from a camp called TeenStreet. It’s organised by OM for teens all around the world to get to know God more closely and to find out how fun relevant the Word of God actually is. And this one that I attended is the one held in Malaysia wooohooo. It was great fun.

I learnt a lot. Even though I went as a coach, I felt like I went as a participant. The leadership training was especially good. I learned so much about myself.

One interesting part is where we have to change negative views of ourselves into positive ones. One negative view of myself is that I’m lazy. I tell myself this quite often. Then with your friend, you’re supposed to change it into a true positive view, not just use the opposite word. My group member called Nathanael changed it for me to ‘responsible’. So from now on, I can’t say “I’m lazy”, I have to tell myself “I’m responsible.”

We did ALOOOOOT more than just that just for your information. I may share more about it next time.

P.S. I WILL for sure share more about it if you ask for it. Hehe. Or if you’d like me to talk about any other topic.


Non-Obligatory Update

Did you know that I’m a guy? Being a guy, I like girls. I’ve been attracted to a lot superstars. Let me name a few: Aya Ueto, Emma Watson, Emma Stone, Chloe Moretz, Ana Kendrick, Kristen Bell, Jennifer Lawrence, and others, to say the least. Recently, I’ve met a new superstar, got to spend some time with her. It was pretty awesome.

She’s got bright eyes. She’s pretty. She’s cooler than me. She’s super funny. She’s got a heart-melting smile. She loves God. She’s kind, polite, open, honest, compassionate. She even talked to me! *CHOKE*

Whoaaaaaaa… Aaron stop. Calm down. Breath. Okay.

I guess what I’m saying is, I met another superstar to add to my list. But remember a few posts ago I talked about the 5 Love Languages? Okay, maybe not so few blog posts ago. And I said my primary is Time. Those names I gave up there. I spent NO time with them at all. See what I’m trying to say? No? Good.

Okay, I’m very uncomfortable writing about this here where people may see it. HAHA. But I guess I had to get it out of my system. I hope you don’t understand or try to understand what I just wrote.

Good bye.

Let’s Not Talk About Girls

Justin shared this on FB. I think it’s really funny. “A shepherd was out in the field with his sheep and counted 99 of them, but when he rounded them up, he had 100.” It’s a maths joke too.

My parents filled up my petrol just cuz I let them use my car. Thank you! This was a huge relief for me because I was getting worried about how I was going to fill it up. My parents are better than yours.

Remember when I tried to find apps to update my WordPress on my Nokia Lumia phone? Well, conclusion is: I don’t like any of the apps I’ve found. So I deleted them and spent my time playing mind games and reading Marvel Comics.

On another note, I promised myself to update every night that I’m at home (when I’m not out). And, it’s been going good so far. I have another two blogs that I’m also trying to redesign and start writing posts in. Been kinda fun. But difficult.

Found an online Christian radio station today. It has my type of music. Rock & Hip Hop. YES! It sounds good btw. Real good. It’s called NGEN radio. Real good for rocking out, doing homework, writing blogs, facebooking, and working out yeah!


Alrighty then, that’s the end of my ‘no girls’ update. See ya next time. Whazzahhhhhhh

A Hello

One hello to you. One more tomorrow. Each time you visit, you’ll get one.

It’s 1:11am right now. Not like you wanted to know that haha.

Anyways, just wanted to shout out to my readers. That’s you bro. Or.. Female-bro… Thanks for keeping this blog alive with footprints. It’s like less than five per day. But who cares? I just need a few. You. Thanks for being patient. Especially now that i blog alot less.

I promise to update more often. I notice i work well answering problems. So ask me something. I love discussing attitude, character, relationship, media, bible. Stuff like that. Just ask me.

I’ve also been up to some new blogs. Two fiction blogs. One intended for mini stories. One for more serious fiction. About me and the spiritual state of mankind. Written by a demon to another demon. A rip off of The Screwtape Letters by C. S. Lewis. Haha. Of course, we’ll have to see how it goes. Seeing as i can’t even keep up with one blog. Adding two more may not be such a good idea.

That’s a short update for you readers. I love you. Have a good night.

Die, Self, DIE!

To Do List


for those of you who don’t know,

i’m currently on “menganggur” mode and am still searching for a job.

(btw, i took a degree in business administration. a little self promotion here. i need a job!)

but i was thinking,

i’m really not trying hard enough to find that job.


“why?” thunked you.


good kusiton.

well honestly,

i have this to-do list that i want done before i get this job, see?

and it’s like, i’m just a(teeny)bit lazy to get those stuff done.

which means, i cant get that job yet.

or else i’ll have a job,






Doing God’s Will


you know,

We Christians like to say things we don’t understand.



i should start every blog post with that sentence haha.


for example,

“Not my will, but Your will be done.”


“We should desire only one thing, God’s will.”


ok fine, those aren’t my “examples” per se. (what does “per se” mean anyways? HAHA)

they’re actually what i’ll be using to get my point across.


so lets dissect these sentences.

they focus on importance of God’s will.

and the death of our own will.


that’s actually good. in a way.

but. God gave us a will.

shouldn’t we be using it?



i have an opinion.

Permission to speak, sir!


…too bad, you don’t have a choice.


See, God has a plan for each of us.


but (again), He doesn’t Force us to do it.

WE have to USE our will to CHOOSE His will.

God DID give us a will for a reason.



in the new testament, Paul mentions about dying to ourselves.

(he wasnt talking about physical death)

but i don’t think he meant that ALL our dreams and passions are evil.

and i don’t think that if we have desires outside of what God says in the bible, we’re sinners.


King Solomon wrote this in Proverbs 16:3

Commit your actions to the Lord,
    and your plans will succeed.



did you say

MY actions?

MY plans?

what happened to “i ONLY do the will of God“?


God gave men creativity.

God gave us a will to decide between possibilities.

I believe that God plants seeds of different passion, desires, skills, and abilities inside us WAAAAAY before we were even planted into our moms.


So how can our desires and dreams be bad?

well, it can.

if it’s not dedicated to the Lord.

Also, it can be bad if God has obviously told you to do something else.




Lesson #1

How to make our plans and desires right and beautiful?



you need time.

more specifically, anything you call Now.

even if it’s later, “now” will still mean “now”. so don’t worry about that.


you need a means of communication with God.

more specifically, anything you call Pray.

anywhere. don’t worry about which direction to look. don’t worry bout credit limit either.


you need to be honest.

Just tell Him you want your desires and dreams to be from Him.

He’ll actually slowly show you:

Which dreams are from Him,

which passions are from other un-good places,

and which plans are just up to us to decide.



So remember kids,

we do have a choice;

We always have and always will.

and many-a-times, our will is also God’s will planted into us.

we just have to be focused to see it.

and aware that we might get it wrong all the same.






is the past tense of 


is the past tense of




I’m A Man Now!

Really Tiny Update Of Life In Point Form


– I’ve just graduated from a 3months bible course in Tung Ling Seminary

– I’ve just emailed my first resume in my life

– I’m on season 3 of Fringe, a tv series. Like a scientific version of The X-files


Not As Tiny (Obligatory) Message Of Appreciation In Centered Paragraph


Greetings fellow earth-fellows. I’m very encouraged that my blog is being visited by humans from all over this humanity. I’ve got readers from California, France, New Jersey, Georgia (wait… those are both in the US right?), Ontario, Poland, New Jersey, Arizona, UK, Ukraine, and especially from Malaysia! I hope you guys are actually real human beings and not bots created to visit blogs to make bloggers feel good.

Thanks all for reading! I’m at your humble service.





 Even Less Tiny Sharing Of Personal Observation With Intention Of Provoking Self-Evaluation And Possible Change Resolve Among Readers


Proverbs 12:14

A man will be satisfied with good by the fruit of his mouth,
And the recompense of a man’s hands will be rendered to him.



you know,

i’ve honestly never really associated the word “fruit” and “mouth”

like the way i associate the words “fruit” and “hands”


i know that good works bear good fruit.

but why did it not occur to me that good words would too?


whatever the reason, this reminds me that we need to be careful with words.

our words really have the power to build up or destroy.


and you know, if i REALLY think about it,

words affect three categories of people.

1. the person you’re talking to

2. the person who’s talking

3. the person who’s not listening nor talking (yes everyone else in this whole world)


yes. the things we say do affect ourselves and also hurt others who were not even involved in the conversation.

how? usually not directly, i guess.

think about it.

but it’s there.


our mouths can bear bad fruit.

our mouths can bear good fruit.



Whuat? Christmas?

Recently On The doctorbutterfly Show…


I just watched Looper.

It’s a movie.


Not the best movie in the world.

But above average.


I just had my last class last friday.

so i have no more classes for the rest of my life…


you see.

i might take up giving math tuition.


i love math.

and i think i’m good at it.

i have yet to prove myself haha.


i might not.

since i DID take a degree in Business Admin, with more leaning towards the Marketing side of business studies.

so i should actually take up a marketing post somewhere.

i may also earn more money.

(because i need to start taking girls out for movies HAHAHA. I’m kidding… kidding)



i had my last class, but i’m still yet to have my exam paper.

i only have one this sem.


which is in exactly two weeks time.


my birthday is in exactly one week time.

see how i connected my paragraph there? no? oh well. it was fun while it lasted.

i hope i get nice stuff for my birthday.

wait. actually,

i hope i get stuff that i need for my birthday.

i like things that i need more than things that i like.


whatever i get, i need to be grateful.

and i thank God that I get to live this long.


i washed the bathroom today.

i’m so proud of my cleaning abilities.

but of course, i didnt give it my 100% today.

that sounds weird. no one rates their performance for chores.


well, i’m weird and i dont mind being called weird because its the truth.

anyways, i was feeling very bothered and i was in my holiday mood so i didnt clean as focused as i could have.

but still. its pretty clean i must say.


to them girls who think boys who can clean and cook are hawwttt, i’m your man. Kabawwwng!


this week will be a busy week.

wed, prayer meeting.

thur, children christmas party rehearsals.

fri, caroling practice.

sat, wedding + wedding dinner of a good old friend.

sun, date with my mentors + farewell party for a friend.


i need more exercise.

i wish i had days where i dont have to worry about whether there will be dinner or not and just go and do some sports with friends.

i may not be good in sports at all,

but i do enjoy it alot.




i wanna watch them movies that are outttt!


im in such a dilemma here.

first of all. i’m practically on holidays.

second. there actually are more than 3 good movies out now.

third. i dont want to use my parents money on un-needed things.

and this is un-needed.

and it hurts me to have to turn down dinners, hang outs, and movie invitations, just because i know that i’ll have to spend some money.

it sucks to have friends always tell me what a loser i am for always turning them down, or just not being able to join.

worse thing is that when friends post stuff on fb, i actually tell them honestly that i DO want to join!

i DO want to enjoy the good food, good entertainment, and good company.

but i never say that its because i cant waste my parents money like that.

i dont want people to feel compelled to spend money on me.

so i just refuse to go.

i’m sorry people.

such is the situation i am in. i know it sucks.

but i have to face it like a man.

and you have to suffer my un-presence.


so i learned this in church a few days ago from my pastor

“Humility is not weakness, it is great power and strength under control”

I really enjoy Pastor Lee Lee’s preaching.


you know, i have this close friend.

and it seems like he’s having a super tough time with his parents.

he doesnt live with them now.

he’s working outstation.

and recently he posted a status update that really made me worried because i think its about his dad.

and then someone with the same name as his dad comments on that status a really negative comment.

since i have no idea what his dad looks like or his dad’s full name, i’m just guessing its him.

and the comment was quite fitting to my guess.

and if it really was his dad, it would be very very sad indeed.

all i can do is pray.

so because he’s my close friend, i asked.

i asked if he was fine and what was going on.

and he didnt want to tell me.

that makes me super sad and super angry.

i dont even know how to start.

anyways, i really do love this guy.

and i want him to change.

and i want him to grow close to God.

and i want him to find his place in God again.


ok so thats all i want to update today haha.

if you have any questions for me.

do leave a comment.







1. from now onwards, when people’s bday come up i will shout “EXTRA LA-YEEEEFF!”

2. guess who looked me up and asked if im free to hang out, laura changgggkul! wheee im so excited. i like meeting old friends.

3. raining outside.

4. so many flying ants trying to fly into my house through the mosquito net. they are attracted to my light =O

5. im not random. needed to clear things up for you.

6. i have such a long list of movies i want to watch on youtube that i bookmarked.

now u also know how it looks like when im blogging hehe. (its not all pinkish and gay)

7. i watched 2 movies today.

8. devotion today was interesting. God tried to show off his power to his people twice. and they still failed to acknowledge him. so typical of us human beings.

9. my life is exciting as usual. blogging while im supposed to be doing research, counterstrike when im supposed to be making phone calls, and watching movies when im supposed to be asleep.

10. i actually think i did well for my presentation last week. a 7-10mins presentation on my topic which is “consumerism”. this is crazy since in degree level, you’re supposed to have solid points, solid proof, and a solid argument. thats not the real problem. the real problem is combined with the fact that the question forced us to pick 5-8 subtopics to cover. we ALL decided to cover only 5 topics because there is not enough words limit count space for us to well.. argue our points! and now a presentation that would normally take 30-40 mins we have to shorten to less than 10 mins. thats nuts. but i did it anyways. thank God. i took just a bit less than 10mins. yay.

11. Jeffery Deaver is such a good writer!

12. ignorance is your new best friend.