On being a “good person”



“Here’s the thing, at the end of the day, you are what you do.

And actions speak louder than words…

And let go of labels…

You’re not what you have done, or what you will do, or what you intend to be doing.

You are what you are doing.”



Dum Dum Dum DUMB



i’ve been playing Draw My Thing aalot hahahaha

its fun





last week i went out with a dear friend of mine.

she is someone i look up to and i come to her for advice once in a while.

she’s very very wise and loves God so much.








i recently had to pay a RM100 fine for parking at a place where i wasnt supposed to park.

(i went to watch John Carter)

they called it a road obstruction offence.

of course, i was dumb. there was no NO PARKING sign. and everyone else was doing it.

so i tagged along. conveniently enough.


lesson learned #1:

dont park where there is no obvious parking boxes.


lesson learned #2:

life is unfair. other people had to pay the price of my mistake.

yeap. it was my parents money.

many times i had to suffer because of others mistakes as well.

hmmm. jesus paid the ultimate price for our ultimate mistakes.



I Need My Hair Cut



hmmmm i look different…

i really do need a haircut



Heart Broken


a girl broke my heart last night.

lemme tell u the story from the start.


i make random friends on OMGPOP, the drawmything website.

i befriend them if i htink they are cool and dont curse too much or play foul, so that i can find them again and play next time.

so there was this girl, she added me as friend and started chatting with me.

then she told me that she thinks im cool.

suddenly she told me she loved me and asks to be my online gf.

i was startled. first time in my life a girl wants me like that hahaha.

of course i said no. politely.

then she started acting all crazy like.

saying im a liar, and she hates me.

and then i told her that i needed to go get my sis from work.

she was all like “sister? or gf?”

“go get your gf”

“your gf” this and “your gf” that.

how childish.

i later learned that it wasnt her who was typing all that.

it was her younger sister.


anyways. there is no conclusion to this story.







should watch this.

they need more viewers.




I Like Truths


and we shall end with a word of truth